The Story of Liam & Ollie.Pt.6. Told by Roy.

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The Story of Liam & Ollie.Pt.6. Told by Roy.
Liam & Ollie grabbed their Backpacks off the floor where they had left them,as they went out of the kitchen we both saw Liam take hold of Ollies Ass,both going up the stairs,Giggling.
I looked at James,he said,”that was us almost four years ago,Crazy in Love,they,ll be okay,reckon there,ll be some Sucking & Fucking in that bedroom tonight”.
“Hey James,I hope there,s going to be plenty of Fucking & Sucking iin our Bedroom tonight & we,re still Crazy in Love,I know I,m still,Mad in Love with you,I hope you,re feelings are still the same,remember when you,d have Fucked me At the Drop of an Hat”.
James jumped straight in,”Of course I,m still Mad for you & still Fuck you every chance,so don,t you get worrying about Us Two,,just gotto help guide these two on the right path & make sure they stay safe”.
We carried on chatting about the k**s,then we heard screaming & yelling from upstairs,the thumping of bare feet running up & down the polished wooden floor of the upstairs landing.
We both got up from the table & left the kitchen,into the hallway to the stairs up to the bedrooms,we went up the stairs,glancing through the bannister rails we saw two flash,s of naked feet & legs go running past us then they stopped,we were now at the top of the stairs,there where the two Bois,completely Naked,both with towels in their hands,Ollie pushing his Ass out as though challenging Liam to whip his Ass with his towel,which Liiam quickly did,
“Crrrrrraaaaaacccccckkk”,it caught Ollie Right between his Buns,must have caught his Tight Little Rosebud,the way he jumped up in the air,he screamed,grabbing his Ass & rubbing his hand between his Buns like crazy,screaming out,”Liam,you got me right in my Fanny,Blinking Stings”,Liam laughing & shouting “Great shot,see if I can get you there again”.getting his towel ready to do it again.
Ollie ran off to the end of the landing,he could,nt go any further,stood in front of the big,clear glass window,(From floor to ceiling),looking out onto our back garden & the top end of the stables yard,he was,nt caring if anyone was looking up on him,he did,nt try to hide his Nakedness.
Ollie stuck his Ass back out in Liams direction,Slapping his Buns,”Com,n Babe,see if you can get me again,bet you can,t”,Liam let the towel go again for Ollies Ass & missed,Ollie pulling his Bum in making the towel fall short of his Ass.Laughing,Ollie turned & barged past Liam,now getting his towel ready for another shot at Ollies Ass.
Liam turned & let the towel go,”Crraaaacccccckkkkk”,perfect shot,right on Ollies Buns,”Aaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh”,
Ollie screamed out,”Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh,Liam that hurt”,he shouted out.then they both realised we were there at the top of the stairs on the landing.
There they stood,completely Naked in front of James & myself,Ollie,rubbing his Buns,trying to take the sting out of his Ass were Liam had got him with the shot from his towel which was now hanging free in his hand down onto the floor.
Neither of the Bois tried to hide their Nakedness,they just stood there grinning,we could,nt help but notice they had been getting some Sexual Gratification out of this playing about.
Ollies Cock was standing out in front of him,although he was Uncut,his Foreskin was pulled back over his Knobend,trapped by his,Swolllen Glan,stopping it sliding over his Mushroom shaped Head,not a very Big Cock but very active,Jerking,Up & Down,light glistening on the Head of his Cock showing the Glisten of Pre Cum.
Liams Cock was a little bit Bigger than Ollies Cock,pointing out & Throbbing,a Thread of Pre Cum bouncing up & down,& we could see from the glistening of the light,Liam had been Oozing quiet a bit of Pre Cum whilst they were playing about,Pre Cum was glistening off his Thighs.
Both of us grinning at them,James said,”Okay Bois,Funs over,into your bedroom,get yourselves dressed & lets go & get some Food,I chipped in”Better get another shower,(Taking it that they had already showered),wash all that Pre Cum off yourselves”.
They walked past us,Smiling from Ear to Ear,we both watching them go down the landing to their room,I could,nt help thinking,”Woooooow,Sweet Cute Bubble Butts”,as they disappeared into their room.
James & me went back downstairs,both of us laughing out loud,James saying,,”Roy how can you tell them off,that,s us still,how often do we do that with the towels when the rents are away,running all over the house & around the back garden”.
It was about twenty minutes before the Bois came downstairs,both looking a bit apprehensive,Ollie saying”Sorry Roy,James,are you angry with us”,I said,”Nah,k**s,just having a bit of fun,James & me the same when we,re on our own”,You could see the tension relax from their faces.
We went out of the backdoor into the garden & out into the stables yard,there was a few people about,livery horses & ponies being groomed & ridden around the yard & in the paddocks.
We got into our Honda CRV,car,me in the drivers seat,James in the front passenger seat & the Bois in the back seats.
We arrived at the chippie in about five minutes,we went into the restaurant part of the chippie,saying hello to people we knew in there,found ourselves an empty table to sit at,it was quite crowded,Friday Evening,most Brits have “Fish & Chips”,for their evening meal,a waitress came over & took our orders,about ten minutes our meals were served,we sat,eating & chatting,at the end of our meal,we paid the waitress,James suggested we go for a drink in,”The White Swan”,see Tina & Simon,(Owners).,I agreed..
We left the Chippie & drove round to the Pub,we found a table close to the bar,the Bois sat down at the table,James & myself got the drinks,Lagers for us two & soft drinks for the Bois,Tina & Simon came from behind the bar & joined us,them asking how the Rents were doing & how our business was doing,after a cuple of drinks we headed back to the yard,we went into the clubhouse,it was just turned 08.00pm,they had a local group on,only school k**s,some parents were there as we stipulate because of the ages of the k**s.
James & me stopped for about three quarters of an hour,we left telling Ollie & Liam we would be back in a couple of hours & for them to let themselves back into the house when they where done.
We walked back around to the Pub,when we got back the Bois were in bed.
We had some supper then we went up to bed,had a shower & lots of Fun,suppose the Bois also had Fun when they went up to Bed.

Hope you are looking foreward to next Pt. Pt7.Please leave Comments.

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