A stranger in need (tribute to John4u23)

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It was supposed to be a mad night out. A stag do in Skegness that was supposed to get wild. It was for a guy from work that I didn’t know that well but who turns down an excuse to party? At 31 years old you look for any excuse to have a bit of fun. I had got my nice shirt on and I was knocking a pint back in the Marine Boathouse pub, waiting for the others to turn up. It was then that I got a text from my mate Steve, “the stag is off, Dave’s future Mrs has thrown a fit because we booked a stripper. He’s staying home to grovel”.

“For fuck’s sake” I muttered under my breath. I was supposed to be staying with Steve after the stag. Now I had no party and nowhere to stay.

“Are you alright there chief?” I glanced to my left. An older gentleman with grey hair was stood next to me at the bar. He seemed sincere.

”I suppose so. I was supposed to be on a stag and they’ve all bailed on me. I need to figure out how I’m getting home!”

”That’s a bit shit mate. What are you drinking, I’ll get you one in on me to cheer you up. The name’s John by the way.”

”Cheers mate, I’m Jason. I’ll just take a lager please if you’re offering”

”Go sit with my Mrs over there, she’s Clare and she’ll look after you while I get these in”

I walked over to the table that John mentioned and I saw Clare. I’ve always had a thing for older ladies and she was looking fine. She was wearing a red top that showed off her nice cleavage. She wore a modest floral skirt but still showed off her legs. I could see from the way she was sat that she was wearing some nice stockings. She had nice shoulder length hair and a very inviting smile. She caught me staring and she beckoned me over…

”Er… Hi… are you Clare? John said to come over and you’ll… er… look after me”

”hmm of course I’ll look after you” she said biting her bottom lip. “Come and sit here next to me”. She patted the seat right next to her. I sat more toward the edge. “You can come closer I don’t bite!” I shuffled up next to her. She grabbed my thigh firmly. “That’s better” she said while giving me a slight wink. At that point John arrived back at the table.

“Here you are lad, get that down you!” I wondered if he saw what Clare did. The man just bought me a pint I didn’t want him thinking I was coming on to his Mrs. I mean if I saw her alone at a club I would have done anything to take her home and fuck her. I would have bent her over and rode her hard. I took a few big gulps from my beer. I suddenly realised that thinking about having her and the leg squeeze had made me hard. John couldn’t see because he was sat at the other end of the table but Clare saw. She stared at it for a few seconds, her eyes widened. We then made eye contact and I could see her getting aroused.

“So who is this young fella that you want me to look after” she said while taking another long look at my hard dick.

”This is Jason, poor lad was supposed to be on a stag do but they’ve all pussied out. I’ve got him a Stella to cheer him up!”

”I’m sure we can help cheer him up.” Her hand brushed past my leg, my dick throbbed. “Where are you from Jase?”

”Err… Doncaster” I couldn’t help but stare at her tits. I tried to think about anything else but I just couldn’t stop. I didn’t turn away until John spoke:

”That’s a long way to try and get back at this time of night. Are you in a B&B?”

”No… I was going to stop with a mate but he isn’t coming. I’ll sort something out”. John looked at Clare and smiled and then turned back to me:

”You’ll never get anywhere now, it’s summer and too late in the day. I’ll tell you what, we live close by in Boston. We’ll go back, have a few drinks from our bar and you can kip on our settee.” I thought it was a bit weird that a stranger was offering to do this for a guy he just met but he was right, I really didn’t have anywhere else to go.

“Err… yeah I suppose so. That would really help me out, cheers.”

”Ok. I’m just going to book us a Taxi and go to the loo and then we’ll head off”. John got his phone out and moved out of sight. As soon as he did, Clare grabbed me again. Her hand slowly made its way up my leg until she grabbed my hard cock through my jeans. I let out a little moan.

”Stop… what about John?” I asked.

