Bella’s Coming of Age

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The airport was bustling with people going to and fro their destinations. Weaving through the crowd, I saw my parents waiting for my arrival. It’s been 4 long years since I last saw my family. I joined the military shortly after high school. I spent 6 months in the states training, and the other four in Afghanistan. It was great to be home. My mom gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek. My dad welcomed me back with is usual tight gripped handshake. He always said if a man doesn’t give you a strong handshake, then he’s a fucking woman! I noticed my little sister wasn’t with them.

“Where’s Bella?” Looking around to see if she was hiding.

“Oh she had other things to do and couldn’t make it.” My mom said. ” She’s a teenager now. You know how it is.”

I was so much looking forward to seeing my little sister. The last time I saw her was when she was a skinny small breasted 12 year old. I felt kind of dejected that she would ditch welcoming her big brother home for something else. And I knew four years away from family and friends were going to change, But I wasn’t prepared for Bella to be part of that.

The ride home was about 20 minutes. Mom talked about family and our neighbors catching me up on what was going on in the past 4 years. I sat in the back seat staring out the window looking at the changes that happened since I’ve been away. I didn’t say much as my mother kept jabbing away. I was still kind of miffed that my k** sister didn’t come along.

When we got to the house, I was greeted by family with the usual “SURPRISE!” My oldest brother and 2 older sister’s were there with their family. Then I saw Bella. She had tears running down her cheeks as she ran to give me a big hug and kiss on the cheek. She was no longer this scrawny 12 year old that I last saw 4 years ago. Now she’s grown into a hot and sexy 16 year old. She looked a little like mom, but also had our father’s mother’s features as well. Her silky long light brown hair flowed whenever she walked or shook her head. She grew some too. I no longer had to bend as far to hug her. Her forehead was up to my chin now. Her braces were out showing a beautiful smile.

Bella sat next to me at the dinner table. She was happier than a pig in shit to have her big brother back home. We talked about different shit, them trying to catch me up on current events. My sister Marie and her husband just had a new addition to the family. They named him James after me. Most of the conversations were just mumbles. I couldn’t take my eyes off Bella. And just to use an analogy, in 4 years she went from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan.When she got up, I noticed how her ass filled out her tight white shorts. I saw her smooth silky tanned legs. It was then I noticed the bulge growing inside my pants. When Bella sat back down, she noticed it too. She said nothing, but waited for the right time to slip her hand over my pants rubbing my hard on. “Man!! She still likes my cock.” I said in my head.

It’s been over a month since I’ve been home I wasn’t in any hurry to look for a job since I got paid handsomely for my tour in Afghanistan. My parents were semi retired, and since I was home, they figured I could watch Bella so they could take a 10 day cruise for their anniversary. Talk about good luck fortune. Ever since the day Bella felt my dick at the dinner table, I’ve been waiting for the moment where her and I could be alone. Our parents trip became the perfect opportunity. Unfortunately, Bella was having her period that very same week.

Six days had past since my parents left for their cruise. Even after six weeks home, my mind and body were still trying to get use to the different time zone. I went to bed around 9 pm. When I awoke, I realized I wasn’t alone. I lifted my hand feeling Bella’s hip. She use to do this when she was younger if there was ever a thunderstorm, or if she had a bad dream. As a matter of fact, When she was nine, She got in bed with me because we had a wind storm that night, and seeing the shadows of tree branches swaying in her window, scared the crap out of her. It was also the first time I touched her pussy. Not only did I touch it, but stuck my finger inside her. Later, she would play with my cock. She would even make excuses to sleep in my bed, just so we could play with each other. I’m just glad she never told mom and dad.

I shifted to my side, laying next to her. My cock got instantly hard when I brushed my groin up against her ass. I put my arm under hers, reaching for her B-cup tit. She shifted herself, so I could squeeze both of them. Her tits filled my hand. It felt a lot better than those mosquito bite tits she had at 12. I could hear her soft moan, knowing that she wasn’t asleep. I wanted to take off her nightgown so I could feel some skin. Then I realized she had laces tied at the top. So I undid the laces, opening her nightgown at the chest. I reached my hand inside grabbing a mound of soft smooth flesh. Her nipple was hard and pouting. I wanted to put them in my mouth so bad. Her moans got a little bit louder as I played with her tit. She shifted again, laying on her back, pretending to be sleeping.

This is what we use to do as k**s. We made a game out of exploring each other’s bodies. Even at ten, she was fascinated with my cock. It was big for my age,and it had a nice mane of brown pubic hair around it. That’s what fascinated her the most back then. My pubes. She didn’t have any. Her twat was bald, but she still had a nice pussy. Her vulva was puffy, making her slit very desirable.

