Adventures in hypnosis

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Their tenth anniversary had just passed, he had just climbed off her. They both rolled over and tried to sleep. John’s thoughts disturbed him, he’d known when they married she wasn’t the most adventurous in their sex lives but always hoped she would change over time. Monica on her part was wondering what she was doing. She knew he wanted her to be more adventurous but he hadn’t pressed when they’d first married, especially as what she’d done with her fingers and tongue had kept him more than happy, but now he seemed bored of her. That night their sleep was disturbed and restless.

A few days later a rare evening out with friends, to go to of all things a ‘Variety Hall Show’. It had turned out to be fun and a few drinks had helped. The second half of the show after the interval was where life began to change. A stage hypnotist of all things, who got people on stage eating onions thinking they were apples, pretending to be making a cake, swimming, playing tennis, all modest stuff but funny. It was after the show in a pub where a new dawn would break.

As they chatted their friend’s wife confessed that being hypnotised was one of her fantasies. Monica declared she could never be hypnotised. A few more drinks and a drunken challenge was laid down.

“Go on John,” their friends husband teased, ”You like a challenge! Hypnotise us all! See if there’s a night school class in that!”

And so it began as a drunken silly remark but it struck a chord, all the more as Monica slurred how it may be the only way she’d do any of the things he had always wanted. Morning came and no further mention was made of it but John began looking at the many websites talking about hypnotism. As he looked an ad jumped out at him, ‘SEX LIFE DRIED UP!’ He read on it was advertising an online course teaching hypnotism, not very expensive and completed in a month. It didn’t take him long to get out his credit card.Two months later and John had been developing a plan to use his new skills.

They had been out for a nice meal with good friends Becky and Rob, who they went to the Variety Show with. In the pub afterwards they chatted more.

“I love the new outfit Monica!”said Becky, “It’s very bold and brave. Rob would love me to dress like that!”

John grinned quietly to himself. He had been secretly planting suggestions as Monica slept and his skills in this and hypnotising her where improving. Over the last month or so she had started buying sexier and shorter outfits, her lingerie collection had been transformed, stockings where now commonly worn with short skirts and low blouses which revealed her ample bust. She’d even purchased and now wore high heels on a regular basis. Make up was also now regular thing. It was funny how quickly she had changed. His initial suggestion to dress sexier had produced limited change so he had resorted to suggesting that she asked him to show her what he thought was sexy on laptop. A simple approach but he had been surprised when a few nights later she had asked him and thrilled with the response. John had been so excited that she was now dressing in a desirable way, at work she was still modest but when she went out anywhere he was proud and thrilled by the look she got. He had even got her to buy a few new bikinis. John had got hugely turned on at their local spa as guys stared at her minuscule tight bikini which bit deeply into her, revealing a very alluring camel toe. However, he loved the looser bikini which as she moved would reveal a nipple or better still was loose in the crotch. When she walked around the hot tub or pool which that day she decided she wanted to do, it would reveal tantalising peeks of her newly shaved pussy. Needless to say they had begun to fuck on a daily basis! Any trip out, whether it be a walk, run, shopping trip or a drink she would always look her best and wear a short tight revealing outfit often with heels, and stockings where possible.

Both Rob and Becky had not been able to keep their eyes off Monica’s outfit. A tight clinging plunging red dress which revealed a lacy black bra and gave a clear outline of her matching thong. Her dress kept riding up showing off the tops her sheer black holdups. She walked confidently in her three inch heels, her nails and lips painted a lurid red. Everything about her that night radiated sex. Wherever she went eyes followed and John adored this attention.

As they chatted Monica confessed she recently decided a new image was in order and she had opted for a style aimed to bring her and John closer. John marvelled at how accurately she had quoted him! His initial plan to get her to dress more like a slut was in his eyes in an unparalleled success, now the question of what next loomed!

It was time to try the next stage of his conditioning of Monica. A simple strategy he was working on was using a ringtone as a command trigger, a quick trip the loo gave him time to change his phone to the necessary ringtone and a practise of triggering the ring self mode on his phone. Then heart pumping he returned to their table.

