Bathhouse Bitch

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“Have you ever been here before?” the clerk at the front desk asked in a deep voice.

“I have, but it’s been years,” I responded and gave him a friendly wink.

“We’ve made some recent changes,” he responded, undressing me with his eyes. “We’ve added an upper balcony and big screen TVs in the orgy room.”

“Sounds like fun!” I grinned and licked my lips lewdly in anticipation.

“Especially fun for you bottoms!” he grinned at me as he buzzed me in. “The house is crawling with tops tonight just waiting for little sluts like you!”

I shivered a little in anticipation. I’d been here before when the place was filled with bottoms and THAT wasn’t any fun. I was quite aware of the handful of men watching closely as I undressed. I made sure to bend over and give them a clear view of my shaved ass. I quickly stripped and wrapped my small towel loosely around my waste.

I made my way down the dark corridor toward the orgy room. I felt hands reach and caress my firm butt, and murmured my approval as I continued down the short passage to my destination.

I could hear the unmistakable sounds of serious ass fucking going on as I entered the dark orgy room. Two young men were splayed out on elevated pedestals each getting fucked. The one was moaning like a bitch in heat as the huge cock slammed in and out of his quaking rectum. The other was babbling incoherently as a large black man pistoned an incredibly long cock viciously in and out of his ass while he sucked a swollen penis waving in front of him. At least another dozen men were gathered around watching the action and stroking swollen organs. Several men were on their knees feasting on the available meat.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I realized I was standing next to the elevated balcony. Three gloryholes were bored into the wooden platform, and I moved closer to investigate. Several men were standing there watching the action. I moved closer to the hole and an older fellow with a large but still flaccid cock stepped forward and slowly fed his long sausage through the hole.

I murmured in delight as I took his warm penis into my eager mouth, knowing the vibration would stimulate the soft cock I was now swirling my tongue around. I was rewarded with a pulse and throb as the big cock began to expand and grow.

“Oh, that’s good!” the guy exclaimed. “Suck that cock and make it hard!”

I began to bob up and down on the now throbbing dick easily sliding deep down my throat. I had an audience now and several guys gathered to watch and encourage me.

“That’s it, cock sucker!” one guy exclaimed as he intently watched me blow the swollen cock extended through the hole. “Work that faggot mouth on that cock and make it shoot down your throat!”

I was able to stand with the gloryhole at nearly eye level to lewdly blow the man in front of me. I did need to bend slightly, and knew my tight ass was an open invitation. It wasn’t long before I was rewarded with a pair of firm yet gentle hands begin to rub both cheeks. Wantonly, I spread my legs further and wiggled my little bubble butt invitingly.

He pulled my towel down and stepped in closer as I continued to bob furiously on the dripping cock getting ready to spew semen into my waiting mouth. I felt a very massive pole nudge gently at my quivering sphincter and he leaned over to watch me working my magic on the turgid tool now thrusting deeply into my mouth.

“You really love cock, don’t you?” I heard that deep voice in my ear.

I took my mouth off the cock in front of me long enough to look over my shoulder and wink at the clerk who had let me in not fifteen minutes earlier. “I LOVE cock!” I exclaimed before turning back and sucking the big penis back into my warm mouth.

“You like to get fucked while you suck dick?” he inquired as his throbbing organ probed at my rectum. My response was to thrust back and impale myself on his swollen organ! “Mmm, you are an eager bitch!” he groaned in approval. Slowly he began to work his massive prick in and out of my quaking ass.

“You’ve done this before, I knew you’d be able to take my big cock when I saw you sashay in!” he exclaimed. He nibbled on my ear as the swollen organ plowed in and out of my ass in delicious friction. “You know I don’t have a condom on…” he whispered as the guy I was sucking began to groan and proclaim he was about to cum.

“Mmm!” I murmured and clenched his throbbing penis with my ass muscles.

“SUCK IT!” he shouted as the dick in my mouth erupted sending warm blasts of sweet cum into my eager mouth.

“Take it all!” the deep voice groaned and I felt his swollen tool erupt deep in my nether passage. Both cocks poured streams of warm semen into both holes as I bucked and gobbled frantically at the delicious cum filling me.

Cheers erupted from the dozen or so men gathered observing. I felt a hand pull my now cum covered face onto a throbbing cock next to me that began spraying jism into my mouth as soon as I began to suck it.

I felt the massive pole pull from my ass as another stiff prick stepped up for me to blow. I felt another cock thrust deeply into my sperm filled rectum and the motion began again.

I heard a laugh and got a sharp slap on the ass as the deep voice behind me exclaimed “I’ve got to get back to work and you’re obviously busy…be sure and stop at the desk for your contact information.”

I glanced over and winked, mouth full of yet another cock. I definitely wanted more of that cock…and SOON!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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