Memorial Day Memories (Cuckold)

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On this holiday, I always think about the time my 2nd wife and I went to a private club’s Memorial Day renewal party. You had to buy a $20 membership every year and they always held their renewal parties on Memorial Day weekend.

My wife was a beautiful 25 year old, with long legs, small perky tits and dark brown wavy hair. She really did have a “Victoria’s Secrets” fashion model look to her, and she was the constant cause of attention from gentlemen. Especially when she drank.

When my wife drank, there wasn’t a soul on earth that she wouldn’t fuck. She just wouldn’t do it around me. I had tried to explain how much I enjoyed watching her fucking other men, but she just couldn’t get her mind around it. Either that, or she felt that I’d then be free to fuck other women, and she would not stand for that! I think it was more the latter.

One time, we had gone to a local “hot tub house” where they rented 8 different small rooms that were just big enough for a hot tub that seated 8-10 people each, and a changing bench. Each room was private with a door and a little window for air, and it did get hot in there. There was also a set restrooms and a room with 4 showers where people could rinse off before and after using the hot tubs.

We had met a guy at a night club and we took him to party with us at the hot tub place. We joined a group of 2 other couples that were already there, and all of us were naked, chatting and soaking in the tub. Before long, the guy we met at the club got out and said he had to pee. About 30 seconds later, my wife did the same thing. About 5 minutes later I got out to go look for them, and they were in the showers, fucking on the bench. I just stood and watched them fuck for about 5 minutes. Eventually, I said, “Don’t cum inside her because she’s not on the pill”, thinking that he’d just pull out and spray her with all that wonderful cum. I guess he got nervous, and he got up and went back to the hot tub.

Another time, I was supposed to be out of town but had missed my flight. I knew my wife had gone out dancing with her girlfriend, Fawn, that night, so I decided to call a friend and go have a few drinks. When I got home at 1:00 am, I found Fawn fucking some college k** on my sofa and found my bare ass naked wife, fucking his bare ass naked friend in our bed.

So, back to the Memorial Day renewal party… We had been drinking heavier than usual and using cocaine (again, it was the late 80’s and EVERYBODY did coke back then), so my wife was super horny and super fucked up. We met 2 guys and a woman there and somehow ended up bringing them home with us. We drank more and did more coke at our house, and eventually the woman asked if anyone would take her back to her car at the club. I offered to take her and left the 2 guys at my house alone with my horny and very fucked up wife.

I had fantasies of coming home and finding them all in a heap, naked on the floor, my wife sucking and fucking them both. I got really excited about her doing just that and hurried home to catch all the action.

When I got home twenty minutes later, the 2 guys were just sitting on the couch and my wife had gone to bed. I went upstairs and found her passed out and naked on top of the bed, legs spread wide with her vibrator sticking out of her pussy. I decided I’d share this little scene with my new friends and brought them up to the bedroom. One guy was older than me, maybe 45, and the other guy was quite young, 18 to 21 tops (I would have been 32 at the time).

Their initial shock of seeing my gorgeous naked wife with her legs spread and her vibrator sticking out of her cute little “landing strip trimmed” pussy was astounding. I handed each one of them a condom and told them to go for it. The older guy went first and my wife was only half awake, moaning and groaning with every thrust. Then the younger guy took his turn and the same thing, she even wrapped her legs and arms around each one of them as they both fucked her really hard, deep and fast.

After they got finished fucking her, I took both their condoms and draiped them over a cup on my dresser and showed them out. They were still in shock, I think. Somewhat dazed and still high on coke and vodka, they thanked me and shook my hand at the door.

After they left, I raced upstairs and took their condoms off their hanging place on my dresser and drained each one of them into my mouth, and played with both guys warm cum with my tongue, sucking every drop out of each condom. Then I put both rubbers in my mouth and chewed on them like bubble gum while I fucked my wife, her 3rd fuck in less than an hour. It was awesome, and my very favorite Memorial Day weekend ever.

I’m sure those two guys get hard-ons every Memorial Day without thinking why, and will remember that night for the rest of their lives. They have both probably told this same story to their friends over and over. (If this happened to you and you lived in SLC, Utah at the time, I’d love to hear from you. Seriously.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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