The Best of Difficult Circumstance

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The last thing I remember before I woke up in the hospital was that a long distance truck’s lights was coming towards us. My husband, twin sons and I were headed home from the state fair. Justin and Jackson, our twins, came through the accident with no injuries. The injuries I sustained were whiplash and a broken arm. Poor Joshua my husband, who friends and family call Josh, was thrown from the car with injuries to his spinal cord and head. The doctors didn’t expect him to make it through the night. But Josh is a fighter he survived though he was left with permanent disabilities unless he has a miraculous healing.

My husband was left blind and paralyzed from the waist down. He is doing his best to adjust to his level of ability. Sitting in the dark in his wheelchair has made him depressed most of the time. In addition, he does not comply with his doctor’s orders.

Unfortunately, Josh won’t try any of the sex solutions suggested by the doctors or sex therapists. For some unknown reason he feels too embarrassed to experiment with me to see what we could do together sexually. He ignored the fact that his wife was a healthy 42-year-old woman whose desires didn’t end because her husband no longer wanted to have sex. Besides the sex, I miss the closeness that we used to have after we made love.

Josh is able to have erections but refuses to let me ride him which came as a surprise to me since that used to be his favorite position. Apparently in Josh’s mind, if we can’t do it the way we used to, he doesn’t want to do anything. He won’t even use his mouth, hands or arms to engage in any type of romantic or sexual activity with me. We could have a sex life but he refuses. The doctor said that there’s no physical reason keeping us from having intimate relations.

Before the accident, Josh and I had an active sex life. During of our married life we had sex daily – most mornings we would have a quickie. In the evening we enjoyed vigorous satisfying love making. Since the accident two years ago, I have been a faithful wife but I must admit that recently I have considered finding a friend with benefits to fill the hole. A pun was intended. So far I haven’t come across the right person.

Last year, my sons went to college leaving me feeling lonely. When my mother passed away several years ago my father moved in with us. For five years, Daddy has lived on our property in a space that we turned into a studio apartment for him behind our garage. Daddy checks on Josh while I’m at work to provide any assistance that might be needed. I usually get home around 5:30 p.m. Most nights Josh has dinner ready when I return despite his disabilities.

Recently Josh started going to bed around 8:30 p.m. I have to keep the television volume low because Josh complains that the television keeps him awake. He insisted on moving into a guest room after the accident. Josh and I had a hospital bed put in his room. Because I don’t want to disturb Josh in addition to feeling lonely in the evening I started spending more time with Daddy in his apartment. We watch television, pay cards or other board games. Sometimes we have wine or cocktails. Last night something happened that stunned both Daddy and me.

Daddy was comforting me because I was crying about Josh’s refusal to make love. He put his arms around me and I laid my head on his shoulder. While being held I kissed him on the mouth. He responded to my kiss by kissing me back probing my mouth with his tongue. I gave him my tongue which he sucked. His hands found my breasts first squeezing them then taking my nipple in his mouth on through my blouse. Without thinking, I felt so aroused that I unbuttoned my blouse taking out my breasts so that I could feel his mouth on my flesh.

I leaned back on the sofa offering him my breasts to explore. Daddy buried his face in my cleavage then he leaned back taking them in his hands. He rubbed my breasts back and forth across his lips. He licked and sucked each breast over and over. I moved his hand between thighs guiding it to my V. He pulled up the hem of my skirt. Daddy massaged my mound eliciting moans of pleasure from me. I spread my thighs so he could reach my vulva and labia. When he inserted his finger into my vagina I gasped at how good it felt inside of me. His fingers went and out very easily because I was so wet with lust. I unzipped his pants pulling his penis out of his underwear. I leaned down taking his manhood into my mouth. The pre-cum tasted wonderful heightening my arousal. I sucked, licked and milked him until he started pulsating and spurted into my mouth. He was obviously satisfied with the intensity of his orgasm. I sat up wrapping my arms around him.

When he recovered from his orgasm, he found my love bud stroking it with his thumb. I held my lips open for him. He realized that I was prompting him to enter me. Daddy inserted two fingers, moving me to the edge of the seat cushions permitting him to push my thighs further apart. I wanted him to stimulate me to the max so I put my feet on the edge of the sofa spreading demetevler escoırt legs as wide as I could get them. That position caused my clit to protrude giving him the ability to provide me with 360 degrees of immense pleasure. He nibbled my button until I orgasmed hard enough to make me cry with joy.