The moment of truth, he pressed his phone in his pocket. It rang!

“Come to the bar sweetheart and lets get another round in..”

He stood and walked to the bar where to his delight Monica joined him. Now to try something to really test this he mused. Ring! went the phone.

“Go to the loo and take your panties off sweetheart,” he purred, “Bring them back for me let them dangle in your hand. Do not take the off in a cubicle do it by the sinks and if someone is there makes sure they see, so you may have to wait for them to get out of a cubicle.”

John didn’t really expect it to work and was amazed when Monica turned on her heels and went towards the loo. His hands began to sweat and time dragged as he waited for her return, the bar was not full but busy and several sets of eyes of all ages and sexes had followed her shapely curves. Seconds became minutes which lengthened until Monica finally emerged, shortly followed by a wide eyed grinning middle aged lady. Hanging from her right hand drawing in several sets of eyes from smiling men and women was her black thong. He kissed her deeply as he stuffed them into his pocket but he couldn’t resist squeezing her ass and slightly lifting her dress. Ring!

“Leave your dress and lets sit down with Becky and Rob.”

John caught himself staring at his wife’s beautiful firm thighs and ass as she walked back to the table ahead of him. His plan to show off her stocking tops and legs had worked a little too well. The dress now exposed the soft crescents of her cute ass. A scan of the room made his heart and cock swell with pride and lust. Eyes, smiles, nudges, whispers and a few tuts, but all the attention was on his wife and her figure. Becky almost choked as Monica walked past her to her seat.

Before she could think she blurted out, “Monica your dress, let me fix it!”

Becky reached forward to pull the hem back down to a more modest level but had become aware of a reddening in her own skin. She could feel Rob’s eyes glowing at her and Monica. Her friend’s legs where beautiful, sexual, teasing and intoxicating. She wanted to touch them and her bottom, which she was sure was now pantieless. Drink got the better of her. She pushed her hands forward in a prayer position, fingers extended. She hoped it would look natural, but she yearned to touch her friend. The backs of her fingers slid between her friends thighs, a brief tantalising hugely erotic contact, as her thumbs made contact with the hem. She slid her hands back and down rotating her fingers upwards. Becky blushed and stifled a gasp as her fingertips brushed a bare, clearly pantieless and unmistakeably wet slit. She pulled the hem down and sat back shaking with excitement.

Monica sat demurely, unfazed and unruffled by the whole episode.

“Thank you,” she purred at Becky.

John was stunned, he knew he had planted ideas, suggestions of ways to act, responses to give if things happened but these had been pure fantasy on his behalf. Never had he actually expected that they would ever be put into action.

The evening carried on, John couldn’t remember the last time he was so turned on. Monica smiled and continued to chat as if nothing had happened. Becky and Rob went to the bar to get more drinks. Ring! Monica had suddenly decided that she was getting turned on, she had an overriding urge to show her pussy to anyone looking. She found that her chair had a handy strut which if she put her foot on it and let her knees part, she could feel her wettening pussy expose itself to the air and from reactions, other people! She had developed a strange itch too and kept rubbing her inner thighs just above her stocking tops, oh and next time Becky went to the loo, she was going to follow and flirt with her. These new strange ideas swam in her head, they excited her and drove her desires. When she raised her foot, huge waves of satisfaction radiated through her but oddly they fanned her thoughts about Becky. The more often she saw someone glance at her legs, and the more often she moved her legs to expose a wettening and now oozing pussy, the more it fanned her desires which soon became all consuming. She craved to orgasm and yet all she could think was only Becky could give her that release. She longed to tell the world she was pantieless! If only someone would ask!

Becky and Rob returned from the bar. To Monica’ delight they sat away from the table but facing her. Since John was sat by her side she thought he needed some attention too, so hooked her leg over his, a thrill engulfed her and a quiver as she felt her dress hem open and raise. She could feel more air on her dripping pussy. The look in Rob and Becky’s eyes thrilled and pleased her. She felt a glow of excitement and contentment, a hunger was being filled but revealed a deeper need. She was sure her thighs were moist and wondered if her dress was wet where she was sat on it. She could feel her clit pound as the blood made it stiff and extend. Her pussy lips seemed afire, each look from anyone one caused a shudder of pleasure, and she felt her lips part. She was in heaven but a hellish need had to be fed. Chat, a blatant flirting among all of them continued a pace. John, Rob and Becky praised and congratulated Monica on her boldness and style, trying to egg her on but only John knew the rules. Eventually drink caught up with John who made his excuses and left for the loo, where Rob caught him up.

