The Best Summer of My Life Ch. 11

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There are no characters under the age of 18 in this story. I say this to avoid having each the characters declare his or her age in the dialogue. I really had fun writing this story because it incorporates so many of my favourite reading topics and I really hope you enjoy it. I also want to thank barefootgirl69 for her careful edit of this chapter.


After a restless night and no answers to my problems, I headed back to work the next day. I didn’t want to work in the house right now, so I entered quietly through the back to retrieve my tools. I needed some distance, and moving the work to the garage would give me that. Phil arrived and I told him what I wanted to do.

“That doesn’t make sense,” he said, “we’re almost done here. There’s maybe another week of work at the most.”

“Listen, Phil, you were right, there was something between Magda and I, but something has happened and I can’t be here right now. We’re starting on the garage today and we’ll finish here later.”

“Whatever you say, Rick, you’re the boss. I am sorry for what you’re going through, though, seems pretty bad.”

I half smiled to him and we packed for the move to the garage. We worked there for most of the following week, almost completing the job. I didn’t see or speak to Magda once and that deepened my belief we were actually over. On the Friday when I arrived for work, she was there sitting on a stack of lumber sipping a coffee.

“We can’t go on this way, Rick,” she said. “I know you know about Jim, there’s no other explanation for what you’re doing. Even if you’ve fallen in love with Mona, that wouldn’t be reason enough to abandon me like you have. I’ve given you all the distance I can, but now we have to talk this out.”

“You’re right,” I said, “let’s go to the house.”

As we were leaving, Phil arrived and I gave him instructions to keep him busy. Meanwhile, Magda and I walked to the house and went downstairs to the basement.

“Gosh, you’ve done such amazing work down here, I can’t wait to see it finished,” she said as she looked around.

“Don’t worry, I will be finishing it, I just needed some distance. We’ll be back here next week.”

“That’s good to know but it’s not what I want to hear,” she said. “Speak to me, Rick. What’s going on?”

Strong emotions hit me and my eyes became misty. I looked up to the ceiling and took a deep breath.

“One night, when I came back here for something, I saw you and Jim. Now, I know I have no right to be upset, how could I with all the women in my life? But you were my first Magda, hell, you’re my first everything!” My voice choked up.

“I felt hurt and betrayed,” I continued, “but later, I realized I was being childish and I needed to face realties. Like Jim once told me, you two have history and our relationship has its limits. On top of that, you were right, Mona and I have fallen in love. But it was through that love that I understood what Jim was talking about.”

“Could you hold on a minute please,” Magda cut in, “back up, and give me more about this conversation with Jim.”

“We didn’t talk that much really, the two of us met at his place a few weeks back. That’s when I learned Jim was your late husband’s best friend. That day, he told me he wanted to be closer to you, and hopefully, Mona and I as well. You see, I knew how much Jim wanted you and he was determined to win you over.”

“Alright, this is getting interesting,” she said, “I’m beginning to feel less like a prize now and more like meat, but please, do go on.”

“MEAT? I LOVE YOU!” I yelled, “Call me a stupid little boy, or inexperienced, or anything, but don’t you dare say that’s all I think of you.”

“Alright, alright. I spoke rashly. I’m just not used to men dealing with my love life.”

“Call it what you want, he was older, he knew you from long before me and he wanted you. I wasn’t stepping aside, but I didn’t think I’d see him fuck you, either.”

“Oh God, Rick. I hope you realize I still love you. When you just backed away from me, I was hurt very deeply. At first, I thought you threw me over for Mona. Jim and I do have some background, call it an itch I wanted to scratch. I care for him and we’re good together, but you and I have a chemistry that’s unique. You’ve taken me places I’ve never thought possible.”

“Well, you know that goes double for me,” I said. “You have something to compare with. For me, it’s been one mind numbing experience after another. I don’t have boundaries, or expectations, you keep shattering the flimsy ones I put up. I love you so much, but are WE as good together? Please, don’t be hurt by this, but Mona’s taught me the meaning of those words now.”

“Oh, I always knew it would come to this,” Magda said. “I knew once you two really connected, you’d see it. I know you both so well, you complete each other like pieces of a puzzle. You’re both a perfect balance of strengths and weaknesses. So where does that leave us now, Rick?”

“I miss you terribly and I’d love for us to continue on, but not with Jim included,” izmir escort I said. “I’m OK with what you have together, well almost, but he’s just pushed his way in, expecting a lot of benefits for nothing. I just can’t see us all being together right now, especially not with Mona, he has no part in our story.”

