Beep, Bang, Boom

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Author’s Note: This is a submission for the 2013 Valentine’s Day contest. Please take a moment to vote and–if you are of a mind to–submit comments. Thanks! –CarliePlum


Beep, beep, beep. Regina looked at the clock when the alarm went off, hoping she had mistakenly set it too early. Nope: 6:45 a.m. As usual Paul was still asleep, oblivious to the noise. She hit the snooze button and slipped out of bed, a knee-length nightshirt covering her velour pajama pants. Ten years in Iowa and she still hadn’t adjusted to the February cold. She padded down the hall to the room where her two oldest were sleeping in their bunk beds. “Lance, Eric, it’s time to get up,” she announced as she stepped into their closets and pulled out their school clothes. “Get dressed and brush your teeth before you head down for breakfast.”

As the kids grumbled, she paused and listened at Jody’s door. Thankfully, the three-year-old was still sleeping. She slid back into the warm bed next to Paul and curled up against him, throwing her leg across his body as she put her head on his shoulder. She could feel his hard-on through his boxer shorts. She loved her kids, but sometimes she missed the days when their mornings had started off with a ride on his cock rather than finding people’s socks and watching the clock. His eyes still closed, her husband of twelve years asked, “So are we doing anything tonight for Valentine’s Day?”

“I didn’t even try to get a sitter for tonight, Paul. Every teenage girl either has a date or is going to lie and say she has a date so nobody knows she doesn’t. Besides, I thought you said you didn’t want to go out for dinner. You said last year the restaurant was too loud and crowded and the food wasn’t any good because the cooks were too busy, so I volunteered to work on a PTA project tonight after the kids go to bed.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Well, çapa escort let’s get a sitter for Friday or Saturday night and we’ll at least go out and get a drink. Seems like we should at least acknowledge Valentine’s Day.”

Regina heard Jody crying from her bed. After kissing Paul on the cheek, she padded back down the hall again to fetch the sleepy toddler from her bed and give her a hug and a kiss. After dressing her, she carried Jody downstairs, hurrying the two boys along with her, and made sure everyone was set up with milk and cereal before heading back to her room to get herself ready.

Paul was just coming out of the shower, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. The years had been good to him. Sandy blond hair, green eyes and a mischievous grin, he was still as fit and trim and as the day they had married. Regina’s body showed her age a little more, mostly because she had spent the last ten years having and nursing three children. Still, Paul thought, he knew that under her baggy pajamas, her small A cup breasts were pert, changed of course, but still attractive, with dark brownish-pink nipples that responded quickly to a caress or a kiss. It had taken a while after Jody was born, but she was back into her size four clothes and her ass. . . Well, the truth was, her ass had brought them together. In college at Auburn, Paul had caught a glimpse of her from behind, up on a ladder in the library, a pair of short shorts barely covering her curvaceous butt, and he knew he had to meet the girl attached to that ass. A year later, they were married.

Regina swore by a certain exercise, doing it absentmindedly throughout the day–while she was brushing her teeth, washing the dishes, or waiting in line somewhere. She would lift up onto her tiptoes, holding her muscles tight while she counted to four, then rest her heels topkapı escort back on the ground. Up and down until her glutes burned from the effort and she had to stop. When she was in a playful mood, she would look at Paul with her big brown eyes and slap her firm ass, asking with a laugh, “Is this the ass of a 34-year-old?”

Regina glanced at the clock. She was ahead of schedule for a change. The kids were all downstairs eating breakfast and packing their backpacks, Jody toddling behind her older brothers. She stepped quickly to Paul and kissed him full on the lips, her tongue parting his and signaling her desire. She slipped her hand under the towel and grasped his shaft, which hardened quickly as she stroked it, still kissing him deeply with her warm tongue intertwined with his. Pulling him by his cock, she led him over to the closed bedroom door. “I thought you said you were going to put a lock on this door,” she said as she slipped off her pajama pants and panties, then dropped to her knees.

Sometimes, Regina thought, she just needed Paul’s cock in her mouth. She knew he was gazing down at her, her dark brown hair that she kept cut in a short pixie cut which flattered her delicate features allowing him to see her lips around his cock, sliding up and down, taking him deeper with each stroke until he was as far in as she could take him, then releasing and licking him with broad strokes across the crown and up the shaft before she returned to engulfing him, this time her tongue curled up to press against the underside of his cock as she slid up and down, her hand gently grasping his balls. It made her feel sexy to know he was watching her, admiring her, and she felt herself growing damp with desire.

Paul pulled her up and spun her around to face the door. “Hold the door closed,” he growled in her ear. He glanced at fındıkzade escort the clock. No time to lick her slit until she was wet and ready for him if he was going to make his train. “Damn that sales meeting,” he said as he rummaged through her underwear drawer, looking for the bottle of Astroglide.

Regina waited, her head against the door. She could hear the kids downstairs, but no fights or shouts for parental assistance. She spread her legs slightly and then Paul was on her, pushing her nightshirt up above her waist as he eased his cock between her legs, finding her warm opening with the ease of years of practice. “Oh babe, you feel so good,” he murmured as he sank himself deep into her warm, wet cunt. He was already so close to coming, her expert ministrations as she had knelt in front of him had seen to that. “I love you so much.”

Regina rose up on her tiptoes to give him better access then lifted one leg up, wanting all of him as deep as he could be inside her. She kept herself quiet as he slammed his body against hers, not wanting to attract any attention from the kids happily munching cereal downstairs. Paul’s pelvis pressed against her as his strong arm wrapped around her, helping to keep her balanced even as he cupped her breast in his hand, pinching a nipple between two of his fingers firmly, just the way he knew she liked it.

“I’m going to come on your ass, babe, okay?” he asked, already knowing the answer. She nodded. She loved it when he did that.

Paul pulled out and slid his cock into the valley between her two pale cheeks. Maybe tonight he would re-explore that beloved territory, he thought as his slick cock slid across her warm flesh, pressed tight between their two bodies. But flowers, he had to be sure to stop and get some flowers, he thought as he continued rocking against her. Fuck it if they were overpriced. He thrust and then thrust again. Feeling his body tense just before it found its release, he looked down to watch as he came, the warm liquid spreading across Regina’s perfect skin. He pulled her tight, kissing her cheek. “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart. . .”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM! I can’t find my math homework.”

The End

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