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“Monica, this is Mr Albright,” her father said after Monica had cheered her final high school game. “He is from the university and he wants to talk to you about a cheer scholarship honey.”

“Hello, I’m pleased to meet you,” the eighteen year old blonde said shaking his hand. “Are you serious? You mean you think I am good enough to cheer at the university. This is awesome!”

“It’s a possibility,” Mr Albright said. “You are certaintly pretty and I am real interested.”

As her excited parents talked to the coach, young and pretty Monica was elated. After her parents entertained him at their expensive home, Monica and her parents became more excited at her chances.

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Mr Albright returned at summer’s end and found Monica home alone. In fact he caught her sun bathing in her yellow bikini on the back deck. Not only was he interested in her cheering ability, but he was also taken by her young lovely 5’5 105 pound body, with her long golden hair flowing over her bare shoulders. Soon he was surprised when she invited him inside to look at her cheerleader pics from first grade up. His eyes were all over her lean body, but the fun stopped when her parents returned from town. As her mother made Mr Albright stay for supper, Monica and her father talked to the coach in their den. After a grand meal, Monica walked Mr Albright to his car. “I’ll see you at clinics next month,” he told Monica. “There, I will be able to see what you can do.”

A few weeks later, Monica packed her bags, kissed her parents good-bye and headed north to the university. Before she left, she drove across town and kissed her high school sweetheart good-bye.

To her surprise, Monica found the university very big, and soon became homesick. Her mother became concerned, phoned Mr Albright and asked him to keep a careful eye on her daughter. But not only was the university big, but Monica found the other cheer tryouts very good and she felt her chances of making the squad very dim. “I just can’t believe the talent,” she told her coach afterwards.

“I do have some very good girls Monica,” he sighed. “To be honest, I feel your chances are slim.”

“But this means everything to me,” she sobbed. “My parents are also counting on me to cheer here.”

“There are ways Monica,” Mr Albright said. “Monica, I know you are a innocent k** from a small town, but as I said, there are ways. Have you heard of girls sleeping for grades? I know you have.”

“You mean have sex with you?” she said as tears came to her eyes. “I could never do that.”

“Well not exactly me,” her coach replied. “I mean a young thing like you would be a dish, but I was thinking more along the lines of me watching you sleep with a black stud. You would make the team.”

“A black stud!” Monica said with tears in her eyes. “I could never do such a thing. I never have even talked to a black, there are none in my town. Not only that, but what would my parents say, and my boyfriend back home, something like this would kill him. What kind of girl do you think I am?”

“You’re a good girl,” Mr Albright said. “But I have had plenty of girls over the years sleep with old Bobby to make the cheer squad. Old Bobby is a 44 year old black man who has what it takes to not only please young white girls like you, but one time with him, and you are a cheerleader.”

Monica left feeling worried and troubled. She had put the cheerleader team out of her mind until her father called and said they would be up for tyrouts. This left Monica more confused than ever, but when Mr Albright called later on, Monica told him “no” to his sick intentions.

Saturday afternoon, Monica was alone in her dorm, and a sick feeling came over her when a knock came at her door. “Daddy,” she said with releive. “Daddy hi, what are you doing here?”

“I just had to come up and see my baby girl, and college cheerleader,” he laighed. “Mr Albright called and has asked us to dinner tonight. Come on honey, get ready, your coach is waiting.”

Poor Monica wanted to tell her father what kind of man her coach really was, but dared not destroy her dear innocent dad. Grabbing her coat, she followed her dad as they met the coach for his dinner treat. Monica could hardly eat as her coach bragged to her father how good she would be. She knew he was talking about something other than a cheerleader, but bared through the entire ordeal. When the horrible dinner was finally over, Monica asked her father to spend the night in her dorm room, but he had already reserved a motel room down the street. “Your mother and I will be up next week for tryouts sweetie,” he told his daughter. “We have confidence you will make the team honey.”

When the door shut, Monica again felt this eery feeling of being alone. She popped a “Boston” tape in the stero and tried to relax and chill out on the sofa. Her heart skipped a beat when a knock came at the door. “Mr Albright, what are you doing here?” she said. “Daddy is here. Please leave.”