“Bloody hell mate! What’s got into Monica, you sly old dog!” exclaimed Rob.

John tried to keep a straight face, but his grin gave him away.

“What did you do?” Rob queried, his voice trailing off in thought.

“Behave! It’s all her own choice. I may have made a few suggestions though.” John teased.

“You actually did it, didn’t you? You took that course and it worked.” Rob exclaimed in surprise.

John made no reply but washed his hands calmly and returned to the table where Monica sat, still with her legs spread. She had now had kicked off a shoe and had one foot on her chair so Becky had an even better view of her friend’s pussy. They were chatting earnestly.

John looked at his watch it was getting late and their taxi was due soon, he was disappointed Becky hadn’t been to the loo but was desperate to get Monica home and fuck her. The whole objective of the night had been to prove to himself that he could hypnotise Monica, he felt that had definitely been proved but the challenge was to hypnotise all three of them. Becky checked her watch then mentioned to Rob that she would never last the journey home before staggering off to the loo. Monica stood up to follow Becky and John’s heart leapt. Monica walked quickly catching Becky as she entered the loos. Her mind was swirling with lust, all evening her pussy had been getting wetter and wetter, all she could think was about Becky pushing her from the edge of an orgasm and actually having one, which she craved in a way she had never done before.

She stared intently at Becky,”Thanks so much for helping my dress, I really liked that..”

Becky flushed, did he friend really just make a pass?

“You would do the same for me,” she nervously squeaked.

“Yes, gladly! Now seems a good time!” Monica purred, lust written over her face, as she moved towards Becky.

Becky was momentarily confused how could her calf length dress need adjusting, and then she twigged. Monica hadn’t just meant about the hem it was also what her finger ends had done. She flustered and stepped back, flirting was one thing but Monica was too forward.

“Stop!” she bleated.

Crestfallen Monica complied and stepped back, her ass perching on the edge of the sinks. Becky fought to control her own thoughts and the situation. She wanted to flirt but not get carried away.

“Did you really take your panties off on your last trip here?” Becky gulped out.

“Yes, I don’t know why, but I found people staring at me a huge turn on!” Monica confessed, “and well what you did felt so nice.”

A silence swept through the room. Monica was desperate for her pass to be reciprocated but not sure what to do. Becky wondered what had got into her friend but also loved staring at her friend’s pussy and when she had touched it she had felt electric. Time passed, seconds felt more like hours. Monica was breathing so heavily as her loins burned.

“You seemed to enjoy looking at me when I was sat facing you, and I loved you watching…” Monica breathlessly exclaimed.

Again more silence but the intensity had deepened as they stared into each others eyes. It was now or never Monica feared. She turned round, pulled the hem of her dress up and bent forward over the sink spreading her feet and pushing her ass up.

“Please take a closer look..” a pause, “Touch me”..she pleaded.

Monica had been surprising herself by her ever increasingly, ever naughtier episodes of wanton behaviour. She had also been thrilling herself with them and gaining huge waves of satisfaction every time she engaged in an episode. Her need to orgasm and belief that only Becky could do this for her had driven her into a desperate frenzy. As she stood, her ass pushed high displaying her dripping pussy she was dimly aware how this looked but didn’t care! She knew her inner thighs would be wet and shiny from her juices which had run down her legs. Crazed in lust she was gently rocking her pussy side to side and back and forth. Becky’s eyes were on stalks, she couldn’t believe her friend or how wet her friend was or how it was making her feel. To touch her now would be so slutty yet so hot. Her friend was clearly desperate, an idea sprang into her head.

“Don’t turn around, don’t look at me and don’t talk until I’ve finished, and then you have counted aloud to two hundred,” commanded Becky.

