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Amsterdam is a wonderful place to spend time doing carefree shopping on your own, particularly when you are there to attend a conference on new EU education programs to be taught on a multi-country basis throughout the European Union, and you have a free afternoon in the middle of the week. There are many areas bordering the canals that have delightful clothing boutiques and so I decided to simply stroll around in the bright sunshine commencing with the “De Negen Straatjes” and the nine streets of shopping, but finally ending-up in the “Beethovenstraat” area.
Built in the 30s, this area is mainly visited by the locals of South Amsterdam and is especially known for its wonderful cheese, wine and chocolate shops as well as a variety of clothing stores ranging from inexpensive to sheer luxury and somewhat out of my price range completely.

As I wandered the area, I came across a small boutique which appeared to specialize in leather clothing, very feminine dresses and what I would consider “butch” style clothing. Curious, I pushed the bright red door open and stepped inside, finding the store actually quite spacious, with a large counter mid-way inside the store and doors at the rear leading off to other parts of the shop.

Looking around inside, I quickly realized that there was a large sexual nature to the content, including many outfits that were clearly for more unusual occasions as there were leather outfits with zippers that when undone would reveal private areas between the legs and also a person’s bottom area. In one corner, there was a large collection of strap-on dildos and butt plugs, and in another area, large posters and blown-up photos of naked transgender people with rather large cocks. As a younger and fairly attractive female, I have always been fascinated with such persons and have had intensive fantasies both innocent and not-so-innocent dreams of being with such a person or persons and being used in very naughty ways.

I continued to walk around the store, feeling not a little excited at many of the things that I was touching and looking at. There was a pronounced anal nature to many of the sex toys and it soon became very clear that much of the clothing was designed to readily bare and present to others, a bare bum.
As I passed one display, I tripped over a warped floor board and stumbled into the display causing all manner of things to fall all around me, making a lot of noise and making some of the store customers frown and shake their heads at me. The display had been quite large and I found myself picking-up diverse dildos, lotions and lubricants of all types, cock rings, latex and leather harness briefs with a hole at the front for a person’s cock to stick through, large and small but plugs, special thong sets that really didn’t cover anything, latex gloves, all sorts of masks and goodness knows how many other things.

I had started my shopping trip with a medium size tote and during the last several stops, it had become open at the top and what I did not realize is that some of the smaller items had actually fallen into the tote and slipped down one side. It was to prove a telling transgression for me very shortly.

The commotion had attracted one of the store owners who now knelt down to help me place items back on the display. From what happened a few minutes later, she had to have seen some of the items fall into my tote but decided to say nothing at that time. It turned out that this was the senior partner of the three owners, a tall lady with beautiful, light brown hair tied back into a long ponytail and reaching down to the small of her back, dressed in a leather outfit comprising a leather halter type top, the front zipper pulled down somewhat and showing that she was not wearing a bra, and wearing tight leather pants. She explained that she was one of the owners and that I should not worry about the incident. Smiling lightly at me and helping me pick up the different items, her eyes truly piercing, almost intimidating and yet for some reason exciting me, making me feel that she was undressing me with her eyes.

Once the items were back in place, the owner asked me if there was something special that I was looking for and I explained that I was simply looking around and curious about the boutique. Still feeling very embarrassed at the commotion that I had caused, I excused myself and started to leave the store, heading for the front door.

I was almost at the door and reaching for the handle when there was a sharp cry of “Stop young lady” from the tall owner who was now immediately behind me with one of the other owners, both frowning at me and clearly angry. “I think that you have forgotten something” the tall owner who was now in front of me blocking me from leaving.
Without another word, she pulled my tote away from me and quickly surfaced the items that had fallen into my tote. I stared in amazement at the two jeweled butt plugs, the two cock rings, a packet of green New Jelly Thai anal beads, and a bottle of Anal Glide silicon lubricant that were now displayed from within my tote.

I started to explain that they must have fallen into my tote when I bumped into and knocked over part of the display. “How convenient for you!” the other owner said, as my face now turned bright red from total embarrassment. The tall owner told me that I should come to the office where the matter could be discussed more privately. I readily agreed.
Once in the office, I was told that there had been other incidents resulting in many items being stolen by young ladies just like me and they were now clamping down on such behavior. I would simply have to sit there in the office until the police arrived.

At the mention of police, I broke down completely, thinking how this would appear to my superiors at the conference and when I returned to my college being accused of stealing from a sex boutique in Amsterdam. In complete tears, I burbled that I did not steal the items and to please not call the police. There had to be another way to resolve the terrible situation that I now found myself in. There was silence for a few minutes as I sat and wept pitifully, and then the two owners retreated to a far corner of the office and began whispering to each other, obviously discussing some other action with respect to their shoplifter that they were convinced I was.

