A Mish-Mash of Girl Sex stories.

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Any comments fully appreciated Love Fridagirl.

1. Feeling Auto-eroticism.

Five years of marriage and nothing to show for it, no c***dren and no sex, just a crippled husband, who lost a leg and the use of his penis.

I was married at nineteen, sent on the honeymoon to hell, a car crash and it was over by the time we finished up in the gorge, the night before the last sex I ever experienced with a man inside me.

Bitter and angry, isolation to an island with a lighthouse and an old man who excited me, because he would stare endlessly at my bedroom window and my naked body, I willingly showed him, yearning for him and yet repulsed by his demeanor and age, more than forty years my senior, and the only man within hundreds of miles of my wet pussy.

He lived in the lighthouse and when he came to tell us of his find, a shipwrecked man on the beach, I ran, just to see another soul, my husband choosing to remain, as he always did, his inability to be mobile, an excuse I was content with, each time releasing me to my urges and needs.

My heart pounded as I neared the lighthouse and more so when I saw the boy, in his teens, handsome and Adonis like in stature. He was asleep when I sat on the bed beside him, still fully clothed as he was found, his breath sweet as my hand rested on his pants, my eyes searching for recognition, a flicker, but nothing, as my fingers tightened my grip and found the outline of what I craved, old Willie was with my husband, he understood I needed time, four years is a lifetime in a young woman’s neediness for a man, so I knew I was safe, as I stood up and took my clothes off and stood naked over this boys sleeping body.

My lips were dry and wetting them with my tongue only drove me on as I unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants and underpants together down his legs and off over his feet and positioned myself between them and then I bowed my head and took his cock into my mouth.

I heard a groan and felt him move, ‘No point in that’, I thought, as I had, for insurance, bound him to the bed, finders keepers, he was mine to as I wished, as I took a deep breath and pushed until his pubic hair parted and went up my nose and into my mouth, and his cock tickled my tonsils.

I had good lungs, I could hold my breath for three minutes so I bounced my head up and down and felt his glans thicken each time he brushed and tickled my tonsils, I was using them as his stimulus, like my sphincter muscle in my anus, or the entrance to my tight pussy.

I did not hear the door open or him take his clothes off, but old Willie saw a good fuck before him, her ass high in the air with the boys cock rammed down her throat, he was right with his assumption, I was in no mood to refuse him entry, as his hands felt, and traced the outline of my hips and bum, his thick cock parted my labia and stuttered in the entrance of my wet cunt, I moved my ass, and his was moving inside me, opening that long tube of tight fuck meat. I tried to gasp, but choked on the cock in my throat, Willie felt it in my pussy as I tightened up through slight asphyxiation, in a sense auto-eroticism.

2. Gender confusion and first Sex

Mia was Dutch, she was tall and gangly, but a natural beauty and more developed than I. We found comfort with each other and I perhaps a little bit more than she did, I think I was in love with her, even though I was a girl like her.

We hung out a lot and lay together on my bed. I loved to feel her closeness and touch, she was never shy about expressing herself and it was at moments like this as we lay close feeling her body heat and her smell, I screamed inside my head to just grab her and hold on.

We lived in a small apartment that had a small pool, and Mia had suggested we have a swim some day and this day was when she brought her costume, a bikini, so she had to change and the thought excited me. I had started my puberty six months ago and now all the changes were overwhelming me and I was confused, lonely, moody, bitchy and clingy.

On the top floor apartment lived a boy slightly older than I, I guessed maybe sixteen. he always came to the window in his shorts, nothing else, but they were long and showed nothing, nothing to arouse me so I usually just ignored him.

We sat close on the bed eating g****s when Mia suggested she feed me and try to fill my mouth and as she put one in I tried to chew it and swallow but soon I had nearly fifteen and my mouth was full and still Mia tried to get more inside.

I was getting short of breath and felt light headed, this mixture with my feelings for her was very strong and overpowering and as she pushed my down onto my duvet her breasts pressed into my face and my hands shot up and grabbed her there and she stopped as I spat out the g****s.

Her face was close to mine and she lent into mine and kissed me on my mouth. Her breath was sweet and her mouth and lips incredibly soft, I was paralyzed, as she run her tongue just under my upper lip and I groaned.

‘Your first kiss’, she asked me softly and I nodded, the words could not come out. ‘I love kissing’, she whispered, ‘even girls’, she paused, before adding, ‘girls like you Frida’.

