Anal delights

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Anal delightsWe were sitting on your sofa and chatting away, sometimes touching, sometimes laughing. The best part was, we found each other so damn attractive. I mean, we both are obese, but sexy is a state of mind. I am turned on by your wit and intelligence. As we chat and I lean back a bit more onto the arm of the sofa , and you lean over put your head in my lap as we talk and I play with your short hair. My hands wander a bit, rubbing your breasts and back. So seem comfy with it. We are still chatting away, I am not being too pushy, but being a bit more than friendly, loving how your nipples harden as we chat about everything

We both feel the sexual tension, but no one is in a rush. You tell me that I am getting you horny, and I grin and say “I know Dana, my cock is swollen, and puffy, but not stiff.” We talk and we are comfy, then I say something funny, and you kneel and look at me and push me saying, that was hilarious, but so wrong. So we are now in a playful mood., your breasts straining at your top, your beautiful face just laughing. We hug and play, but we gaze at each other, and it’s on. We kiss, your tongue going in my mouth, and mine into yours. Our tongues dancing and we pull off our tops so we can kiss skin to skin

I lift your breasts and kiss em, I kiss and lick the nipples on each of your breasts, your nipples are looking at me, you have breasts that should have been filled with milk and nursed the hungry. As you move down a bit, your hard nipples are on my chest, you bend down and suck my nipples, lightly biting them, and as you do, I cup your breasts, squeezing and playing with your nipples. Your breathing changes, you come back to my mouth and kiss me fiercely. My hands on your ass as we kiss, my hand in your panties, fingers moving between your butt cheeks, searching for your holes

You move to make it easier for me as we kiss and bite necks and rub nipple to nipple. My fingers touch your asshole and you take a sharp intake of breath, I move further to your pussy, the tip of my fingers pushing into you.
We stop and pull off our clothes, and I ask you to stand in front of me as I sit on your sofa, and bend over, put your hands on your knees, and I gaze at your ass and pussy. You are a bit shy and reluctant, but we are too hot to stop this game. So you do as I ask, and bend over.

I get close and inhale deeply. Mmmm, so many smells, all of them lovely. I can smell your musky smell, but you are quite horny and wet, a faint smell of pee, and a hint of perfume which is on your upper body. My nose is touching your pussy and ass, as I inhale again and again. You are both embarrassed and titillated that I am smelling you, like I would sniff a glass of fine wine. My tongue goes out to your pussy, I lick you, not hard, but lightly, then begin to lap your pussy with the broad part of my tongue like a dog would lap you. I go from your clit, to your ass. Your pussy opens up, your inner lips open and dangle. I pull your fat pussy lips open to get to those tender bits of ham, and suck on them, tugging them. Then I lick your ass again. Back and forth I lick you, my cock is hard and a shiny drop of pre cum on the top. You push back, my tongue slips in your pussy, my thumb pushes into your ass and leaves to join my finger in tugging on your swollen clit, and you buck back, telling my how much you love it

By now, I am a bit sore from leaning like this. I scoot my ass closer to the edge of the sofa, and ask you to straddle me, facing me. You smile, and turn around and bend down and lick my cock, licking the sweet bead of pre cum. You stroke him and squeeze more pre cum from him and take him deep in your mouth. You lick, and swirl your tongue around the glans. Your head bobs up and down along my cock, which is pretty hard right now. You like to suck him, but you really want him in you. So you straddle me, and reach down and guide him to your wet cunt, and then lift up and push him to your ass, and push down, forcing my cock deep into your ass

Your hips rock, and I play with your nipples as you rock on my cock, sliding your hips, sliding him in and out of you. You lean forward and push your hips back, grinding your swollen clit on the top of my pubes. As you rock on my cock, you’re bending it some to rub your clit. Mean while your breathing has once again changed, and soon you say “Oh fuck Dan…fuck meeeeee” and you shake, and moan You squeeze me tight and I can’t stop, and I cum. I fall out of your ass, and You squeeze your cunt, your powerful muscles gripping me, and even though my cock is a bit soft, you squeeze and rock. My cock is soft, like a hot dog in a bun, you will not let him go. He is snug and cozy in between your two fat lips, we kiss again, and as we kiss, my cock grows.