After a little time, the tall lady came over to me and said that they felt there might be another way to deal with the situation and avoid calling the police. My head snapped up immediately, as I gasped in reply that I would do anything.
The tall owner explained that they believed in corporal punishment and if I consented to a good spanking, then perhaps things could be worked-out, but I would also have to pay for the items that were in my tote.
The thought of being spanked did not actually dismay me as I often enjoyed being spanked by a number of female and male friends and in those circumstances, it aroused me a great deal. Quickly nodding my head, the tall owner whose name was Lieke and the other owner’s name was Yara interrupted my nodding head and Lieke said “Understand that you will receive a thorough spanking on your bare bottom young lady and it will be in front of the staff here and any of the customers that you have caused inconvenience to. Do you fully understand?”

I was both a little shocked and also excited. Being an exhibitionist to some degree, I was often spanked by friends in front of others as they knew that aroused me. I am sure that my expression of at first shock and then a strange resignation of what lay ahead was not lost on that of the two owners, who quietly looked at each other smiling.
“Very well” said Lieke, “Follow me to our work room where there is plenty of space and where there is a special industrial ironing table that you will be positioned on and then soundly spanked.” As I followed the Lieke person somewhat timidly in the direction of the rear of the shop, I couldn’t help but examine why I felt not a little excited and aroused when I was about to be spanked on my bare bum, by total strangers in front of more strangers, in a city that I was only visiting and in a boutique that was part sex shop, and which appeared to cater to a select group of people, namely transgenders.

I found myself looking at the various posters and photos that lined the rear corridor of the shop showing very beautiful transvestites and transgender persons, either naked or in leather outfits, but in almost every case, displaying simply gorgeous cocks, hard and erect and very arousing. My attentiveness to the exhibits did not go unnoticed by Lieke or Yara who smiled quietly at each other.

Suddenly, we were in front of the double entry doors to the work room and Lieke led me into the room. It was a large room with a high ceiling that included a large skylight in the middle of the room. There were several different size tables, a number of comfortable lounge chairs and at least two sofas, and there was the industrial ironing table with deep, solid padding, standing on four metal legs that appeared bolted to the floor positioned horizontally to the rear wall of the room that was almost wall to wall windows, each window easily eight feet high and perhaps five feet wide.
There were two sturdy metal poles bolted to the sides of the ironing table, approximately four feet or so from one end of the table with both stirrups and padded straps hanging from them, and I suddenly realized what they were having seen a similar set-up at a private club in France. A person would be positioned on their back at one end of the table with their bottom and legs suspended over the end of the table. Their legs would then be lifted up, spread, and bent back so that their ankles were in the stirrups and their arms would then be lifted up and their wrists secured by the padded belts. In that position a girl’s most private sex entrances would be entirely exposed and accessible for all manner of penetration and exploration.

The windows looked out to the backs of several brownstones and a parking area. There were no d****s or blinds covering the windows, and it became very clear that anyone in the brownstones or in the parking lot would be able to see anyone strapped in position on the table and what was happening to them.
I should have been in mortal shock at what might be in store for me, but instead, I felt a strange sort of thrill and an even more increasing arousal, as I pictured myself on the table with not only strangers in the room looking at my bare and exposed sex holes, but perhaps many others watching from the brownstones and parking lot. The carefree shopping trip was turning into something very different and I was not only unafraid but in reality, looking forward to what might happen beyond just a sound spanking on my bare bottom.

At that moment, the third owner of the boutique entered the work room with three customers who were eager to see my punishment, stared at me very intently, and then went over to where Lieke and Yara stood at one side of the ironing table to confer with them. A fair amount of whispering between the three then took place and then finally, Lieke came to my side and whispered into my right ear, “Femke, our third partner was more for handing you over to the police, but Yara and I persuaded her to go along with your punishment young lady, so be aware of how lucky you are in these circumstances.”

I humbly explained that I was truly grateful and would comply with whatever was necessary, even though I wished that they would believe me about the items had to have fallen into my tote and I was certainly not a shoplifter, but I kept those thoughts to myself as I had no wish to be handed over to the police under any circumstances.
“Very well young lady,” ordered the tall owner, “remove your skirt and any panties so that we can commence your bare bottom spanking and then lay back on the far end of the table where the poles are, and Yara and Femke will place you in position and be quick about it.” I quickly placed my thumbs into the stretch waistband of my “Sabina” denim skirt with its unusual ethnic embroidery, and then pushed down until the skirt was at my ankles and I could step out of the skirt. Lieke took the skirt from me, commenting on my good taste and then folding it carefully on a nearby chair. I was now standing in my beige top and bra, brief light blue thong panties and dark beige sandals. I have a well-trimmed pussy and was almost bald there with the thong hiding very little of my sex.