Each of us had been starving sexually. That is the only way that I could explain what happened. But both of us were stunned by the lustful behavior that our kiss had produced. Daddy is 60, he had always followed standard sexual norms in his life. When we finished, I cleaned myself up trying to snap out of the disoriented feeling I had about what we had done.

Later, I called Daddy to see how he was doing. He asked me to come over tomorrow because he wanted to talk about what happened between us tonight. I thought he would say we couldn’t repeat tonight’s behavior again.

All day at work I thought about how upset Daddy probably was because of what we had done. I drove home from work dreading our talk worried that he was disappointed with himself or me. Everything looked normal as I pulled into the driveway. Josh had prepared baked chicken and salad for dinner. Daddy joined us to eat as usual. Our dinner conversation was about the news, my day at work, the twins just the subjects we always discussed. I washed the dishes and put them away after Daddy went back to his apartment. I answered some emails. Josh went to bed around his regular time. It was time to talk to Daddy so walked around to his apartment to face the music. He must have heard me coming because he was standing inside his apartment holding his front door open. I felt nervous as I walked over the threshold into the apartment.

We had always gotten along so well I was afraid that our relationship might have been damaged by my behavior. I sat down and Daddy joined me on the sofa.

He cleared his throat and said, “I was surprised when you kissed me last night.”

“Daddy, I’m so sorry I got carried away.”

“There’s no need to be sorry. I’m the father, I and should prevented things from going any further than the kiss.”

“So you’re not angry with me?”

“Of course not, Baby. I enjoyed touching you and making you feel good. We were swept up in the moment. It was a mistake. But we both know it was wrong and we shouldn’t let it happen again. I don’t want to lead you into doing things you will regret in the long run.”

I heard what Daddy was saying. Of course he was right – we couldn’t hook up any more according to my head but my body didn’t agree. Though I know society would say what we did was so wrong, my Daddy had made we feel better than I had felt literally in years. I listened to my father tell me all the reasons why our first time had to be our last time. He did not make me feel bad or ashamed just sad that I had to go back to the status quo – no sex. We said good night and I went home. For the next couple of weeks, we back to our former status. Daddy checked on Josh staying to have dinner with us most evenings.

Unexpectedly Josh became very ill. He had a high fever and had to be hospitalized. The twins came home so that the family could unite as we saw Josh through his medical crisis. Thankfully Josh got better, his doctor said that Josh would be OK. That is Josh’s health would return to the way he was before he got sick. He had to stay in the hospital for a few more days as a precaution. Justin and Jackson left to get back to school. Daddy visited with Josh at the hospital during the day while I was at work. When I got home Daddy had dinner ready for me.

The second night that we were alone in the house together as we were saying goodnight I kissed Daddy on the mouth. He returned my kiss so I slipped my tongue into his mouth. We hugged and kissed forgetting our resolve not have sex again. Daddy’s resolve not to be lovers went out the window. Both of us were too weak to resist. Daddy had tried and wanted to resist but couldn’t. I didn’t want to resist and wouldn’t. We shut the side door and went to my bedroom. For the first time, Daddy admitted to me that he wanted to be my lover. We pledged to keep our secret and be together every time we could. Except for the fact that we couldn’t shout the depth and nature of our love to the world, we were like any other newly in love people.

We shared secrets and made love at every opportunity. Sometimes Daddy got jealous when I had to spend time with Josh instead of him. There were times when we had to go for days without having an opportunity to be alone so we could make love. Frequently family or friends stayed in our house when they came for a visit. Josh was always glad to have guests since he would not go out of the house very often.

All of our visitors had left so we were back to our routine. Josh went to bed at his regular 8:30. When I sure Josh was asleep; I went to visit Daddy. I opened the door with my key and went in.

“Daddy, it’s been so long since I had an orgasm.”

“Three days, Baby.”

“Before rus escort the accident, Josh and I was used to have sex twice a day. Since we hooked up it’s always hit and miss when we can have sex. I have had to go cold turkey too often when we can’t be alone.”