She smiled drunkenly, this seemed to get round what was in her head and causing her to stop and seemed to fit in with the game so far. She stepped forward spellbound by her friends ass and placed her hands on Monica’s bare hips. Monica sighed and quivered in delight as the hands stroked her ass and outer thighs, she was lost in a world of ecstacy and her own heavy breathing had drowned out all other sounds, including that of a door and a gasp. As Becky hands where withdrawn all she could think was, “Oh the tease.” Little did she realise the reality.

Becky had rocked back unsure how to cope with a spiraling situation, she was turned on excited, she wanted more but now she had an audience. The gesture was unmistakable as the lady approached, she resumed her caresses of Monica’s jiggling bottom which was being thrust gently back against her hands. Monica was clearly hugely aroused and loving it. The new lady gently took Becky’s wrist and began to guide her lower on Monica’s bottom. Then covering Becky’s hand with hers pushed it between Monica’s wet and slippy legs. Now Becky was breathing as hard as her friend, they both cried out when the new lady moved her fingers over Becky’s and gently pushed them into Monica’s wet warm slit. It felt so good, so wet, so warm and trembled so much under her touch. She needed no more encouragement and began to trace round the inside of her friend’s wet hole, glad that the new lady had let go and gone into a cubicle by the sound of it. Her own spare hand had been dancing over her own dress and was now firmly squeezing her own sensitive breast through the material. She glanced round and was stunned to see the new lady with her phone out filming! This was too much for Becky who fled. Monica was groaning in delight and totally unaware of events and trust her dripping cunt out for more. Having made sure to film Monica’s face, the new lady holding the phone out to carry on filming, stepped forward and without ceremony thrust three of her own fingers into a gently contorting Monica. Monica pushed hard back against this intrusion, groaning in delight. As the fingers began to shuttle in and out of her dripping hole they squelched loudly but this was masked by Monica’s louder and louder moans of delight. The new lady began ramming her fingers in harder and harder, faster and faster as Monica’s groans escalated into shrieks. Monica’s legs were turning to jelly and shaking from the convulsions inside her. Monica was clearly cumming in harder and harder orgasms. The lady would force Monica’s head down if she tried to raise it, stopping her onslaught to Monica’s despair as she kept her other hand busy filming. Only once did she raise Monica’s face pulling her hair to twist her head to face the camera before thrusting it away and down. Monica quickly learnt that to carry on in the throes of the powerful orgasms she sought she must keep her head down. Her pussy was becoming more and more red and sore from the onslaught, redding with each thrust. As one final orgasm caused her legs to buckle the lady removed her fingers and Monica began to count aloud. With one final thrust down of her head the lady wiped her sticky fingers over Monica face, turned and left the toilets chuckling to herself.

Jon saw a very flustered and red looking Becky return to their table where she rapidly made excuses and left with Rob. They were deep in conversation. John was concerned, this wasn’t what he had in mind! Had it all backfired? He would have to wait on Monica but time seemed to drag. Minutes passed, he began to consider going in to the Women’s toilets to check on Monica. His heart was pounding. Then a lady came out grinning widely, a middle aged lady, infact the same lady as had come out after her when she had removed her panties. Questions swam in his mind.

The journey home was a blur as Monica and John talked in the taxi. Gradually he pieced together the story which turned out to be far more than had dream possible. John was surprised that it was Monica not him who brought up the topic of hypnotism when they got back home. He was even more surprised when she asked if this was what had brought her out of her shell. Had it always been what she wanted? What really caught him off guard was her final words.

“Please do it again!” Monica blurted out.