I paused for a moment, until Lieke looked at me with piercing eyes and I didn’t need to be told to slip off my sandals and slide down my thong until I was completely naked below my waist. I could feel many eyes enjoying my slim figure and my exposed pussy, bottom and upper legs. Yara and Femke had me sit at the pole end of the industrial table and then pushed my gently on to my back on the table, with my legs straight out from the end.
Taking my wrists first, they placed them in the straps above me allowing me a little flexibility in moving my arms but not too much. Next, they then took each leg and lifted it back towards my breasts but with the ankles firmly in the stirrups. The position of the poles spread my legs apart and with the small of my back resting on the edge of the table and my bare bottom raised, I was now completely exposed, and everyone could see in detail my naked, almost bald pussy, now quite wet and aroused.

It was obvious to all that I was very much aroused at what was happening to me not just from my wet slit, but the fact that my clit was swollen and erect. Also, very visible to those watching was my anus, slightly open and indicating to everyone present that I was not a stranger to having objects pushed up my bum.
I could do nothing to calm my arousal, as I now waited for Lieke to give me a sound spanking in front of both those in the room and whoever might be watching from the brownstones or from the parking lot below. I should have felt terrible shame, but the situation made me totally wanton. My mind picturing the gallery of photos and drawings of transgender persons displaying such wonderful cocks and wondering if I would receive more than a spanking on my bare bum.

My thoughts were abruptly interrupted as Lieke brought her hand down hard on my spread right cheek, a large “Smack” immediately quieting everyone watching my spanking with a red imprint appearing instantly on my bare bum cheek. It was followed by several more hard and loud smacks on both my bared cheeks, handprints now very visible across my bare bottom. The owners and customers were enjoying the spectacle of my totally bared bum, although I think that their real attention was on my wet and very aroused pussy and my anus entrance.

Lieke paused for a few minutes admiring her work and as she saw my aroused state, exclaimed to the room, “I do believe that this young lady is enjoying her spanking, not to mention showing off her sex holes to us. What do you think everyone?” The several persons in the room agreed heartily with the owner eagerly pointing out my completely wet pussy with two or three of them pointing to my slightly parted anus and how I was no stranger to anal penetration.
One of the other owners began whispering in Lieke’s ear suggesting something to her. Lieke nodded her head in agreement and disappeared for a moment into a small room. off the work room. I wondered what was happening, turning my head left and right and seeing for the first time that there were people at the windows of the brownstones, as well as a group of women, perhaps also transgenders looking up from the parking lot, two floors below and able to easily view my predicament as well as my nakedness.

The other owner Femke who had whispered to Lieke now leaned down in front of my face and showed me one of the items that had fallen into my tote, being the bottle of Anal Glide silicon lubricant and waved it before me. “I think that I know why this item was in your tote young lady” waving it before me and then touching my anus, producing an electric thrill throughout my entire body visible to all. “I think that your bum hole enjoys being used just as much as your pussy, and perhaps more. Am I correct young lady?” I found myself saying in a hoarse voice that yes, Femke was correct. There was an audible hush in the work room. It did not last long as some of the people watching urged Femke to prepare my ass which Femke immediately began doing, placing some of the lubricant on her finger and then running it lightly around the rim of my bumhole before pressing it against my slightly parted anus and then easily up into my bum, twirling it around as she did so. Before long she was using more of the lubricant with two fingers now pushing up into my bum. I moaned softly as I felt her fingers doing their arousing work.

The people in the room were watching closely as I responded to Femke’s fingers, obviously very excited at this turn of events, as were the people below in the parking lot as Femke placed the bottle of Anal Glide against the window and then her two fingers indicating what she was doing to my bare and very exposed bumhole. I realized later that similar events stemming from the work room windows were quite frequent and familiar to those below and in the brownstones. The small surrounding area was a transgender community.

Suddenly, people watching me in the work room parted quickly to allow Lieke to approach me on the table. Lieke had removed her leather bottoms and panties and was now totally naked below the waist with the most wonderful erect cock protruding flat out from her crotch, hard and menacing, perhaps eight inches or more in length, circumcised and fairly thick with a silver band cock ring at the based of her cock. She had beautiful “balls” to go with the cock and now stood before my spread legs. “You look a little excited and very aroused young lady and I see a well prepared bumhole before me. Is it possible that you wish more than a spanking here in front of everyone? Perhaps you need your bare bum to be thoroughly opened and filled by a suitable cock? Is that the case young lady?”

I could not stop staring at Lieke’s incredible cock and found myself nodding my head once more and in a quiet voice telling her she was once again correct and that my bum needed to be used in front of everyone.

To Be Continued:

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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