My cock is hard, but not stiff, afraid to change positions right now, so you squeeze my cock and rock on him some more. I’m bucking now, lifting you up, your tittys are bouncing. As we take turns bouncing, you reach back and grab my cock, and push him back inside your ass. Soon all of him is in your juicy ass and you rock again, lifting up and pushing down, taking my cock like a good girl. I grab your ass and help you. I lift up, and let you fall, my cock burying deep in your ass, again and again we do this.

My cock is rock hard now, I lift you up and get u on your hands and knees, I lean forward I lick your asshole, and pussy, and guide my cock to your ass and as I slide my cock in and out of you, I feel your fingers on your clit as I fuck you . I put one hand on your hip and lean back a bit and fuck you good. I feel you, you are shaking and could be close to cumming yet again, but you have told me how easy it is to cum. I am happy to be fucking you, but the dam meds are messing with me. As much as I desire to cum, there is no chance for me to cum just yet.

I am sort of close to cumming, but am out of breath. I pull out and fall on the sofa, my cock still hard. I say Babe, you have to finish me, ride me, or suck me, and immediately you straddle me and we go on, and on for what seems like hours, but is no where close.

You tell me, “Care to try some thing different” I look at you and say “I’m game, what do you have in mind?”
You say, “Wait right here, I’ll be right back”

I wait patiently and you come out of the other room with a strap on fat dildo on you, and some lube, towel , gloves and more. I am surprised, a bit, but kind of excited too. I say “Mistress, I am not sure I am clean enough for anal play.

You instruct me to go into the bathroom and use a fleet enema to clean me out. “Yes Mistress,” I say “this will be fun” and off I go and do my business, making crappy noises as I clean myself out. I return to the living room, where you take me into your bedroom and have me get on your bed on my hands and knees.
Your lubed fingers part my ass, two slide right in my ass and you, add a third, sliding them in and out. You pull them out and have me get a bit lower on the bed and guide the head of that lubed strap on to my ass and push. It slides in slowly, and it takes a bit, but soon you are slamming it into me. Everytime you bottom out and hit my sigmoid bend, I go “Ummmph!” But you are in control right now and you keep going deep, and slowly, your pounding straightens my bend a bit and your 8 inch dildo goes in deep.

You reach between my legs with the dildo in my ass and stroke my cock. Feels wonderful and you could make me cum pretty soon. I ask you “Mistress, can I ask a favor?”

You say “What do you want?

“I wonder if you have a double dildo and we could put one end in your pussy, and the other end in my ass and get on the bed, ass to ass? I nervously asked

OK”, you said and pulled the strap on from my ass and went to a box and pulled out a 14” double dong. You got on the bed and as you guided it to your cunt, I put my end in my ass. We began pushing back at one another, our ass cheeks hitting. I suggested we both lean to our left and this changed the angle of our ass crack. Now we were going deeper. As we both pushed back the dildo was hitting my colon curve and the back of your pussy.

Again and again we slammed our asses into each other, and I was grabbing my cock but hard to reach because of my big belly. I hear you moaning, and hear you say “Oh fuck! Oh Fuck! Ooooh Fuck! And you stop pushing and you cum and fall back on the bed exhausted, the dildo hanging out of my ass.

“C’mere” you say, you take the dildo out of my ass and crawl between my legs as I lie there, your tits dragging on my thighs as you come up to my cock. “Mmmm Dan, I needed that. Thanks”, you said just before your mouth engulfed my cock and you shoved a couple of fingers in my ass. It was not long and sweet release gushed into your mouth. You gobbled it up and cuddled up and we laid there playing with tattoos and nipples and things and drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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