This was too good a chance to miss! He put his new found skills straight to working, and using the medallion which came with the course he got her into a deep trance. He told her he required complete obedience, more exactly complete sexual obedience. He instructed her that anytime he said the phrase “Raspberry Pinofort” she must obey his every word. He was careful to be clear it only worked as a control phrase if he said it and as an extra precaution, had chosen a phrase she unlikely to hear anyone use. John brought her out from her trance and at the same time whispered softly the phrase, “Raspberry Pinofort.” Monica’s eyes seemed to glaze over, for the first time in his life he dared to call his wife a slut, ordering the slut to strip naked before taking his cock between her lips and sucking him to completion, swallowing all his seed. Lastly telling John how she loved the taste of his spunk. Monica did everything he had asked with gusto not just sucking his dick but massaging his balls and anal passage. When he was finished he told her to get ready for bed and once in bed awaken from her reverie.Every night for the next few weeks, John used his skills to use his newly willing little wife. The big surprise was how well she complied. She seemed more responsive, her orgasms when he ate her cunt or fucked her were formidable, more than one night to started to finger her rose bud ass not having the nerve to fuck her there although it was one of his greatest wishes. On one of these nights he was using the video camera to record the events. Something she had never allowed before. While he had three fingers tightly locked in a sopping cunt,he probed at her slick arsehole. Monica was moaning like a banshee, and actually started to squirt and squirt and squirt. John laughed to himself, he’d thought she was peeing there was so much pouring out from her.

It was a few weeks after their meal out that Rob popped by one night to visit.

“It really works doesn’t it?” Rob queried. “You can hypnotise can’t you!”

It was a Friday night and Monica was due home at anytime.

“Yes, “John proudly announced, “Let me call her and show you!”

Rob sat open mouthed, he hoped for some repeat of the meal but not so easily! John went into the kitchen to ring Monica who had a hands free phone in the car. She answered the call and John gave her the command phrase. He came back into the lounge and gave Rob the phone after instructing her to do anything that Rob asked. Rob swallowed hard and thought, what to say and ask? What would Monica never do? She was five miles away but in a built up area.

“Take your skirt and panties off, send a picture to this phone and drive home like that. Text me when you get to the end of the street,” Rob nervously but excitedly said.

Rob was, too be honest, surprised when two minutes later the required photo arrived, clearly naked from the waste down and in a car.

“Bloody hell!” he gasped, “ How far will she go?”

“Try her!” John grinned back.

Time passed and Rob confessed how turned on this was making him, how much he wanted to involve Becky and how he was resistant to hypnotism. Ten minutes passed then, “ping,” a text message came through. Monica was at the end of the road. He took my phone and wrote, “Now strip naked and drive the rest of the way like this take a picture now to prove it. Once here park on your drive and walk to the front door nude. Carry your clothes, take a selfie to show your nude on the drive and send it. Once at the door knock once then put your clothes down and turn to face the street. Dance sexily until I tell you to stop.”

John was genuinely impressed with his friends creativity! And equally aroused, he had not dared push her that far in daylight! They both had only a minute to wait before the first confirmation picture arrived. Then waited perhaps another two minutes till they heard the car on the drive. John was first to the window followed closely by Rob who swore at what he saw, she was naked, unconcerned and taking a selfie. John was relieved no-one else was in view! A knock at the door which John wasted no time opening. There was his wife, naked facing the street doing the sexiest naughtiest dance he had seen in years, her hands moving over herself gently but slowly, over her stomach, breasts, legs, ass and even gliding past her pussy. He could have watched all day but he was too horny for that now.

“Come in, get us a cold beer each, then put on last nights outfit , come back down stairs and present yourself properly!” he ordered.

Rob and John sat in his lounge as Monica fussed naked past them. She handed them glasses of John’s favorite ale and told them relax on the sofa before she went upstairs.

“Convinced?” teased John, to which Rob could only grin and nod.

“Enjoy part two,” he teased to Rob’s questioning face.

Less than ten minutes later they heard the familiar voice of Monica in a pre-rehearsed speech, “Your filthy slut wife is ready for her daily using sweetheart!”

John invited her in, and neither man could believe the vision in front of them. Her make-up was slutty, fresh scarlet red lips and the darkest longest eyelashes you could imagine, her hair tied back to show of her superb sexy look. Round her neck a black thin choker, then a size to small black quarter cup bra pushed her tits forwards and upwards, accentuating their pertness. Her nipples were so hard they looked painful, the panties if you could call them that, were tiny and thin pulled up as high as they would go, showing the outline of her pussy lips and rounded ass cheeks fully. Sheer fully fashioned barely black seam stockings held up by a skimpy little suspender belt clad her legs. Both men noticed how she tottered on five inch heeled silver sexy shoes.