Now that she was laying on her back, I pulled the top of her nightgown back exposing her tit. From the street lights beaming through my bedroom window, I could see the outline of her boob. Her nipple was erect and hard. It rose a half inch from her tit. I licked my thumb, then rubbed her nipple in circular motions She moaned and wiggled her body as I tickled her nip. I pulled her straps off her shoulders, resting them on her arm. Her tit’s were now free of the silk nightie, and I had a better view of her tits. I shifted myself, rolling more on my stomach. I positioned my face next to her right tit, rubbing it now with the foreskin of my finger. I lifted my head taking in a mouthful of tit. I lapped my tongue over her nipple them blowing cool air on it. I could hear her moan in delight as I moistened her nipple with spit, then blow cool air on it. This made her nipples super hard.The nip was actually wrinkling as it got harder. There was no pretending to be asleep now. She placed her hand on my crew cut head, caressing it as I sucked on her boobs.

Pushing me aside, she got up to take off her nightgown. Her tits looked perfect for the shape of her body. Not too big, and not too small. She laid back down facing toward me. She pulled her hair to the side as she stared into my eyes.

“You know how long I’ve waited for this?” She said tickling my arm with her fingers.

“Just a long as me.” I joked.

She pressed her lips against mine. Our mouths opened,and our tongues met and intertwined. Precum was oozing out of my cock as My sister and I were tongue wrestling. My hand worked it’s way down her hip, turning to her nice ass. I caressed and squeezed her ass cheeks. Then I reached down, grabbing the inner part of her undies from both ends, and pulling them up,wedging the fabric into the crack of her snatch. Her moan was intense,and almost bit my tongue, as I forced her underwear to ride against her clit.

She rolled over on me lifting herself up to the head board holding on with both hands as I continued to pull her panties up in her crotch. Now that she was on top of me , I was able to grab the bottom from each side of her panties, forcing them into the crack of her ass. Grabbing them with one hand, and holding her back with the other,I pulled back wedging her panties into her crotch. I only did this a few times. I didn’t want her pussy to get friction burn.

She let go of the headboard, sliding down on top of me.I had pulled her panties out of her crotch and ass, pulling them down by her knees. Once she was face to face, I was able to use my foot to pull them down to her ankles. She did the rest. We kissed again, then little by little, worked her way down my chest. She licked my nipple with her tongue going in circular motions, Then would suck her mouth on it. Just to get me back, Bella would raise her head up a bit, spit on my nipple, and blow cool air from her mouth. She’d laugh as my nipple got harder.

“Nice comeback sis. You got me on that one.” I said jokingly.

She continued to work her way down, kissing my belly just above my briefs. Slowly, she pulled the waistband up,rising it above my stiff cock. My hood peeped out as she pulled further down. Lifting my ass,she yanked my briefs off my legs. I laid there with a hard 8″ cock at a 30 degree angle hovering over my stomach. She crawled half way up,meeting my dick with her face.

“Hmmmm I remember this being a lot bigger!” She joked as she grabbed it with her hand.

“It didn’t shrink….. You grew!” Saying somewhat angrily.

“I know. I’m only k**ding Jim.”

I closed my eyes as she stroked my cock. This was just like old times when she would play with it under the covers. Her hands were smaller than they are now. But she’s still a growing girl. My body twitched as I felt a cool moist tongue gliding from the base of my cock to the other. I really missed this too. I haven’t had that done since I graduated high school. (Remember, I went into the military shortly after). Holding my cock with her palm, she licked up and down. from 3 sides. She lick to the top, wagging her tongue around the bottom of my hood. “She’s gotten better in the 4+ years.” I thought to myself. After a while of licking, she shoved my cock in her mouth.

“AHHHHH!!” I said out loud. Flashbacks of 5 years ago rushed through my head, bringing me back to the very first time I saw Bella take my cock in her mouth. My parents felt I was now old enough to watch Bella as they weren’t at home. (Yeah,silly parents). Like most girls, she didn’t like it at first, but developed an acquired taste for it. Before I left for the Army, she got a lot better. She was really going at it. I could see the back of her head bob up and down as she sucked my cock. Hand on my shaft jerking with furious strokes.

“You’ve been practicing haven’t you?!”

“Not with anyone else if that’s what you’re implying!” She said tuning toward me.

Oh oh. Bad situation Don’t make it worse. “Not at all.” I said in a soothing tone. “I just like how you’re blowing me. It’s different and better from five years ago.” She turned her head, going back where she left off.

Whew!! That was a close one!!

