Fantasy for a friend

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This is a new departure for me – I have tried to articulate a fantasy for a XHamster friend, he knows who he is.

If you enjoy this story and have a fantasy you think I could articulate for you let me.

I enjoyed putting the story together and finding, what I consider appropriate pictures to go with it, if i have used your pictures and your unhappy about it let me know – I hope everybody reading gets something out of the story.

Fantasy for a friend

It’s a quiet night, you just drop into a bar for a drink after work, not too bright, not too dark, some banquette seating, tables.

You don’t pay too much attention when the handsome stranger sits down beside you and starts chatting but after a short time you feel a hand on your thigh rubbing slowing and then moving over to your crotch and starting to rub your cock – this catches your attention. He continues discussing politics or the price of coffee, who knows, as if everything is normal and all the while he is fondling your cock which is swelling and hardening in your trousers.

You look around the bar, sitting still, in shock at how forward he is, but nobody notices what is happening. He looks around also and satisfied he takes your hand and places it over his cock and quietly says “take it out and stroke it” while he unzips you and reaches into your fly wrapping his hand around your hot, hard, horny cock.

Fantasy for a friend
As you hesitate he bends over and whispers in your ear “go ahead, you know you want to and nobody will notice”. Feeling the shape of his hard cock outside his trousers you slowly slide down his zip, reaching in & finding another surprise, his cock is wrapped in a small pair of lacy panties and he is shaved with no hair around his cock or balls.

Fantasy for a friend 2
As you both slowly wank each other, he looks at you “Let’s take this somewhere more private” and you feel a twinge of disappointment as he pats your cock and zips you up. After stroking him a few more times you do the same.

As he pays the bill you glance around the bar again, except for one young lad sitting by the door nobody pays you any attention. As you both leave the young lad says, “very tasty, enjoy yourselves”.

Out on the street you go to tell him your name, “no names tonight, maybe in the morning” – suddenly you think what am I doing I don’t even know this fella – as if he has understood that you may be changing your mind he has pushed up against the wall and is kissing you deeply. His tongue plunges into your mouth forcing your teeth to part and he starts to play tag with your tongue, exploring your mouth, swiping behind your teeth, licking your lips, all the time reaching between your legs keeping your cock hard.

Fantasy for a friend 3
This stops any of your protests. With a hunger you didn’t know you had you kiss him back fighting to get your tongue into his mouth, to taste his saliva, mouthwash and the flavour of his drink. Breaking away he flags down a taxi and you both get in back.

Quickly he gives the driver a nearby address then turns and resumes making out with you. More tongues then he’s licking your neck, nibbling the lobes of your ears and unzipping your fly all in one go. This time, unlike in the bar he takes your cock out of your fly to get a look at it, as you reach out for his cock he bats your hand away “we’re nearly home” he says, “plenty of time when we get there”.

He has trouble pushing your engorged cock back into your trousers as the taxi pulls up. Stumbling out he pays the driver, straightens his clothes and searches for his keys. You look around and recognise an upmarket part of town. “This way he says” pulling you eagerly by the hand. Up in the lift two floors, turn right, half way down the corridor into a comfortable looking apartment.

You hardly have time to catch your breath before he is kissing you again, “the bathroom is through there if you want a shower while I mix a drink, when your done the bedroom is through there”.

Suddenly you’re in the bathroom taking a leak, stripping off our suit getting in the shower making sure you are clean everywhere before wrapping a towel around your waist and going into the bedroom.

He is lying on the bed naked except for a beautiful pair of silk French cut panties.

Fantasy for a friend 4
“I changed” he said laughing, “changed into something more comfortable”.

You get a proper look at him for the first time, tall, handsome, black hair, salt & pepper moustache, well defined chest no hair below his neck and a large bulge pushing at the front of his panties.

“Take off that towel, look in the drawer there, find some panties you’ll be comfortable in and join me”. Opening the drawers, you find a large collection of various panties in different colours and materials. You make your selection and pull them up enjoying the feel of the soft material on your legs. They’re a wisp of material, totally see through, probably the hottest sexiest panties you have ever seen.