Without showing any hesitation Monica started to dance before the two men, her fingers danced from the top of her head tracing a path, around her neck stroking seductively, down to her heaving tits pulling firmly on her throbbing nipples her breath becoming deep and rapid. She moved her hands down further stroking between her thighs, pulling back before sliding into the top of her tiny panties. Her body swaying she dipped down on her haunches, her knees spreading wide, her pussy lips showing easily through her sheer thong, a pussy that was now dripping with her own excitement. John was too turned on now listen to any inner control he had.

“Suck me my little slut wife,” he groaned.

Rob sat open mouthed as Monica knelt in front of John and unzipped his erect cock. She took it in her hand and guided John’s cock to her willing mouth. The excitement was too much for him, in less than a minute he was filling her mouth with his seed, it dribbled from the corners of her mouth dripping onto her tits. He shrugged at Rob then told Monica to dress normally now and come down and join them, she would remember nothing of any of the journey after his first call. She was to leave the cum on her face and the lipstick. When she came down stairs she would wipe the last of the cum off, tell the how good it tasted and assume it was a sweet she ate on the way home.

As ordered she reappear minutes later, dressed in casuals, “Don’t worry about me then!” she teased looking at he beers before she licked her lips and wiped the drying cum from her face.

“MMM, lovely!” she grinned in obvious pleasure.

As she went into the kitchen Rob and John talked quickly. Rob wanted to see how it was all done and John agreed, suggesting that Rob bring Becky round the next day mid afternoon and he would show them both. John decided he could have a lot of fun with this and hatching a plan that would give Rob a shock and unrefutable proof of being hypnotised, he would film the event and possibly play some kinky tricks on Rob. As his mind raced through ideas he got more and more excited and aroused. He would need to fuck Monica again soon but first he needed to select a few outfits the next days events and ask her about what size their friends were. Questions and preparation took longer than expected but John was delighted with the plan which to his surprise he even managed to heavily involve Monica in. She had come up with some great ideas and seemed as keen as he was to try it out. Her best idea was to hypnotise her and teach her how to hypnotise Rob and Becky. With a little tweak here and there the plan was finalised. Rob and Becky arrived the neck day looking nervous, Monica was in the kitchen with the video camera, the door slightly ajar. When they knocked John had uttered, “Raspberry Pinofort,” and the plan had begun to to become reality as she followed a rehearsed routine.

“If I said I could get Monica to hypnotise you both are you up for it?” John asked them.

They looked sheepish, Rob hadn’t been expecting to be so involved. Monica had now begun to film from the kitchen. She walked in dressed only in a bathrobe, still filming and stood in front of them all.

“Monica, sweetheart,” John purred, “Ask our guests if you can hypnotise them please.”

On cue she opened her robe and dropped it to the ground. Naked except for the silver medallion which she wore on a chain. Still filming she sat on the floor facing them, her legs wide open, her knees spread so they could see her pussy and the surprise it held. Sticking out was a lurid pink dildo which she was using all her muscle control to hold in. It was too large to fit inside her fully and now was shining with her juices. Rob and Becky stared wide eyed! Both suddenly flushed and breathing hard.

“Well, can I hypnotise you both? I will be very grateful,” she teased.

They both swallowed and nodded.

“You have to each say ‘I agree to be hypnotised’ please”

Swallowing again they each repeated the phrase, too lost in looking at her pussy to really register the video camera. Monica put the camera down and lifted the medallion from her neck and began. Soon their heads were gently swaying to the rhythm of the medallion and they were under her spell. She passed John the camera before leading Becky and Rob upstairs. John prepared the car and relished the anticipation of what was to come. He was casually dressed but before long the trio appeared and the filming continued. Make up for the girls was hasty, bold and slutty bright crimson lips, bold blue eyeliner, some blusher and nails to match. As a trick John had them paint Robs nails too. Monica had slipped on sheer black hold up stockings, her five inch heels and a short shirt dress with only two buttons done up to just hold it together. John couldn’t get over how teasing and erotic she looked. Becky had been dressed in Monica’s short kimono wrap, legs bare and had slipped a pair of flip flops on. The kimono was far to small for her and barely covered her ass. Rob looked strange in Monica’s Lycra gym shorts and a running vest, but a swollen cock was clear to make out under the lycra. It didn’t suit him but that was the reason for it! John wanted him to regret doubting him.