“Baby, I’m sorry. But we both know it is what it is.”

“Daddy, what can we do about it?”

“Baby, the last thing I ever thought I would do is to have an affair with my daughter. In the past I’ve been feeling like having to go without you was our punishment for what we are doing. Before this last time, I thought it was the price that we had pay for our indiscretion. The thought of getting a place somewhere else had not entered my mind. But you know that you and protecting our relationship are the most important things in the world to me. I can’t stand seeing how much you need me and to not be able to take care of you needs. I know how much you love our sex and it is obvious how much you suffer when I can’t give it to you regularly. I am going to make some changes. Do you agree with me?”

“Yes, Daddy. Up to now we’ve what people call FWB.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a friends with benefits. The benefits being the sex. But now we’ve fallen in love. Like all woman I want my man to be my man. I want to be your woman.”

“Baby, I’ve been willing to FWB. I know you love Josh, I love you, I’ve been available and close. I missed not having a lady friend. I’m in good health and I’d love for us to be able to have sex on a regular basis. Do you think that you could confess to Josh that you want to have another man on a regular basis since he won’t have sex anymore?”

“I think he would accept it. He’s hinted that I should take a lover since he can’t. I won’t tell him it’s you but I’ll talk to him about having a lover in a general way tomorrow.”

We kissed and went on with our time together.

“Come to me Baby.”

I went into Daddy’s arms. He pushed my thighs apart searching for my sex. I pulled my thong to the side so that he could slide his fingers in. I got into my favorite position with me feet at edge so that I stretch my hole wide while he fingered me. My wet pussy released my scent of lust and passion. Daddy put his head between my thigh rubbing his face with my pussy. He nibbled my love button and ran his tongue back and forth over my slit. I put arms around the back of knees to hold my thighs open. My hole was gaping open ready for his penis to enter. He put my thighs on his shoulders penetrating all the way to the base of his phallus. That move thrilled me as he totally filled me. Daddy did something that I really loved instead of pulling in and out, he somehow rocked him hips so that he scooted in further sending me into ecstasy with our fucking. Both of us loved have his cock locked tight me. He pulled almost out then delivered a hard stroke that sent me into orbit. Then he slipped his hand between us putting his finger on my clit while we were fucking driving me to a thunderous climax. We collapsed together trying to catch our breath.

“Wow,” was the only word I could get out. Daddy had worked hard to deliver that orgasm for me. I knew that he was trying to convince that we continue to be lovers and that it would work between us. I was so happy that we were finally on the same wave length. But he didn’t need to convince me I wanted us to continue and expand our relationship without having to sneak around. The new arrangement would be more satisfying for both of us.

I laid in Daddy’s arms kissing. Both of us wanted to fuck again but it was late and I needed to go. It was 10:45, time for me to go home in case Josh woke up. We had to stop so he let me get up despite that fact that we both wanted more. Josh was sleeping when I got home. I showered then went bed and slept very well.

The day went by quickly, before I knew it my work day was over. I called Josh on my way home, I told him that we needed to talk. When I got home Josh had made salmon and broccoli for dinner. He and Daddy were playing chess. Daddy eat with us then said his good night and went to his apartment.

It was 7:00 pm so I wanted to talk to Josh before he went to bed.

“Josh, you know we haven’t made love in over two years.”

“Jessie, don’t tell me that you are you going to leave me?”

“No, I have no intentions of leaving you. I want to be honest with you though and tell you that I want to take a lover.”

I waited for Josh to call me a no good bitch or a slut but he surprised me and said neither.

“Jessie, I’ve known you for over 25 years. Your sex drive has always been strong. You always wanted more sex than me. When I was able, we had sex everyday most times twice a day. I have been astonished that you have not talked to me about this before now. Let’s be honest Jessie, I know that you have already taken a lover but you decided to share the information with me because you don’t want to keep secrets from me. Am I right?

“Yes, Josh. I’m so sorry I didn’t want to betray your trust but I just could batıkent escort help it. I didn’t want to hurt you or leave you but I needed to make love. I just couldn’t do without any longer.”

