Date With Internet Friends

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Date With Internet Friends
I’m a married women. As u all know all women have their own secret. I also have but never got bold to write it. My friend encourages me to write this story. As I told, I’m married and my husband is very good in sex. He is an employee in company. We always have money problem. If I have to buy anything like dress, gold, purse; I have to think twice. But I was happy with my husband. He bought a new computer at home. Slowly we had internet in it.

Then when he went to office i operated. This is where I read sexy stories here. I was amaze to see the sex world. New fantasy had come up. But u all know how the Indian culture is. I never came out with my shyness. Once i logged in yahoo messenger and I started chatting. All ask my statistic. I m bit fatty women. 36 32 38. Whoever know me or seen my photo on messenger becomes my fan. Every one asks for sex and all. I feel very cheap. But new fantasy started to flow in my mind.

Here in some day I found a man with good sense of humor. He was of 42 age. He was married and has a son who is in abroad. Does nothing in life and has lots of money. He wanted to meet me just as friend, no sex nothing. I felt nice talking to him. I’m just 31 years of age. He was just like my uncle. He has a car. I asked my maid Laxmi that I has a net friend and want to meet me. She was very nice to me. She told me to meet him, no harm in it. But Laxmi told me the idea to ask for a gift in return to meet him. I find it was nice deal.
So in the next chat I asked him to meet me only if he comes with a gift. He told it’s no problem to bring any gift for me. So we set a date to meet. He would pick me at station. We will have lunch and back to station.

On that day I wore a normal saree, brown saree and a normal blouse. Nice simple makeup and bit of lipstick. My hubby never knew I will meet uncle Ravi. So it was a secret; so as decided uncle Ravi came with his car. Nice car it was. He asked to sit beside the driver seat in front, as he was driving the car. We were talking so nicely. We came to the restaurant. It was a nice big restaurant. I never saw such A grade restaurant. The food was their expensive. I saw all the public. All rich class people. Ravi uncle saw me. He said I look very Indian and need to be bold. He ask to go to wash room and rearrange the saree below naval. I was under his command type I said OK and went to wash room. I wore the saree below navel. My tummy looks out and I look quite sexier. Due to tummy, my boobs also bulge out. I tried to pallu of my saree on one side showing my cleavage a bit. I was in that environment so I thought this will suit me a lot.

I came out to the table. I was looking at Ravi uncle expression. He was just looking at me, no my boobs, no my tummy. I felt very shy. But what were these. I saw a one foreigner old man beside Ravi uncle. I went to the table. Uncle Ravi told that he is his friend from London. His name is Steve. I said hello to Steve. Steve was also seeing my asset. He said I’m very sexy. I felt blush. Slowly we started our lunch. The talks went on. When they came to know about my husband is a normal man. They started talking of big money. I was just impressed with Steve more the uncle Ravi. Then we went in car. In car there was some shopping bag in back seat. They said it was for me. I was very delighted. Steve and uncle Ravi sat on front seat and I was on the back seat. I open on bag. It had a nice top, with underarms cut and thin strips on shoulders. I said them that i don’t wear this type of wear.

They were in nice mood. They said don’t take at home, but wear here and show me. I saw the car was moving. It was lonely road that go to the fort are. In noon time no one go to fort. I felt shy but as they insisted more I said OK. They both said they will not look back and I can change. I believe in uncle Ravi but Steve was also nice guy. So i told OK. I dropped the pallu of my saree and saw. They were not looking back. Then i slowly removed the hook of my blouse. The hooks were at behind. So I had to reach there. I manage that and removed the blouse. At that time Steve said that don’t wear bra. It will look bad in top. He was right. Even uncle Ravi encourages me to remove the bra. I felt shy. But I have to remove. I quickly wore the top. I asked them to look behind. They said I look very nice. Steve was just admiring the beauty. Uncle Ravi stopped the car in jungle near the fort. He asked me to raise the hand.
When I raised my underarms was exposed. I had little big hairs there. Steve said he never seen any women with such under arms hairs. He wanted to touch. Uncle Ravi told to touch. But I never permitted how uncle Ravi permitted him to touch as I was thinking these Steve touched the hairs under arm. I felt tickling. I laughed.