Grinning, John told Rob to get in his car and take them for a drive. The girls sat in the back and John moved to his own car next to Rob’s, to check out how much another driver could see into Rob’s car. He wanted to tease and arouse himself but not get arrested! John climbed into the front ordering the girls to open their dresses which revealed to naked bodies. He got them each to twist slightly to face each other and spread their legs as far as they could. This was perfect anyone looking in could see everything!

“Girls put your hands behind your heads, Rob drive!” John ordered.

Away they drove to local beauty spot. As they passed Lorries John made Rob slow down and was rewarded with several thumbs up from drivers and hoots of delight. On they travelled until stopped by a red light where a cyclist pulled up by them, the poor man nearly fell off as he registered the girls inside.

“Becky, lean over and kiss Monica like she was your lover until I tell you to stop!” John chirped.

With that Becky pounced on Monica, her mouth enveloping Monica’s as her tongue probed a responsive mouth. Both girls bodys felt on fire and as Becky moved her hands through Monica’s hair both girls quivered in delight. The poor cyclist was left breathless, shaken and hugely aroused as they drove off. On and on the girls continued with each other, kissing with the passion of teenagers, hands roaming over unhindered flesh. They entered the parking spot to find an elderly gentleman walking his dog. Heedless the girls continued in their passion. John took out a picnic blanket and spread on the ground in a quiet spot near the car. Returning to the car he gave his next set of instructions to the girls. As directed clothes were held shut with one hand as they walked hand in hand past the gentleman to the blanket. As they passed him he paused and his eyes followed their progress, he followed slowly and halted when they stopped at the blanket. He was transfixed,as was John who had just enough presence of mind to carry on filming. They stood on the blanket and embraced, kissing passionately, both hands caressing each others hair backs, bottoms and anywhere where their flapping clothes still covered their bodies. Eager to carry on the game and both raise Rob’s embarrassment and escalate things John thought quickly. He was horny, he was excited, he was thrilled!

“Rob approach the girls, with your cock out and wanking it. When you get in sight of the old guy stop but carry on wanking your hard cock, the harder it is the more I am sure the girls will want to play with it. Ignore the old guy.”

This could go badly John mused, but not for him. He followed filming moving to catch all four people on camera at once. Rob has his shorts pushed down and a surprisingly large thick cock in his hand. As he stopped it swelled even more filling John with a touch of envy. It was strangely erotic seeing Rob rub his large and swollen cock with bright red nails and in view of a startled old man. The old man seemed to panic on seeing this and turned.

Without ceremony John barked out a few instructions, “Monica! Becky! Take your dresses off!, Lie on the blanket on your back, legs open and masterbate! Make sure you point your pussys at the old man. Rob strip, then continue to play with your cock.”

The old guy had started to move away and took another few steps as John spoke then paused as his brain processed what he had heard. It was funny you could almost see the cogs whirring as he realised he was about to get into a lot of bother for watching. He turned and took in the scene before giving John a questioning look.

“They will do whatever I tell them, it’s a bet they lost, “ an inspired lie to cover over things, “If you want I will tell them to do whatever you say, so long as I can film. I won’t catch your face.”

His look was priceless all his Christmases had come at once. His eyes flickered from John, briefly, to Rob nude and wanking a large thick cock, a slightly longer look, and finally to the girls plunging their fingers into very, very wet pussys whilst rubbing their own breast and moving their own hands to search out their promanant clitorises, where his eyes lingered.

“O.K.” he croaked.

“Becky! Monica! Rob! You will do what this guy says for the next ten minutes, then you will stop, dress and get into the car,” ordered John, “They are all your mate, time starts now!”

He moved hesitantly forward.