“Don’t apologize. I don’t know how you waited as long as you did. Knowing your need for daily fucking you deprived yourself long enough. Jessie, I know the night that you starting fucking again. I know who you’ve been fucking. It’s unorthodox that you should have sex with your own father. Barry has always been so straight laced. It surprised me that he would participate.”

“He didn’t want to at first. Daddy did it for me but he saw how much I was suffering.”

“It’s going to be OK. If the two of you went out to have dinner together it would be no big deal since you are father and daughter. An affair with a stranger would expose us to gossip and threaten our marriage. But Barry and I get along; he lives on the property so you don’t have to go far to hook up. It’s convenient for everyone.”

“What are we going to do when we have guests visiting us?”

“Go to a hotel a for a few hours or if you want to get away for a weekend we could get adjoining rooms. We’ll what we have to do to work it out.”

“Thank you Josh, I love you so much. I’m so sorry that it’s come to this.”

“Honey, we’re making the best of difficult circumstances that we could have never anticipated.”

The next day, I stopped at the store on the way home. Daddy and I planned to be together after Josh went to bed so I picked up a bottle of our favorite wine.

Josh and I cuddled and were closer than we had been in months. The secret was out and there was nothing hanging in the air between us. Josh said he was glad we talked. I was glad that our conversation turned out so well. He was in good spirits. At 8:15 Josh went to bed. Daddy had gone home after dinner. I checked on Josh before going to Daddy’s apartment.

I brought a bag of items that I would need to keep at Daddy’s apartment. I purchased quite a few things that would permit us to keep everything discreet. I bought several pairs of panties, feminine hygiene items, soap, toothpaste, detergent, towels and lotion of the same brand that I use at home. Now that I was Daddy’s woman and we were officially dating I wanted his place to be comfortable for me when I was there.

Daddy greeted me with a kiss and I gave him the bottle of wine. He uncorked the wine pouring two glasses of wine. We were relaxed, able to talk and drink our wine without being worried about Josh. Later he wrapped me in his arms. Our earlier encounters had been hurried with our clothing on. Tonight we didn’t have to sneak around. I undressed letting him see me completely naked. I submitted myself to him giving him my whole self. Daddy explored me closely touching me, tasting me and looking at me accepting me as his own. I pledged myself to belong to him and he vowed to be mine too.

We grew close like lovers do. Our kisses were slow, deep and wet. He took his time to suck my nipples, slowly lighting the flame of passion between us. I melted in his arms. We took a bath together with him washing my back. In the tub I sat with my back to him both us facing the facet. Daddy touched and massaged my clit while kissing my back, neck and ears. I had my first orgasm of the night in the tub. We rinsed and dried off going to bed to give ourselves completely. He entered the V that belonged to him. His tongue went as far inside of me as it could reach. I humped his tongue while he moved it in and out of me. After toweling each other dry and we went to his bed.

We laid on the bed kissing and caressing one another. Then he turned me over onto my stomach pulling my ass into the air. Daddy licked my anus and thumbed my clit at the same time giving me a type pleasure that I had never had before. Daddy kept it up until I came. While my sensitivity was subsiding he licked my thighs. He went to wash up from licking my asshole while I got us another glass of wine.

When he returned I took his cock in my mouth. I sucked the head before tilting my head back so that he could get most of his length into my mouth. He fucked my mouth while I kissed, sucked and licked his penis being careful not to let my teeth scrape him. I loved having his pre-cum to trickle in my mouth. I encircled his penis with my thumb and index finger but he was too thick for my fingers to meet. While he fucked my mouth I moved my hand up and down pumping his penis. He withdrew before having an orgasm because he wanted to come inside of me.

Because we were on his king sized bed, I was able to stretch my thighs open as wide as I wanted to so that he could slide inside of me fucking me hard and deep. We moved together in concert so our thrusts maximized the pleasure for both of us. One of the things I love about him is that he does not stop fucking me to frequently move into different positions. The continuous fucking in the same position gave me more and more awesome pleasure. Daddy was ardent passionate lover. I was so happy that we didn’t end our affair. He was a considerate lover keeping a steady rhythm. I loved having him on top of me feeling that he was in control yet using that power to make me feel good. I wanted to keep humping but at the same time I wanted an orgasm. Beyond my control he brought me to orgasm.

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