My heart leapt I was in love and tried to reach up and kiss her back, oh how I ached to go further. ‘Lets go to the pool’, she suggested and got off the bed and removed her top. I watched mesmerized, as each perfect orb of flesh just popped in to view, she smiled as she studied my face, ‘You like my tits’, she asked me, squeezing them? I nodded, dumbfounded as I stared and watched nipples harden in response to my gaze.

‘We can sleep naked together tonight’, she said and I agreed as I got up to put on my costume. I suddenly felt scared and embarrassed and went into my en-suite bathroom and changed, stopping and stared at my naked f******n year old body, nothing like Mia’s, how could she be attracted to me, I was like a tomboy.

We dove into the pool and played a little horseplay, then Mia was fooling around at my top, trying to pull it off and I did the same as she and then I saw the reason, the boy upstairs was looking down at us, with his hand inside his shorts, ‘He is wanking to us’ she said breathlessly, her eyes fixed on his, and I felt immediate jealousy, until she came in close to me and kissed my mouth again in the middle of the pool.

‘Lets help him out the poor boy’, she whispered up close to me, her hand going down the front of my bikini bottoms and before I could react, she pulled them down and off, leaving me naked from the waist down and she swam away to the edge and held them up for the wanking boy upstairs to see I was without.

I was mortified I had never exposed myself to a living person and now this boy would see me if Mia would not return them to me, but she was getting out of the pool and going to the chair where her clothes were, her phone was ringing and she went to answer it.

I looked up to see the boy staring down at me, how much he could see I did not know but I hoped the water would show him nothing.

‘I have to go Frida’, she called, ‘Daddy can’t pick me up and wants me to go home tonight’. I was sad, I had my heart on her staying, ‘My bottoms’, I indicated, but as she pulled on her shorts and top over her bikini, she tossed my bottoms and my shorts and top onto the ground, ‘I want him to see you’, she said and ran away laughing, now he would see me, I had no option but to get out of the pool close to where my clothes lay, it was either giving him a show of myself pulling up onto the edge or swimming to the ladder and walking the full length of the pool, I did the former and he saw as I had to lift first my leg to expose my open crotch, then everything. I ran inside and felt sick and horny at the same time.

The next day I went to school hoping things would be OK between us. I had mulled over and over in my head that what she did to me meant nothing, it was just a bit of girly fun and we would have a laugh as I would tell her I stood and let the boy look at me, anything to make her think I was like her and not a prissy little girl who found it hard to touch myself.

The morning went and the lunch time also, an still no sign of her. I began to panic in case something had happened to her last night as she went home.

Last class at 16:00 I left and saw her standing at the end of the corridor by the stairs. She was talking to three boys in the year ahead of us. I stopped and stood back behind the door and watched, peering around the brickwork. Two of the boys started to walk away and towards where I stood as Mia and this other boy walked towards the wall behind the lockers.

I stepped out as the two boys walked past me and I knew they were looking at me as I continued walking towards where Mia went.

I stopped outside the toilets and looked back down the corridor, I was alone and I could hear Mia’s voice, she was in the toilet and as I went in, I heard the boys voice too, they were in the end cubicle and ‘making out’.

I was sick and aroused, knowing the love of my life was with someone in the cubicle and we all knew why people went in there.

I stood outside the door and peered through the crack the hinged door made and saw Mia and this guy kissing full on. I was angry and felt it building inside me, but I was also sexually aroused as if I just knew something was going to happen with Mia and this boy, so I looked again and watched as Mia sank to her knees and started to suck his erection.

My eyes drank in every inch of his cock as it went in and out of Mia’s eager mouth, her beauty meant nothing to this guys cock as he fucked her beautiful mouth, he groaned loudly and I saw him grab Mia’s beautiful long hair and use it to thrust into her mouth. I left as quietly as I could and went back to where I stood at the other end of the lockers. I was shaking and my knees were weak.

Withing moment she was walking towards me as I turned to the lockers and took out my key as if about to open mine. She was alone, the guy was gone and her face was reddish and beaming with a smile on it, as if she were happy to see me.

A she came up to me she just grabbed me and pressed her mouth to mine and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth and moving it around in circles.

She broke off and looked me straight in my face, ‘Can you taste it’, she asked enthusiastically, her own mouth and chin was covered in fluid, shiny and with a strong chlorine smell. I could taste it, and I knew what it was, it was the boys cum, she fed it to me, and blurted out unashamedly ‘it’s fresh out of his balls’ and then laughed out loudly.

She grabbed my arm and led me out of the building, ‘Now we are cum sisters’, she said laughing, ‘better than blood’, she continued then demanded to know how I got on with the guy in my building.