“Stand by my side Rob, move where I do, carry on rubbing your cock.” The old man called out.

He looked relieved as Rob did as ordered. It was noticeable that he kept staring at Rob’s cock.
This was unexpected for John but amused him as he was sure Rob would be mortified when he saw the video. His next instructions where aimed at Monica.

“Crawl to me Monica, kneel before and open your mouth. Rob fuck her face!”

There before him he watched Monica crawl on her hands and knees. She stopped before Rob her mouth open. Rob grabbed her head by the hair and slammed it down on his cock. John nearly came he was so turned on. They both watched opened mouthed at Monical on her knees, her mouth full and stretched grotesquely by Rob’s fat cock as it pounded the back of her throat. She cocked and gasped, saliva dribbling obscenely down her chin.

“Becky, come to me, kneel and get my cock out, suck it, milk it make me cum in that mouth of yours!”

With that she rose in her dream state, approached, knelt and before John could blink had unzipped the stranger and was rubbing and sucking the stranger for all she was worth. This was a scene John had only scene before in films, he was in heaven. John couldn’t fail to notice the delight on the old man’s face.

“Monica, when Rob comes hold it in your mouth, Becky, stand but carry on sucking me. Give her some fucking John she’s begging for a good cock!”

John didn’t need a second invite he had fancied Becky for years, seconds later John slid up to Becky’ cute ass and sopping cunt admiring the view. With undue haste John dropped his trousers allowing his hard cock to spring free. Grabbing Becky’s hips with his free hand he plunged his aching cock deep into her wet welcoming slit. She felt so good, and with Monica by his side face covered in her own saliva bubbling and gagging on Rob’s cock, his cock felt huge. He heard a groan by his side as Rob began to cum deep in Monica’s throat. This was too much for John and he gave one last push, his cock swelled so much he felt it bang against Becky’s cervix. He groaned as he exploded deep in her wet tight hole. As if all invisibly linked in the sexual action the stranger to groaned and pulled his cock out of Becky.

“Monica, suck my dick hard, make me cum!” the stranger blurted out.

Almost as soon as his cock entered her mouth he groaned and flinched filling Monica’s mouth with a second helping of cum.

Grinning he continued, ”Becky lie on your back legs open and open your mouth, Monica dribble the cum in your mouth into hers then kiss her deeply passing her as much of the cum as you can!”

The spectacle was pure porn heaven, all three mens cock began to swell as a steady stream of thick globular spunk oozed from Monica’s mouth into an eager and hungry Beckys mouth. John struggled to remember to carry on filming, his hands shaking from the excitement. Becky’s lips and mouth where soon covered in a thick goo of cum which her tongue darted at. Seconds later the girls were lost in a passionate kissing frenzy as Monica’s tongue sort to pass the last of the cum into Becky’s eager mouth. Time passed all too quickly, with frighteningly accurate timing, Monica and Becky suddenly froze in mid passion, broke away from each other and before anyone registered had dressed and returned to the car. The ten minutes where up! With little further prompting the guy went on his way and Rob and John returned to the car before driving home in a stunned silence! What a stunning set of events, John couldn’t wait to fuck Monica when they got back. All the excitement made the drive home pass in a blur and before he realised it he and Monica where alone in bed together. The adrenalin and thrills must have worn him out as he woke but still he had the camera and excitedly began to look for it. Puzzled he looked all over the bedroom but it was obvious.

“Monica hunny, where’s my camera?” he asked

It was odd, she was smirking as she held it up. “It’s here and you will be amazed when you see what’s on it!”

John felt his stomach flip, this felt wrong, he struggled to work out why he felt this way.

Monica giggled making it worse, much worse! “You should see your face! Now I have a confession which may explain things…”

This didn’t make John feel comfortable, in fact a very ominous sense of dread was building.

“Now, you never did manage to hypnotise me! I read that silly book first, it has an amazing chapter on false memory and how to stop yourself being hypnotised!”

John had wondered why he had never read them and it came as a shock to learn it was because Monica had hypnotised him not to!

Monica hold out the camera camera and a pen drive, “But you should see what I made you do!

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