“Well, you never fail to surprise me, so why start now. I thought you’d jump at the chance to explore your other side with Jim. I was even a little worried about losing you to him. Well, not to worry, I can keep things separate, like you do with your family and now Mona.”

I walked up and took her in my arms. “I’ve missed you so much. Can we be together tonight?”

“I’d love nothing more, you have no idea, but I have a meeting tonight. Come spend the day with me Saturday, you can sleep over.”

“That sounds wonderful, let’s do that,” I said.

We kissed again and went our separate ways. As I walked back to the garage, I felt as if a great weight had been lifted from me. When I got there, Phil was mulling around trying to figure out what to do alone.

“OK Phil, let’s get some work done here,” I shouted as I approached.

“Whoa! That’s a change from your recent mood, I guess you two patched things up?”

“Yeah, you could say that. Things are looking a lot better.”

“Sorry, Rick, I just have to ask. Do Magda and Mona know about, you know, everything?”

“That’s a very personal question. First, let me ask you, are you still having sex with your sister?”

“OK, I understand, your secrets will always be safe with me, Rick, I owe you so much.” He straightened up, and then he smiled. “Yes, I screw her every chance I can get, but Jan kind of blew her out of the water. She’s amazing, but I’m guessing you already know that.”

I smiled back at him. “Yes, I did – and Mona and Magda are fully aware of each other. We’ve had many threesomes together.”

“Oh shit! I’m so far out of your league, I feel like a little kid. How the hell did all this happen? Rick, we’ve been friends a while now, and I know you were a virgin before this summer. What happened?”

“I wish I knew,” I laughed, “I’d keep it going. Say, how about that double date we talked about? Have you and Jan got plans for tonight?”

“We were thinking maybe a movie?” Phil said.

“Why don’t we get a pizza and all go for a picnic at the bluffs?”

“Sounds awesome, I’ll get some beer from my dad’s stash,” he said.

“Done, I’ll go see if Mona is available.”

I walked back to the house and went inside. I looked around but Magda must have gone out. Mona was the only one there and she was busy working out on a machine. I snuck up behind her and slid my hands around to cup her breasts.

“SHIT!” She screamed, and she whipped around delivering an elbow to the side of the head. Her lightning move almost knocked me to the floor.

“Holy fuck!” I said, halfway to my knees. “Where the hell did you learn that move?”

“Oh my god, Rick. Don’t ever do that again, I took defense classes when I was younger.”

“I can see that,” I laughed.

I stood back up and kissed her.

“Mind if I touch these?” I asked, hovering both hands over her breasts.

She made a face and stuck out her tongue. “Of course not, help yourself,”

I gently rubbed her delectable little tits. “Would you be interested in double dating with Jan and Phil tonight?”

“Sure, where?”

“A pizza picnic at the bluffs and maybe a swim?”

“Sounds great. I’m in.”

“Alright, so come over to my place after you’re done and we’ll all head out from there.”

I kissed her again, a little more passionately, before heading back to the garage. Just before three, Phil and I tidied up and went home to prepare. Phil got in his car and told me he would be back as soon as he got the drinks. Later, when Jan came home, I told about our plans. She seemed a little put off when I told her, though.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. “Did you have other ideas?”

“Sort of,” She said, “I was hoping we could get some real sex going tonight. Not just a quickie in the back of his car after a movie.”

“And you can’t do that tonight because…?” I looked at her.

“Oh wow, you’re so evil,” she giggled. “You really think Phil would be up for that? And what about Mona?”

“Well, to tell the truth, I’m not completely sure about Mona, but the odds are excellent. One thing I do know, though, she’s dying to get her hands on you.”

“Shit no! You’re kidding,” she shrieked. “Damn, I’m getting wet just thinking about it. Oh, we’ve got to make this happen, you’ve got me so revved up now.”

A little while later, Mona showed up and we all waited for Phil. I was getting stiff as I watched the girls flirt with each other. They kept running their hands over each other as each checked the other’s physical conditioning. I watched them compare their legs, asses, arms and boobs over and over again. I couldn’t wait for Phil to arrive; I was going crazy.

When he finally showed keçiören escort up, we got into the car with our blankets and towels, picking up a pizza on the way to the beach. It was late afternoon and still quite warm as we descended the cliffside on the way to the beach.

