Carly’s Private Lesson Pt.3

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I really enjoyed the past few days with Carly. When she would come over,she’d knock and let herself in. That was the case in point today. I just got out of the shower, as she came into the house yelling ‘hello’ several times. I told her I was in the bedroom. She pushed open the door to see me half naked with a towel wrapped around my waist. She entered , watching me comb my hair, and spray some cologne on. I walked towards her, giving her a big bear hug and kiss. “So glad you’re here with me.” I said smiling. She was glad too. She told me how much she missed me and how she couldn’t stop thinking about me. I was making her fall in love with me, or so I hoped. You have to be careful with these young girls,Their not as emotionally mature as one would think. But there is nothing I would ever do to purposely hurt her.

As she sat on my bed, she came out and asked,”So what’s my lesson today?” I was happy to hear how much she wanted to learn. It’s a great teacher that keeps their students intrigued and wanting more. “I’m glad you asked. Because we are going to combine lessons one and two, plus add another lesson.” “I don’t understand.” She said. “No problem. Just listen to what I say.” I pulled the towel from my waist, showing a semi erect dick. Standing her up, I removed her shirt and pulled down her pants.She stepped out of her leggings, holding on to me for balance. She had on tightie whities with Whinnie the Pooh on her crotch. She pulled them down showing her trimmed red bush. I had her get on the bed. She laid flat on her back, with her head resting on the pillows. I got on top of her, kissing her cheeks before contacting her lips. Our mouth’s opened up, letting our tongues meet. Saliva ran down our chins as we continued our passionate sloppy french kissing. My cock was hard, and grinding along her fiery bush. I was squeezing her C-cup tit, As I continued to kiss her and grind my rod against her lower belly.

I Lowered myself down facing her tits. I held both of the in my hands, squeezing them together. I was still amazed at the unusual size of her areola’s I opened my mouth sucking in as much tit as I could. I did this to both of them, alternating back and forth between the two. She ran her fingers through my hair as I sucked on her delicate nipples.

After I was done with her tits, I worked my way down to her stomach. I got to my knees at her mid section, then laid on my side,with my feet facing the head of the bed. I told her to move slightly to her right. Once she did, I grabbed her by her ass puling her on top of me. Putting a pillow under my neck, I positioned her so her cunt was over my face. “All right.” I said. “This is where we combine the two lessons. This is called ’69’ You’re going to blow me while I lick your pussy. Okay?” She gave me an ‘okay’,and we were off. I stuffed my face in between her legs, licking her little pink hole.The smell of her pussy was bey pleasant. It was great tasting too. I could feel Carly grabbing my cock at the base.I felt her hand stroke up and down my shaft “You’re not going to cum in my mouth again are you?” “Don’t worry about that.” I muttered. “You’re not going to blow me as long as you did the other day.” I felt a warm tongue licking my cock.Then i felt more heat as she slid her mouth down my hood. This was fucking great. Here we were pleasing each other orally. I was loving the fact that I could stare at both her holes as my tongue waggled in and around her cunt. Lesson number 3 was just about there.

After several minutes of 69ing, I had he get off me, and get on all fours. She did as I told her, and I knelt behind her. Getting in between her legs, I grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down her pussy. I got my cock lined up to her slit. Slowly I pushed it in. She cried out as my dick began to split her in two. “Take it out!! It hurts!!” She cried. I told her the pain is only temporary, and it would feel much better soon. She cried more each time I went in further, until I broke the membrane of skin inside her. Her cherry was popped. I was fucking stupid though not putting an old towel or something on the bed. Now I have a blood stain on my quilt. Carly shoved her face down in the pillow. She was crying from the pain, but I kept assuring her it was okay, and that it won’t hurt as much.Slowly I pumped back and forth into her pussy. I let her get use to the feel, slowly pulling out, then pushing back in. Within minutes, her crying had stopped. My thrusts sped up little by little, until I could hear her moans. This was the first time anything entered her pussy. It did hurt her, but now not as much. Her body also released natural pain killers Somewhat numbing the walls of her pussy.

I was in heaven knowing I was now fucking this angel. I had a secret fantasy about her ever since I saw her bikini bottom slip down showing her then little 7 year old ass,. And by the time she was 10,I use to take many pictures of her and my daughter not nude, but in bathing suits, or riding their bikes spreading their legs apart. Or even eating or dancing. But this was no longer a fantasy. This was for real.

I turned her over now laying on her back. I got on top and thrusted my dick in her swollen pussy. I held her tight as I pumped away on her. I was giving her every inch filling her cunt with my man meat. She held me tight as well. Digging her fingernails into my back as my hips and pelvis bounced up and down. My cock was throbbing in pain as cum started to rise within my shaft. I closed my eyes as the pain in my cock got more intense. Pumping faster I said to her,”I’m gonna cum baby… I’m gonna …. Ahhhhh!” My cock shot out it’s load like a squirt gun shooting out water. Even Carly moaned with me as hot sperm filled her birth canal.

We laid there exhausted and out of breath. I didn’t remove my dick from her twat until it started going soft. Finally, I rolled off her laying on my back. My dick was covered with pussy juice and blood. Carly rolled on her side.Both our cum was seeping down her leg. We looked at each other’s messy, sticky genitals, and laughed as we made small jokes. Giving me a kiss she asked,”So…. Did I pass this lesson?” I said, “Did you let me keep it in?” Her; “Yes.” Me; “Did I cum inside you?’ Her laughing. “Yes.” Me; “Then you passed with flying colors.” She gave me another kiss and rested her head on my shoulders. The shitty thing about it besides the blood stain on my quilt, was that now I had to take a second shower.

As time went on, Carly and I had a very loving relationship. A few months down the road, she was pregnant with our first c***d. Her parents freaked at first, but then gave their permission for her and I to get married. She even let me do her up the ass.

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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