Fantasy for a friend 5
“Don’t worry” he says, “I am not going to dress you as a girl, I just love the feel of panties on my cock”.

With that remark he pulled you to him and again kissed you hard, then reaching down he stroked your cock and fondled you balls caressing with the lightest of touches. Immediately you spring into a strong erection – “you should shave down there” he suggests, “much more comfortable” – then he starts licking your cock outside the panties. Because they are nothing more than a light wisp his licking makes them even more transparent and it looks as if your cock isn’t covered at all.

Knowing that you should become involved you reach down for his cock, it is hot and hard and covered in the softest of material, as sexy as it gets. While you stroke it harder he takes the head of your cock into his mouth, licks the pre-cum off it and starts to suck it with a steady rhythm. As you stroke him you pick up the rhythm of his sucking – he engulfs more of your cock, then pulls away from it and takes one of your balls in his lips and rolls it around his mouth.

Fantasy for a friend 6

This is nearly too much, you push him off before you lose you load. “Wait, give me a moment” and you swing around in a 69 position. Now its your turn to do the teasing, taking as much of him into your mouth you slobber, lick and suck his cock until its him who is breathing heavily. You grab his ass and pull him tighter and feel him engulf your cock in his warm mouth and as if by a mutual understand you both bring each other to a climax shooting cum into your mouths, swallowing, swallowing as fast as the cum is pumping out. He then pulls away, swings around and covers your mouth with his, as you kiss you realise he hasn’t swallowed at all but is pushing your cum back into your mouth so you can taste your own essence.

Fantasy for a friend 7

You lie back exhausted and shocked at what you had done, if the space of an hour you had allowed yourself be-touched up in a bar, kissed and fondled in public, dressed in see-through panties, licked and sucked a cock, cum in a stranger’s mouth and been fed your own cum – God wasn’t life grand.

Your new lover stood up from the bed and taking you by the hand led you back to the shower. You washed each other paying special attention to all those intimate places that you would get to know so well – then back to the bedroom where he dressed you in clean panties.
“Get up on the bed on your knees” he instructed, then pulled your panties halfway down your thighs – you caught your breath as you felt his tongue probing at your asshole, then he was rimming you and using his saliva to lube you up, getting you ready for his hard cock to penetrate you – he put lube on his cock to make the penetration easier, lining his cockhead up with your asshole he pushed – you were so excited there was little or no resistance, suddenly you were full of hot, hard cock and loving it.

Fantasy for a friend 8
It was too much for him as well, in a short time his strokes got more furious and with a long wail he came filling you with his cum.

As he withdrew you felt the emptiness in your ass, after a few moments you stood from the bed, “come here” you ordered him, “Get on your knees and suck me off, I’ll take your asshole later”. Willingly he knelt before you and deep-throated your cock.

Fantasy for a friend 9
Working hard to satisfy you as you had satisfied him. As the sucking became more intense and you felt the cum boiling in your balls you signalled you were about to cum. Your lover increased the suction and then as the head of your cock grew larger and your balls tightened he pulled off your cock and cum sprayed over his face and dripped off his chin. You wondered had you ever cum so hard before.

In a night of total surprises there was one more to come – as you looked at him with your cum dripping off him and his cum dripping from your asshole a door opened and the sexiest woman came into the room – dressed in push up bra, white stocking, garters and see-through panties your wife appeared standing before you.

“What the fuck?” you asked incredulously, “Hello darling” she said, “what a turn-on seeing you taking it in the ass” – “you hinted so much over the years that you would like to try some cock, I eventually convinced Anthony here to see if he could pick you up and baby it wasn’t too hard” – “You’re not upset?” you ask, “no baby I am delighted now we can indulge in some bi-sex & threesomes but right now I have a large new strap-on with me and I’m anxious to try it out, I hope you both have the stamina to go again?”

Fantasy for a friend 10
All in all, a good night to have stopped for a drink after work

Copyright – Horn-Dogg – August 2018

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