“I saw daddy go to his motel,” Mr Albright said walking in her room. “Oh by the way, this is Bobby, and we have come for your personal and private tryout. Bobby, what do you think?”

“Man, she is a dish of candy aright,” the tall black man said. “This is going to be okay for me.”

As Monica protested and ran around the room, Mr Albright pulled her pink top over her long blonde hair. “You want to make the cheer squad and Bobby wants some of your young body.” Instead of fighting, Monica just froze as he removed her sweat pants, bra and panties. “Look at those little young tits Bobby. I think this is going to be the best young college pussy you’ve ever had.”

“Is this the only way?” Monica sobbed as her coach laid her lean body on the bed. “Oh my gosh, look at him. He is so big. He will hurt me. What will my parents say? I have a boyfriend back home.”

Spreading little Monica’s legs wide, Bobby oiled his black 10″ cock and knelt his young prey. As Monica turned her head to avoid his kiss, she let out a yell as the black knob entered her vagina. Inch by inch the black tool pushed inside her white cunt. “This is the best young college pussy I have had,” Bobby said. “And the best is, her daddy is just down the street sleeping sound as a black man older than daddy dear is fucking the shit out of his little girl. Man, this is great!”

Monica was now screaming and throwing her long blonde hair all over the bed as Bobby’s big shaft was slicing her apart. “Not only that,” Mr Albright gloated. “But she comes from an all white town and the only cock she has ever had, was her k** boyfriend. Come on and slice her into. Go man go!”

With her father down the street, his daughter’s screams went unheard, as Bobby’s black rod pounded in and out of her. At times Monica fainted from her huge invasion, and she was too weak to protest as Bobby turned her over. “I want some of her virgin butt,” Bobby yelled. “I wonder what Daddy would say if he saw a black cock hungry for his little girl’s pink asshole?

“Hey wait a minute,” Mr Albright said. “Don’t kill her. Bobby, you’re too big for her back there.” But Bobby was not about to back down as his big dong broke into her tiny rectum. Her screams were now more loud as Bobby held her lifeless body up for his anal lust.

“Hey, that’s enough,” her coach yelled. “Bobby, you’re going to tear her ass into.” With over half buried in her tight pink asshole, Bobby let out a war cry and pumped her bowels full of sperm. Monica’s limp body fell face down on the bed, as Bobby was still milking cum out on her snow white buns. “Bobby, maybe you’d better go now, she pretty zapped. I need to talk to her. Go on!”

As Bobby kissed her on the back and told her how much he enjoyed her, Mr Albright helped her sit up. “Are you okay Monica?” he said. “You were great honey. I will see you make the team Monday.”

“Will you please just go?” Monica said in a weak voice. “Just go, so I can be alone, okay?”

“Okay honey, but don’t fall,” her coach said as he watched Monica wabble to the bathroom. He was aroused again seeing Bobby’s sperm oozing from her poor rearend and running down her legs.

As Monica soaked her sore body in a hot tub, she was still feeling the effects of the black man’s huge cock. She was up much of the night urinating every hour, and her butt was too sore to sit down. One part of her was glad it was all over and that she would now be on the cheer team, but the thought of how she gained the spot was disgraceful to her. She only hoped her parents would never find out what had happened to her. She wanted to call her daddy who was fast asleep in the motel, but she knew she would only get more upset hearing his comforting voice. After turning and tossing in bed for hours, she finally fell asleep. Around 5 am, she suddenly awoke and jumped up. “Oh my gosh!” she said out loud. “I orgasmed! I can’t believe it, but I remember now. During that time with that old black man in me, I orgasmed. It was so physical and disgraceful, but he made me cum. Oh my lands, I came more than once. How could that be? My mind said no, but my body was actually reacting as that black man spilt my insides into.” Falling back to sleep again, she began to recall how good it had really felt, and awoke touching her clit with excitment.

Monica made the cheerleader team, her parents were overjoyed, and years later when she married an intern, she still gets aroused thinking of Bobby’s black 10″ cock, and how it not only made her a cheerleader, but a woman as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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