a walk a the parc

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it was a nice morning, i went out to walk the dog
there wasnt a lot of people in the parc, around 8am having a free day from work on wednesday

he came to me right away
he must have been around 50 a worker from montreal, parc /zoing/pets

my dog always loose is freaking medal from the city , i told him it was home and was living like next door

he was nice enought to talk with me about wjy they do it and stuff saying he wont give me a ticket , since i had my dog on a leash and a medal with my phone number and house address

he was tall and big , with salty hair but still quite in shape

”so you say you have the medal at home?”

”yes i do he just loose evrytime i wanted a new colar, the city one arent for over hyped dog like mine”

”alright well boy lets make a deal, i didnt have my cofee, you have some? i woud go check that medal”

”yeah sure , i can make you one”

and there i was in my appartement making a cofee to the city employee, a guy from haiti whom family moved decades ago

”so where is that medal boi”

”oh true wait”

and of course i coudnt find it

i came back to the living room

”i dont know where ive put it”

and he stood up

”you told me your dog is registered boy”

”i know i know he is i just cant find it”

”alright enought talking ”

and he drop his pants walking to me his huge black cock out flaping left right has he walk toward me

i turned around and ran to my room

”get out from my place”

the footstep behing me making me so scared

images of his bbc in my head , as i run for my bedroom door

opening my door getting in quick
and closing it as he pushed it so strong i flew over and fell on my ass the last image was him closing mt door

the room now in pitch dark
as i panic and feel him sit on me his heavy weight keeping me lock
my arms to my side his big legs over me locking it down

and i felt the tip poke my lipse
the weird feeling of a big fat head rubbing on my mouth his heands holding my head still afer i turn my head to stop him

forced to stay still down a fat cock at the edge of my mouth

wanting to say something but scarred of the big cock head waiting for an occasion to slide in

total darkness of my basement room fighting it but starting to feel my resolve quit me
he kept dry huping my face making me feel the full 8inch of hard cock , slowly and hot , just sliding his cock all over my face as i kept mouth closed but each stroke making me wonder how it feels

i didnt even realised i was slightly opening my mouth until it got in
forcing my lipse open the fat mushroom head taking its place in my mouth
slowly sliding in deeper, fucking slowly in my mouth

”just relax box , that mouth feel so good”

and i dont know why but as he talk about me , i got horny

down on my back in my room geting feed a bbc

by the time he moved to open the light, i had a wet face and drool strain all over my tshirt

”lol arm up boy your tshirt a mess”

feeling so weak infront on him on my bed getting undress

he sat where i sleep and help me over ass up to his side so he could rub it and help me head down on his cock

fully naked my ass arched up by him his finger rubbing my like i had a pussy my mouth around his fat cock sucking him on my own

jiggling my ass as he rub it down

in my basement willingly pleasing a nice gentle daddy who just wanted to get suck. he said

making me feel like i shoud suck him good and be nice for him

i felt him push me back

thinking he wanted to fuck my head on top of me again

but he got on yop of me
between my legs crashing down on me and kissed me

his hand down holding the cock over my lil cherry

it went in so fast as he kept diving his tongue in my mouth as i started to moan his fat head taking my ass
breaking it open slowly moaning helpless his tongue fucking my mouth as he pinned me legs up taking his cock

my bed head bouncing agaisnt the wall

as he diving in me again and again
leaving my mouth alone to stand straight holinf my legs up and fuck me like a slut in my tight hole he yelled

”in that tight sweat hole”

”deep in that sweat boy pussy, fuck yes boy”

”daddy gonna cream you full of cum , god damn little white whore, you take it good ”

bang bang bang my bed agaisnt the wall

i tried to tell him my neighbor could ear but he just fucked me harder banging the bed on the wall

”dont worry boy you moan like a girl , theyd think you are fucking one”

”please please he is there o dont want to be his bitchhhh”

”you stupid bitch, yes moan like a girl thats it, make that brother next door know you fuck slut”

i was going crazy
moaning like a girl so he woud think it was me fucking a slut, images of him , another lonely black dude probably wanting my ass too

he grunted and cum in me flooding me full of juice moaning as the feeling fucked my brain deep into feeling i was a real slut

and he left
just like that leaving a young white boy ass fuck into a cum slut

my neighnor was soon in my appart laughting at me he was wondering who moaned like a wore
”who was that , your black daddy ?”
his pants down watching me crawl on my bed unable to move
his daddy fat cock in my ass so easy i started to moan again

”thats what i tought, you are a good slut, stay down and moan baby, if id knew i woud have been fucking you too ”

”thats it moan like a slut, you fucking white wore”

i didnt know him, but now i was his slut

taking his dark fat cock and loving it, each day and night all the time 3 knock on my door and fucking me in secret

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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