When she was done blowing me, she got up and straddled herself over my mid section. I thought at first she was going to stick my dick in her pussy. I was about ready to tell her no when she knee walked up my chest. I could see her dark mane of pubes covering her mound. Her clit protruding out from her bush. She got as far as she could go on the bed. Her knees were just short of the headboard as she held on to it with her hands. I shimmied down, aligning my mouth to her pussy. Gradually, she lowered herself down, My mouth was full of her snatch. My tongue licked along the walls of her twat, as clear liquid began to ooze out. It was a little tart and salty,but good nonetheless. I tongued her from the bottom of her snatch to the top,hitting her clit. It was swollen now, a nice pinkish red bulb surrounded by pubic hair. Bella gyrated her hips, holding on to the headboard for support. My bed squeaked from her movements as she continued to wiggle her hips. Thicker cream came out her pussy.It was a lot tarter and saltier. It dripped down my chin, to the base of my neck, forming a pool of creamy goo. Her moans got louder and more frequent as she thrusted her cunt up my face. My tongue working like a mad dog, licking away at her delicious cunt. She cried out as she bounced her pussy on my face. My tongue was in her hole, as she pressed down giving one last shout. Thick creamy pussy juice flowed into my mouth, rolling down my chin and jaw. Sitting down on my chest, Bella was still holding on to the headboard panting like a dog. She looked down seeing the shimmering glow of pussy juice on my chin.

She got up and got a wet washcloth from the bathroom. Coming back,she wipe her love juice off my face and neck. “Sorry about that” she said as she cleaned me up

“Why? That was fucking excellent.” When she was done cleaning me off, I laid her on the bed.I straddled myself kneeling by her chest. Spitting on her chest, I put my cock in between her breast. “This is new!” She said as she squeezed her tits together, holding my dick in between her tits. My cock was buried between 2 boobs. The head of my dick popped out from the top like a worm coming out of the ground. Bella was enjoying this. When she saw the head pop out, she would stick her tongue out trying to lick it. I propped the pillows under her head tilting it forward. Scooting up a bit, my cock was closer to her mouth. I push my cock up where she would lick it, then pull back down. Push up, lick, lick. Pull down. Then I’d push up, leaving my dick there so she could suck on my hood. Releasing her tits, she grabbed my cock as she began to blow me. I even scooted up, and grabbing her by her hair,forced her head up as I rammed my cock down her throat. She spit my cock out when it was too much on her neck.

I laid back on top of her staring into her beautiful hazel eyes. This was the moment I had waited over four years to do. As much as I wanted to pop her cherry, I could n’t do it with parents or babysitters around. But now, it was just her and I. No parents. No babysitters. No nothing.

Kissing her, I started grinding my cock up against her belly, my dick feeling her pubes as it brushed over. Her legs slowly spread open knowing what was coming next. Our hearts raced as the anticipation of finally having intercourse sex was about to happen This was eight years in the making from the first time I fingered her pussy. Now it wasn’t fingers, it was my thick 8″ tool. Her legs opened wider. She held me as I guided my pecker to her moist hot snatch. I pressed my hips downward. I heard her open mouth moan as she inhaled in pain. She was super tight. I could feel the inner and outer muscles constrict around my cock. The years of waiting was over. I was fucking my baby sister.

I began to pump slow, then gradually pick up speed. She held me tight in her arms, giving me flashbacks of when she use to hold me tight when she would see a flash of lightning. After all, if she wasn’t such an easily scared little creature, this wouldn’t be happening right now. I kept a steady pace, never going too hard on her. This was her first time getting laid. She waited for me to take her virginity. She even broke up with boys if they even mentioned the word sex.

She put her hands on my ass as I bounced my hips up and down filling her pussy with my thick massive meat.Our moans became louder as we were getting closer to climaxing. Getting on my knees, I pushed her legs upward. Her asshole was now visible, I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy and ass Getting enough pussy juice on her asshole, I slipped my cock inside. Again she inhaled a painful moan as my cock disappeared in her poop shoot. I fucked her ass until I was ready to come. I took it out as my cock shot it’s load all over her pussy and ass.

Putting her legs down, I climbed back on top of her. My soft dick resting on her sticky pussy.

“Damn Jim. Why did you do me up the ass?” She said angrily

“Because I wanted to make sure you were no longer a complete virgin.” I replied. “Plus I didn’t want to cum in your pussy.”

We got washed up and went back to bed. We slept together naked, waking up that morning and having oral sex. Until the time our parents came back, we’d fuck or do oral. I’m glad to have a sister like Bella. And I’m glad to be her big bro.

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