Cross Dressing Magic…..

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Wore some new panties and hold up stockings under my suit for work today, love the feeling of the nylon on my legs as I walk around and I find that panties hold my cock and balls in place, better than shorts and briefs etc.

Was in a hurry for piss this lunchtime and instead of using the cubicles I just lifted y cock over my red lace panties and pissed away, obviously a bit careless putting it away.

I left the toilets and went outside to go to a local cafe…. as I was walking down the road a guy tapped me on the arm and asked “Don’t you work in the Weatherport building on the 4th floor, I am sure I just saw you there”

“Yes” I answered “I have just left there a few minutes ago, why?”

He looked at me and smiled “I noticed you putting your cock away and it looked like you were wearing lace panties, I love guys in fem gear, and wondered if we could meet up after work”

I could not believe my luck, the guy was gorgeous, he seemed to be packing a hefty cock if his crotch bulge was anything to go by!!!

“Bit quick” I laughed back… “My name is Carl, and yes, would love to meet after work, I have my own home, so we can go there”

“Can’t wait “ he replied “Leave your gear on underneath though, or wear some other stuff for me please, and OH, my name is Franko”

I duly met him after work and had changed the panties and hold up for red sheer to waist tights (Pantyhose) and off we went to my home. On arriving I took him into the lounge, closed the blinds and went to make coffee. When I got back in the lounge, Franko was sat on the settee wearing just a black jockstrap that was pretty hefty and bulging, as I walked across he pulled out the biggest cut cock I have seen, it looked gorgeous and I knew I could not wait to feel that monster inside me. I removed my shirt and trousers and stood there in my tights, he got up and held me close
to him, and to my surprise kissed me VERY soundly, I could feel his cock pressing against me, my own cock was hard as hell and leaking pre cum, which was oozing through my tight, he turned me around and pushed me over the chair back, my tights are open crotch and before I could move I felt his cock entering my butt hole, Shit it was big.

He gently played with me and then pushed his cock slowly all the way in, and soon I felt it shake and a warm feeling filled my inside, he pulled away and stood there with his still hard cock dripping cum and me stood with cum running down my tights legs and from my hole. “Franko, come on, let hit the shower” I suggested and off we went.

He had brought spare jocks with him and put on a blue one, he looked superb. “Come and sit here” he said, and I put the coffee on a small table and went to get some snacks for us to eat.

Before I realised it, it was 2330 and I asked him if he would like to stay over as it was Saturday the next day and no work, and I had a spare bed.

Franko laughed “Deffo stay but not in the spare bed, rather sleep with you” he said.

I sleep in just a pair of nylon panties, he came to bed bare we fell asleep in each others arms,

I woke about 7am and heard Franko downstairs, hopefully making coffee I felt rather stiff as I got out of bed, and stood up and caught a glimpse of me in the floor length mirror wardrobe door, My panties were soaking wet and what looked like cum was stuck on my legs and thighs, moving slowly downwards. But it was my crotch, it was nearly flat, where the fuck was my cock and balls? I ripped off my panties and screamed, Franko came running upstairs and I was pointing at my crotch “My cock and balls have vanished and I am wet”

He looked at me and laughed “Ah… I see it worked then”

I yelled at him “What worked then???”

“The Mangina tab I slipped in your coffee last night, it has cunted you” I sat on the bed and cried

“Hey Carl, you look fantastic check yourself out mate”

I looked down at my completely smooth crotch, I still had my hairy chest, legs and arms, just a hairless crotch, but wait, what is this? There is a gash where my cock and balls were and it was warm and had raised edges, it was also sticky with a cum like substance, I could not resist pushing a finger inside , then two, horror or horrors I was getting turned on.

Franko had his massive cock in his hand and he stood close to me, kissing me soundly and then I felt something pressing my gash open, his cock was entering me, he was also squeezing my butt cheeks and pushing his finger inside my butt hole. I could feel his cock pushing into my pussy, it felt suerb, he fucked me well and truly and was still kissing me, as he shot his load inside my pussy, I loved it, he moved away and cum was oozing down my legs and from my hole, I felt sore but it soon wore off.

An hour later we were sat in the car going shopping for some new clothes for both of us, and then to the large sex toy shop in the next town.

Franko was fidgeting all around in the car nd his crotch seemed to be wet… “Shit” he “I am cumming in my pants. May be I should not have taken the extra tablet this morning after all”

I pulled into a lay by, it was very quiet and I asked him to look at his crotch, he pulled down his jeans and exposed a completely flat crotch, with a cum soaked jock strap on.

Franko simply said “Carl I wanted to be like you so I cunted myself, I can now wear fem gear which I love and we can have real fun”

We got back home later that afternoon and took a load of bags into the house. Franko asked me to go upstairs into the bedroom. I lay on the bed and he came over and lay against me, our two pussies leaking pre cum juices and he produce a massive rubber dildo, one end he pushed inside my pussy and the other inside his new one., We ground away at each other and eventually took my 15” inside me and he tookk about18”

to be continued……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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