“He’s just fine sweetie, don’t worry. Let me see what we have here.” She slid her hand down my jeans, under my boxers and wrapped her hand around my dick. She slowly rubbed the shaft a couple of times. She put her lips close to my ear: “This will do nicely”. She slipped her hand out and moved it to her own crotch. She gave her clit a little rub. It seemed like forever but John came back:

”Taxi’s here!” In the taxi, Clare was sat opposite me. She kept moving her legs to reveal her knickers and kept bending over to show me her tits. I had to sit crossed legged to hide my excitement. We finally got to their house and we sat in the conservatory that had been converted into a bar. John rustled up some whiskey and cokes and we chatted for a few hours. Every time John went away for a few minutes, Clare would come on to me. Stroking me and teasing my cock. Finally John said he was heading to bed. He looked at Clare and smiled like he knew something but I had too much to drink at this point to notice. Clare said she was stopping up a little while to make sure I was comfortable and that she would be up soon.

Shortly after John left, Clare grabbed at my jeans and pulled out my cock. It had been hard all night and was ready to explode. Clare got down on her knees in front of me and took all of it in her mouth. I bit my hand to stop a loud moan from coming out. Clare was making eye contact while she deepthroated me. She looked so beautiful. The sound of her gagging on my cock was too much and I soon shot a load right in her mouth. She pulled her mouth away, cum dripping down her chin. She wiped the cum with her hand and then licked her fingers. She swallowed the whole load. Before she could say anything I got up and positioned her on the settee. I pulled down her knickers and spread her legs wide. I kissed down her leg until I reached her pussy. It was dripping wet and breathed hard on her clit. She started to moan. I placed my tongue on her, lapping up that hot wet cunt juice and using the tip to massage her clit. I slipped two fingers into her cunt and began rubbing the G spot. She started to get so loud with moaning I was sure that John would hear us but I didn’t care. I was going to make her cum. She shuddered and moaned loudly and grabbed me by the hair, pushing my face deeper into her pussy as she came. All of her moaning and writhing had made me hard again. I sat back on the settee and pulled her on top of. As she straddled me I could feel her cum juices sliding down my shaft. I entered her and we both moaned. Her pussy was tight around my cock. I took off her top and bra and began playing with her nipples. She leaned back with her head fully tilted back and she was loving every second. She began to ride me faster and a I grabbed her arse cheeks and pulled myself deeper into her. As she was riding, my hand moved around her arse and I slipped a finger in. She smiled and passionately kissed me. I motioned for her to move so I could do her doggy style when I heard a noise from the other room. I froze, I thought I was done for. I thought John was about to kill me! Clare quickly piped up:

“Are you wanting to join in or just watch?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. John quickly answered to join in and he came in the room. He was already naked and erect. He must have been in the other room for ages, listening and watching through the crack in the door. Clare positioned John on the settee and bent down in front of him like she did for me. She bent over, spreading her bum cheeks and showing her fine ass. She pointed to me and then to her bum and I didn’t hesitate. While she was sucking hard on John I slid my cock into her wet pussy. I got my dick all nice and wet and then pushed it straight into her arse. I went balls deep and fucked her hard but slow. She moaned loudly which then turned John on more. John came first and unloaded right into her mouth. Just as she was swallowing the last drop. I came hard. I pulled back on her hair and pushed my cock in as deep as it would go, filling her arse with cum. All of us spent, we collapsed onto the settee. Clare and John didn’t say much afterwards and soon headed to bed. I fell asleep more or less instantly.

In in the morning I woke to see Clare next to me naked. “It’s time for your wake up call” she said and she wrapped her lips around my cock again. It was hard straight away. She kept licking my bell end gently and then swallowing it whole and deepthroating me. A couple of minutes later I pushed her onto the floor and climbed on top. I slid my dick into her wet cunt again and pounded her hard while licking her nipples. She came first, shivering underneath me as I rammed hard and deep into her and I came soon afterwards. This woman was amazing and the best fuck I ever had.

I got dressed and got ready to leave. John came down the stairs just wearing a bathrobe. I shook his hand, thanked him and Clare for “looking after me” and I headed for the door.

“Don’t be a stranger” he said with a wink as I was just leaving. Don’t worry John, with a fine pussy and arse like Clare’s I’ll be back every week. As I was walking past their house to head to the train station I caught a glimpse through a gap in the curtains. John had his face in Clare’s pussy and was licking it clean. It was then I realised I had left my phone behind. Looks like I’ll just have to go back…………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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