The bluffs ran a long distance along the waterfront and, depending on which of the five access points you chose, the approach to the beach could be challenging. Since we had food and baggage, we chose an easier one. Just the same, climbing down the fifty-foot cliff took agility, the main reason why the beach wasn’t crowded like others. It was also late afternoon on a Friday, and most of the sun worshippers were leaving.

As we looked around, there were still too many people around and we decided to hike out farther to where the access from the top was really difficult. There would be far fewer people there, since most would be looking for privacy, just like us. We found a nice clearing with a few bushes for limited cover and we spread out our blankets.

“Let’s go for a dip now while the water’s still warm,” Mona said. “That way we can stay naked to eat and, whatever.”

“You want to go naked?” Phil’s voice cracked a bit.

“Sure, isn’t it what this beach is known for?” Mona asked.

“Well, yeah,” Phil said, “I’ve always heard that, but I usually come on weekends and there’s too many families down here for that kind of fun.”

“Great, so you agree it would be fun,” as she rose and stripped off her track outfit.

She stood there and looked at us as we all drank in her exceptional beauty. From her pert firm breasts with their rigid nipples down to her smooth shaven pussy lips that were swollen with excitement. Her lithe tight body was built for competition with not an ounce of unneeded fat. She pulled her hair back with her hands as she stood on her toes. Her tits stood straight out at attention like little soldiers and her legs and ass, tightened up in perfect symmetry.

Not to be outdone, Jan pulled her top over her head; she was already braless. She stood and lowered her shorts and undies in one move. She, too, was a miracle of the feminine form, so lean and beautiful.

“Look at that,” Mona laughed, “You shave yourself too, and where did you learn about that,” she said coyly.

“Actually, Rick does me,” she giggled.

“What?” Phil exploded. I thought he was going to swallow his tongue.

“Oh, shush,” Jan told him. “If you like, you can do me now.”

“Oh, well, I…,” was all he could get out.

“Come on guys,” Jan called to us, “the water’s waiting, let’s see some guy skin. Come on, show us your nice peckers and asses.”

I looked at Phil. “I guess it’s our turn, Phil.” I stood then lost my tee-shirt and shorts. I wasn’t wearing underwear and my cock stuck out at full attention.

Mona stepped over and pulled at it a little. “Oo, I love this thing, he’s so cute,” she said.

Reluctantly, Phil stood and got undressed as well. His fat cock was stiff as a rail and he seemed a little nervous looking up and down the beach.

“Oh Phil, that’s a nice pecker, nice and plump,” Mona complemented him. “OK, I can’t stand it any more, everyone into the water,”

We all ran the forty or so feet into the water and began splashing each other wildly. We went in deeper and the girls got up on our shoulders as we battled. Each couple trying to make the other fall over. Despite Mona’s superior fitness, Jan’s sneakiness won the day and the two of us tipped into the water. I picked her up in my arms and we kissed as I played with her ass under the water.

There were still some people on the beach and while most of them were topless or wearing almost nothing, we were the only ones naked. Everyone was pretty engrossed in watching us, especially when we all walked back out of the water. We toweled off as we stood around and talked, then we sat once again on the blankets. Everyone grabbed some pizza and beer.

“I shouldn’t be doing this,” Mona said, “I’m still in training, but what the hell, I can have one night of fun.”

“What are you training for?” Phil asked. “Aren’t the Olympic team trials over now?”

“Yes, they are,” she said, “and I didn’t place this year, but I have one last shot next spring. If I don’t do it then, I’ll have to pack it in.”

“Oh, I know you’ll do it,” I said, “You have more drive than all of us put together.”

“Awe, no wonder I love you,” Mona tilted her head and kissed me.

Jan was feeling really frisky now. “Mona,” she asked, “feel like taking a stroll on the beach?”

“Sure, let’s go count some hard-ons,” she laughed.

The two of them strolled to where the most of the people were and waved as they passed. When they returned, they were all wound up and feeling sexy. Jan was over the moon with her first experience at public nudity.

“Did you enjoy strutting your stuff,” I asked them.

“Oh yeah, most of them were packing up for the day, but everyone stopped what they were doing demetevler escort to smile and say hello. One guy pulled out his dick and was stroking himself. It was a nice one too.” Jan said.

“Holy mackerel, have you always been like this?” Phil perked up.

“No,” Jan said. “Only just recently, but this is me from now on, though. Any problems with that?”

