Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh

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It was late on a friday night, I was leaving for a two week vacation the very next morning. My husband can be a bit of a workaholic so sadly he wasn’t joining us. I know, and probably everyone else here, that my husband’s favorite thing is to take me to the sex clubs around Raleigh and show me off and let me play. So, with me being gone for two weeks I thought it would be a great time to go so that he could get some footage to enjoy while I was gone. I got up and got dressed in a long dress that could easily be pulled off. Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh
My husband always gets shaky from excitement as we get ready. I was very horny myself and went into our closet and grabbed a big handful of condoms from our swinger box. I handed them to him and immediately his eyes went big. I handed him 10-15. He said very nervously “you plan on being busy dont you”. I smiled and said this is going to be a night you never forget….
We walked through our home to our bar and I made myself a glass of Vodka. A little liquid courage 😉 . As we drove to Pheonix adult bookstore and video arcade (so you could find it online) about 5 miles from the house i pulled my tits and pussy out and played with myself. Just a little show for my hubby. We drove in and were disappointed that only 3 cars were there. We decided to go in anyway. As we walked in we were greeted by the manager, she used to be a dominatrix in NY so she has a bunch of great ideas and doesn’t judge at all. She welcomed us back and asked if we were shopping or going in the arcade. I flashed my tits and smiled, she said “uh oh, you have that look tonight, need protection?”. I immediately said “no we brought bunches but sadly it looks like it might be a slow night”. She replied “This place is funny, when a hot girl shows up many times we get busy”. We talked a couple more minutes and this great looking black man walked in. He smiled waved and went into the arcade. I looked at my husband, said “sorry babe we are gonna have to cut this short, I got something I want to see.” 
We made our way in the back and as I went through the turnstyle i dropped my dress. My husband very quickly reminded me that their are cameras in the common areas. I leaned back looked at the two ladies in the lobby and said you are welcome!. My husband usually likes to inch into the situations, start in the booths and get his horniness level up before I’m naked infront of everyone else but I decided to take charge of this one! I walked through the back flirting with all the guys, 4 of them :(. I could see a couple of them take out their phones to take pictures. My husband shuffled us into one of the giant booths there to prevent any more pictures being taken. 
Once we were inside the booth it is huge… a huge white rocking chair in the middle a video screen and a hole cut on one side. I immediately set down in the chair and started picking a movie.Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 2
I could hear the door shut in the booth next to us. I set back on the rocking chair and started to play with myself on the outside of my panties.Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 3
I enjoy watching the guys try and get a good look through the hole. As I sat their enjoying myself I saw an older man looking at me. Now this is also a fetish of mine. Showing older men or young 18 year old nerdy guys the time of their lives. So i made my way to the hole and handed him a condom. He was shaking and struggled to get it on. I told my husband he was old and he laughed and said well he must move fast because he beat those other three to the door. The man slid his dick through the hole and without hesitation i took it in my mouth. Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 4
It was smaller and not quite fully hard but i enjoy letting them “grow” in my mouth. I sucked him for a few minutes, he came and filled the condom even before it seemed he was completely hard. I smiled at him, told him thank you and sat back on my chair. He left the booth and the next guy walked in. He was a tall guy in his 50’s, he looked like he worked using his hands. He immediately put his hard dick through the hole. It was very nice, long and thick. I grabbed it and gave it a hard squeeze.Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 5
Now at this point I was a little tipsy and very horny. I really wasn’t thinking and I played with his dick and balls for a couple of minutes. He had huge thick globs of precum on the head of his dick.Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 6
I love the way it tastes, nice and sweet, and before I realized what i was doing i deep throated his long hard cock with no condom. Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 7Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 8
I realized after tasting his cum what I was doing and I looked at my husband and said Oh well. I told the man to let me know when he was going to cum and i would watch him finish. So i sucked and sucked while my husband recorded and after 2 minutes and 34 seconds, video time lol. He knocked on the wall and blew his load. The first shot came shooting through and almost hit me in the face. Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 9Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 10
We tried to get a picture of the cum flying out but you cant really tell. He finished all in the hole. There was a lot of cum. I cleaned up the hole with my panties and went back and sat in my chair and began playing with my pussy while the next guy walked in.Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 11
The next guy asked to watch me play for a bit, after a few minutes he asked if he could feel my body. I quickly got up and walked over to the hole. He reached his hand through and began rubbing me all over.Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 12
He started with my tits and nipples.I loved it, he was rubbing my tits pulling on my nipples and I just needed to let him touch my pussy. I stood up and let him put his finger in me. I was dripping wet and so horny. Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 13
We didn’t realize it until later that I had thick white pussy cum. He was sweet and soft, you could tell he was very appreciative to touch me and enjoy me. He used just one finger at first then his second finger slid in my ass. Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 14
I grabbed his hand and tried to push him deeper inside me. It was incredible!It was so much fun. He fingered me for a few minutes and pulled his hand back. He put his cock through the hole and I stroked him, sucked him and he came quickly. Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 15
Guy after guy played with me through the hole. the front desk lady was right. I was running out of condoms. At this point, I had sucked 7, fucked 3, 5 guys finger me, and one guy licked me through the hole. Wasn’t very pleasurable he really couldn’t reach. Then he walked in, the black man from the lobby.Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 16
I got very excited to see what he was packing ;). I stared through the hole, I couldn’t wait to see if he was as big as the last black guy I had met at Pegasus. He asked me to back up a bit and show him my body. I did with pleasure. I handed him a condom. He put it on and put his cock through the hole. Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 17
I immediately began sucking himIt wasn’t very long and I told my husband, I need this big black cock in my pussy. I turned around and backed up to the hole and waited impatiently.Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 18
It did’t take him long and he slowly entered me. Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 19
It was incredibleHe continued to gently fuck my pussy. It left me wanting more and I pushed my pussy hard up against the hole to try and take it all.He fucked me harder and harder, it was incredible.Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 20Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 21Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 22
It is not too often that I wish the wall was’t in the way. He slammed me deep, then pulled his dick slowly out. He kept his condom filled black cock on my side so I could see my accomplishment.Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 23
I played with myself again for ten minutes waiting for my next guest but sadly the sex store was empty.Wifethatrocks Gloryhole at Pegasus Raleigh 24
It was an incredible night, I can’t wait to go back and enjoy again.My husband took me home and ate my pussy, making me cum over and over. He pounded me from behind, I was so sore. By far this was the craziest sex night of our lives. So much cock, So much FUN!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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