These gave them wrong signal that I enjoyed. Steve pulled some hairs between his fingers. I moan. I was getting turn on. They asked to come out of the car. But i was in half saree. Steve told me to remove saree and be in petticoat. He just stood behind me. I somehow agreed to these and came out of the car. Steve said I look very hot lady in petticoat and sexy top. I saw uncle Ravi taking some pictures of it. Then from behind Steve came and asked about the string on petticoat. I said its petticoat string. In the mean while purposely he pulled it out so hard that one minute the petticoat was down. I was in my white panty. They all were laughing. I felt shy. I tried to cover my big thighs with hands. But there were laughing on my panty. It was old fashion Indian type panty. Uncle Ravi told me to not worry and took the snap. In the mean while Steve from behind was tacking something on my bare back. It was his lund. He removed his pant half way and was tacking my bare back with his lund. I tried seeing his lund. It was just like we saw on net. Pure white big lund. I never saw this big in my life. He asked me how I like it. He took my hand and put on his lund and rubbed it. Again from behind uncle Ravi came and started pressing my boobs from the top.

Uncle Ravi told me in ears to suck Steve lund. I hardly take lund in mouth of my hubby. But these were something special lund. Uncle Ravi saw i m not bending down so he put his hand in my panty and from behind started groping my ass. I felt hard to stand with this action. I bend down. And his lund hit my face; on my eye. I could smell the lund. It smelled very nice. Steve guided his lund in my mouth. Uncle Ravi was asking me to suck. I have to suck it. I was in really turned on.

Uncle Ravi told me that he knew I was a randi type lady. Just need to start properly and I become a sex starve girl. I need hard sex and they will give me that today. I really should have felt hearing this but i felt encouraged with these words. He said Steve to fuck my face more aggressively. Steve took hold of my head and was pushing his lund right into my mouth till end of my throat. Uncle Ravi tried removing my panty from down. He just pulled it down and removed the panty. He showed it to Steve and they had a smile. Here I was busy sucking Steve cock. Ravi uncle then lied down on the grass and started rubbing his tongue on my chut. Let me tell u it was a wonderful feeling. My hubby hardly does it. He says real men never suck the chut. But here two real man were pleasing me like i m in heaven. My chut became wet soon. I was cumming in uncle Ravi mouth. Steve also reached climax and put his semen over my face.

Uncle Ravi said that I’m a randi and all randi lady looks how I look; all semen on my face. Then Steve made me bend and went behind. I knew it will be from behind. My hubby was simple in sex but these people were fast and furious. They change the position very fast. Uncle Ravi pulled my top and put his old lund in my mouth. My mouth was already wet with Steve semen. But i took Ravi uncle lund too. I love it. Here Steve was stroking my chut from behind and hitting my ass. Ass got red fast. My boobs were with all the stroke Steve was giving me. Uncle Ravi was squeezing my boobs hard. In 5 minutes I came hard. Now it was again time to change the positions. They put me on bonnate of car and uncle Ravi started fucking my chut in missionary position. Steve was taking rest and was playing with my boobs. The heat was very much. I was sweating more. He said I’m perfect housewife and very nice randi.

Uncle Ravi also filled my chut with his semen. I was fucked so much that I was not able to walk. Steve made me stand. Now he lifted me like a baby. He positions me on his lund and put his lund right in my cut. Now he carried me in air up and down. I was swinging in air. He was making me up and down with his strong arm. The old man had lot of stamina. I was bouncing in his arm. Uncle Ravi liked all these; he was clicking the photo of me. Later he was hitting my ass too. My ass was burring red. They said me to dress up fast. I got up wearing my panty. By the time I went for my petticoat, Steve came and took the petticoat blouse and saree and put it in one corner. He pees on it. Seeing that uncle Ravi also went and did toilet on it. They said wear the top and jeans they brought or wear such dirty clothes.
I cannot wear top and jeans. All people in my area will look at me. Even if my hubby had come he will ask me where I had gone with these outfits. What to do I was thinking. Steve and uncle Ravi were asking me to do fast. I took that dirty toilet clothes and wore it. It smells so terrible. They made me sit on back seat and open all the window of car because it smells dirty. I was felling so embarrassed. Uncle Ravi first dropped Steve on the way. While getting down Steve gave me 2000/- rupees to take whatever I want. I asked uncle Ravi to drop me near my place instead of the station. While I got down he gave me more 1000/- rupees to make up myself. He told he will keep the photo with himself only and will not show to anyone. I hope this time what he promised was true.

As I went inside my house, my hubby has not come from office, but my maid Laxmi was in. She asked me how the date was. But after smelling my clothes, she knew I had been a rand for today. She made me bath nicely. My husband came by that time. He saw I was not able to walk properly, he asked for it. But Laxmi told I slipped in bathroom today. She was there telling lie for me. In night husband slept early but whole night I was thinking about uncle Ravi and Steve. They fucked me like a rand and paid me my price.

Next day after husband went office I started my net, chatting on net. Uncle Ravi met me in chatting. He was telling that Steve had a plan now in a hotel room. Will u come? He will give u nice gift like last time. Guys what should I do. Shall I go or not. Please tell me your comments about story

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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