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i cant begin to tell u how horny i get when i need cock,ive been to extreme lengths just to feel a hot hard throbbing dick sliding up my ass,let me tell u
about a few of these “lengths”. On hundreds of occassions ive spent 3days solid(using speed to stay awake)fucking my ass with various different toys, usually ending with me waiting outside the nearest gay bar offering my ass to everyone as they leave untill some1 takes me home ,i really dont give a fuck about looks or age,so long as they have a hard cock for my hole.whenever they turned me down id always ask if they would let me suck their cock in the backstreet which plenty of guys agreed to. This one night i remember the most, i sucked the cocks of4 different guys(a couple n 2 single guys. Having already offered to let them fuck me i begged them to please let me suck their dicks,promising id swallow all their cum and that was all i wanted. So i followed the 1st guy into the alleyway and squatted infront of him ,unzipping his jeans and hungrily fishing out his tool and taking him into my mouth,feeling him growing harder every second. I reached into my own pants and slid 2 fingers up my lubed up asshole,fingering myself hard and fast untill he gasped and emptied his load into my mouth,holding my head so he cud thrust in and out. Thirstily i drank his sperm till he had nothing left and thanked him for letting me have it all,still with my fingers knuckle deep in my ass. I shouted to him to tell any1 else he knew that i was here waiting and would suck them too. leaning against the wall in the back street i continued fo finger my hole, still with the taste of fresh cum in my mouth. I was hungry for it now and was about to go back and ask some more guys when a couple walked round the corner,catching me with my fingers in my ass,with my pants now round my ankles.
without saying a word they took out their cocks and i went to work on sucking them in turn till they both throbbed with hardness, bouncing infront of my face while i lapped the juices that dribbled from them. pretty soon i was taking every inch of their meat down my throat,gagging and messily drooling all over their poles. All too soon one told me he was about to cum so i took his dick all the way till my lips pressed against his pubes. holding my head he started to cum and i felt his dick pulsing as it squirted his hot thick spunk down my throat. i felt like a total slut swallowing my 2nd load of the night but it only made me want more and i sucked hard as he removed his cock from my mouth leaving a nice thick trail down my lips and chin. As i was scooping it into my mouth the 2nd guy told me to open up,which ,obediently i did allowing him to jerk his nice hot sticky cum straight onto my tong. i messily rolled it across my lips,playing with it till his balls were totally empty. i gave that fat cock head one final delicious suck before allowing his sperm to trickle down my throat. i pulled the fingers from my asshole and used them to scoop what remained into my mouth,licking and sucking my digits clean.Feeling like a dirty whore i once again thanked them for letting me have their spunk,and they laughed as drunkardly they staggered off zipping their pants up. Alone in the backstreet the realisation of what id just done began to sink in and my cock grew hard as i thought about what a slut id been,still with the taste of the last guys spunk fresh in my mouth , i needed a good assfucking more than id ever thought possible and i swore the next guy to come round that corner would soon be up to his balls in my ass. Within a minute somone wandered towards me and i motioned him to come over,making no attempt to hide the fact i was almost naked, i backed up onto some cardboard boxes and lay back ,spreading my legs wide and stroking my asshole.
“some guys said u looking for a cock to suck ” he mumbled
“nah, im looking for a cock to fuck my ass good and hard,THEN i’ll suck on it” i replied and he looked v pleased. “but ive not got a rubber” he said and i didnt have 1 either but i wanted it so bad.
“doesnt matter, do me without one…you’ll be the 1st ever to do me bareback” i said, sounding as desperate as i actually was to feel his dick inside me. In an instant his pants were round his ankles and he was lay on the boxes next to me. his cock looked big ,even without being hard and i licked my lips at the thought of it fucking me. i took it in my mouth , sucking the helmet till it was semi hard then i lay on my back and rubbed it against my little wet hole which was twitching with anticipation.finally he eased it into my asshole and i moaned like a whore,feeling my ass muscles clamping tightly around it while it grew harder n longer with every second.”FUCK ME BABY,NICE N HARD” i begged so he took hold of my legs,pushing them back and wide apart. Slowly he began thrusting more and more of that throbbing hot dick into my waiting asshole,which offered little resistance,allowing him to penetrate me untill he was fully buried up to his balls in my bum. He held it there allowing me to squirm in pleasure,impaled on his pole. i demanded he fucked me bucking my hips up n down,takings him in and out. Using about an inch of it he began to thrust back to meet my ass,thudding against me with every stroke, making my ass squelch as it was violated. I was urging him on,telling him to fuck me harder which he did using the whole length of that huge cock,pounding me till i let out a groan and my own cock squirted my cum onto my belly as i came hard for the 1st time in about 3days.he loved it and speeded up so i scooped up my cum and started tasting it messily,wiping it on my lips.When im alone i always eat my cum but he loved it fucking me harder n faster till all too soon he groaned and i felt him shooting right deep in my ass,warm powerful spurts.
“i wanna lick it when u take it out ” i begged and whenn hed finished pumping he slid his softening,cum-covered cock from me gaping asshole and brought it up to my mouth where i lovingly and hungrily licked every last bit of cum from it. then , as quick as he came, he stood up n left , leaving me panting and breathless , fingering my spunky hole in the darknes.20minutes later i finally went home , feeling very pleased with my nights work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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