I got home later as it got dark and lay on my bed thinking about Mia and what I saw and tasted, I had to know. The flat was still empty so I left and ran upstairs to the top flat and knocked on the door. he answered in his shorts and I just stood there and finally said, ‘You know me’, and he answered, ‘Yes’.

I just brushed past him and went in and sat down on the edge of his bed as he stood directly in front of me, saying nothing as my body started shaking uncontrollably.

He bent down slightly and put his hands on my shoulders, I paused, reached up and pulled his underpants down, his penis was inches from my face and beginning to swell.

3. Daddy’s friend came back to finish what he stared all those years back

Feeling the pain was enough to make me go. I got injured during a gymnastic routine and dad decided his friend, who just happened to be a masseuse could help me, as I wanted desperately to be part of the team that would be performing in six weeks time.

I was apprehensive about this friend of his, as six years prior, and it’s a little fuzzy in my head, this man had touched me inappropriately at his daughters birthday party, he put his hand up my dress and fingered under the elastic and into the leg of my panties and touched me, for a short while.

Now as I think back, the details are fuzzy, it’s not because my mind blocked it out, because unlike common theory I was not traumatized having my pussy fingered, I mean I did just stand there and let him do it, but like most things, more important things were happening to me that meant more, it was like having a hug or a kiss, to me it was not sex, because sex meant nothing to me and as far as my pussy was concerned, I did far worse, like on a beach, I put pebbles inside myself and walked around feeling them fall over each other, like a tumble dryer, it felt nice and did not raise any red flags.

Six years had passed and here I was about to confront a man who had taken such a liberty with a little girl as I was back then, and though still a friend with my own father, our paths never crossed, but he was still a dark shadow from my past.

My practice of pussy stimulation, like most growing girls who begin to get to know themselves and their sexuality, I owned a series of sex toys, two vibrators, a largish dong, supposedly modeled from a black guy’s actual dick, and three butt plugs, all small.

There was a weirdness just sitting outside his room waiting for him to return from a lunch break. I felt an unease in the pit of my stomach and I wondered if he would still find me sexually attractive, which I knew I was as many things like being in the school magazine as a model, and an athlete proved this too me, why would it matter if he did or did not, and I could feel the sexual tension, I was wet in my crotch, actually turned on knowing I might have to let him see me down there, as my injury was pelvic.

When he finally arrived he had to look at me a couple of times as I did him, he was not how I remembered him to be, he was older and grey haired, soft spoken with an air lilt to his voice that put me at ease and as he talked I could not combine the man who fingered me and this man, the two did not compute and I began to doubt who it was back then.

he helped me up and into his room, closing the door behind me and guiding me to the gurney where he wanted me to lie down on.

I removed my blazer and bag and put them on the spare seat as he put his arms around my waist and gently run his fingers up and down my spine, sending shivers with them as they softly traced the outline of my spine through my cotton shirt.

He spoke quietly into my ear as his hands moved swiftly and dexterously over my shirt, his heat, his wonderful scents of sandalwood and spice was making me dizzy and for an instant all my pain ceased as my head buzzed and body tingled.

‘Would it be alright if I removed some clothing’, he whispered into my ear, I immediately said yes and he began to unbutton my blouse, pulling it from my waistband and bringing my see though brassiere into view, even I could see my new budding nipples, I was so fucking aroused sexually as my shirt followed my jacket and I lay face down and felt my brassiere unclasped and like the rest, eased away from my body and thrown onto the seat, symbolically, out of reach.

‘Your spine looks great’, and his fingers seduced every vertebrae with a wistful touch until his fingers were touching the base, under the elastic of my panties, ‘Your cox is swollen’, he said seductively.

Of course having no knowledge of anatomy I was still wise enough from basic biology to know girls don’t have a cock and said as much.

He laughed at my innocence, and explained what he meant, the little curvature at the base of my spine, I had what was medically known as ‘Coccydynia’, and as he put light pressure on the soft and sensitive line running from my back into my cunt, I could feel the source of my problem.

By now, he had rolled my panties down so they lay under the curvature of my buttocks, and was working his fingers in and around my puckered anus, my wetness in view to his old eyes my labia swollen and mucus thick as I oozed my unused lubrication, I heard him mutter, ‘God just like it was all those years ago’.

So it was him, I was right, he did venture into my body all those years ago. I rolled onto my side and adopted the fetal position, my buttocks on the edge, my upper thigh in front off my lower one, my pussy open and swollen, why not, who could blame him?

I cried as my orgasm came, I tried to muffle my sound, I did not want people to know he was fucking me, I wanted to, in my perverse way, let him enjoy me without the problems associated with this sort of sex, I knew it was i*****l, but it was the best a man could experience.

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