“Hell no,” Phil said. “Where have you been all my life?”

We keep eating and drinking until we were full and then we laid back and cuddled as we watched the late day sun start to go down. Phil and I scavenged for driftwood and made a fire.

“This is really nice,” Jan said. “I love camp fires.”

“I love any place you are,” Phil said.

“Oh, you’re so cute, I could eat you up. In fact, I think I will,” she flipped over and dropped her head in between his legs. We couldn’t really see much but she made an awful lot of slurping noises as she pleasured his member. She shifted up on to her knees and now her ass stuck up in the air.

“Now that’s just too good to pass up.” Mona said as she crawled on all fours to Jan’s rear end and parted her cheeks. “It’s time to party, Jan,” she said, as she dove in licking her and sticking two fingers in her pussy.

Jan wriggled with delight and I, for one, wasn’t going to waste having Mona on her hands and knees. I slipped in behind her and inserted myself. Phil was beside himself. He was shocked, but he sure wasn’t complaining.

Jan couldn’t stand it any more and she disconnected from Phil, whipping around to face Mona. Mona moved up and the two locked in an embrace, then fell over on their sides laughing. They switched ends into a sixty-nine and were furiously chewing away at each other’s pussies. I stroked myself as I watched and soon Phil took my lead and did the same.

“Did you ever dream you’d get to watch something like this? I asked him.

He just shook his head in wonderment.

“Well, hang on then, buddy,” I said, “the night’s not over and I think they’re not done with us yet.”

The girls were getting noisy with sounds that were half laughter and half ecstasy. Finally, after God only knows how many little orgasms, they broke up and came at each of us.

Jan flew into Phil’s arms. “Want to taste Mona’s pussy? Kiss me,” she ordered.

He tentatively kissed her and she exploded with passion, kissing and groping him everywhere. Mona was a little more reserved.

“Well, I do think she enjoyed that,” she giggled. “You’re right, this one has an atomic powered sex drive. Wow, she’s fun.”

Then she turned her attention back to me. “Fuck me, Rick, right under all these beautiful stars.”

I laid her back and we made love as Jan resumed her attention to Phil’s cock. Pretty soon they lying near us and fucking, as well. The evening was still and the only sounds were those of waves and the plaintive yearning sounds of our lovemaking. I had no idea who was left on the beach besides us, it was too dark now to see.

Phil was very excited and I clearly heard him cum, but he never stopped. He kept pumping his fat cock into Jan. Meanwhile, Mona and I had changed positions and she was on top now. I loved the pliable way she could flex her pelvis, it made my cock feel things that were thrilling. I came shortly after and we hugged and cuddled as we watched the other two go at it.

Phil was insatiable, I was seriously impressed with his stamina.

“Have you ever seen anything like him?” Jan said. “I think he can go on all night.”

“No, I can’t,” Phil groaned, and then he groaned again even louder as he slammed into Jan ruthlessly. Finally he stopped, and with a few great staggered thrusts he collapsed onto her.

“Alright, rest up now,” Jan consoled him. “I can’t believe you went that far, you’re amazing. My pussy’s all tingly.”

“Oh God… I can’t breath,” He said, as Jan continued to caress his back tenderly.

We were no longer in the throes of sex and we all quickly realized how much cooler it had gotten. The fire was down to its embers and provided little warmth. We decided to pack up and head back out. The girls wrapped the blankets around themselves and we trekked back to the access point. We were all shivering and, despite the ample moonlight, finding the way out took us longer than we hoped. Finally, we saw the marker and completed the difficult fifty-foot climb out.

Phil drove Mona home first before dropping Jan and I off. When we arrived home, I said goodnight him with a wink and left the two of them alone. I was bushed, and I decided to read in my room and go to bed early. Later, Jan knocked at my door and came in.

“That was such a great evening,” she said. “I love Mona, she’s so amazing.”

“I agree,” I said, “we’re very much in love.”

“Wow, really? I’m so happy for you. I’m crazy about Phil, as well, but I think we’re really testing him with our sexual freedom.”

“If you ask me,” I said, “I think he’s passing with flying colors. You have a real overachiever on your hands there, sis. Just the same, he needs to step up in the oral department – that is, if he wants to fill my shoes.”

“Yeah, you’re right, he needs a lot of work there, but he’ll never match you, Rick.”

“Thanks, hon. Well, I’ve got a big day with Magda tomorrow, so time for some sleep.”

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