Introduction to Men Ch. 02

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Kissing a man was unlike anything I had ever experienced. First of all was the rough feeling of beard (or at least shadow of beard) against beard, then there was a forcefulness of the lips that was missing from kissing my wife and finally there was an urgency or arousal that I had never felt in my limited heterosexual experience.

I continued to kiss Larry, swinging my body around and wrapping my arms around his shoulders to pull his body to mine. Briefly I wondered what was poking me in the lower abdomen when I realized that Larry was aroused like me. I took one arm and reached down between us to grasp and stroke his fine erection while I pushed him onto his back with my other arm. “Let me see what’s going on here” I commented leaning down to Larry’s crotch.

Gently I stroked his erection, what a nice cock he had, it had a different head — more bulbous than mine — but nice none the less. “Why don’t you try licking it Sandy,” said Larry. I tentatively poker oyna stuck my tongue out and licked the head which glistened with his pre-cum. I found it clean tasting I decided to try and put the head into my mouth. Opening my mouth I was able to take the head in but wasn’t sure whether I could take any of his shaft as well.

“Lubricate it with your saliva Sandy.”

I worked up as much saliva as I could and found that his cock slipped quite easily into my mouth until it touched the back of my throat. An involuntary chocking action forced me to pull him out quickly. “Just try breathing through your nose Sandy that will help you swallow my cock.”

Trying to lubricate a stiff cock, breath through your nose and swallow your first-ever male organ is not an easy thing to do, practice makes perfect I guess. I was able to get most of Larry’s cock into my mouth and throat but I was not convinced I had the skill to suck him to orgasm. “Just try and take part canlı poker oyna of it in your mouth and move up and down like you were sucking on a popsicle” Larry advised, a little thick-voiced with arousal.

That helped me to relax and focus on giving Larry the best blowjob I could. My efforts were acceptable because he was panting in short order. “I’m going to cum Sandy, get ready.” Larry groaned.

Well I was not sure what ‘get ready’ meant from my position but I continued to suck greedily, putting pressure on the cockshaft with my moistened lips. A quick thrust of Larry’s hips signalled his orgasm and my mouth was suddenly full of warm, salty, slippery semen. Having already tasted my own cum I wasn’t put off at all by Larry’s orgasm. I let him finish pumping his seed into me and remove his softening cock. I swirled the semen around in my mouth and looking him squarely in the eyes swallowed his load and licked my lips. “Yumm, I enjoyed that Larry.”

Larry internet casino collapsed onto the bed and lay panting; I crawled up and lay next to him with my head on his heaving chest. We lay together relishing in the thoughts of what had just happened, I in receiving my first ever blowjob and in sucking on my first cock and Larry for having received the largest load of semen he’d ever had.

After a while it just seemed natural to get dressed and leave. At the door Larry kissed me to thank me and asked “Did you enjoy gay sex Sandy?” while running his hand down the front of my pants.

I kissed him back and said “I sure did Larry, can I come back next week?”

In response to that Larry fell to his knees, pulled down my zipper, extracted my cock and swallowed in what seemed like a single motion. It hardened in his warm mouth and I began to fuck his hungry mouth. In a matter of minutes I felt the impending orgasm and grabbing Larry by the ears forced my cock down his throat to unload another torrent of semen into his stomach.

Smiling broadly Larry stood up, re-dressed my penis and said, “What do you think Sandy? See you next Wednesday.”

End of Part 2

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Conversations with Manny Ch. 05

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Manny invited me to meet him for a drink at the local watering hole. It was a quiet place, none of the noise I had experienced in my one foray into a singles bar. Armed with our drinks we found an empty booth where we ordered some food. My understanding was that we were going to talk about a prospective partnership. Manny, however took up his story where he left off.

The four young people piled out of the Porsche. “Holy shit this throws a wrench in the fucking works” Susan whispered aside to him. “The fucking Walmart express” She sounded totally disgusted. “Fuck”!

“There has to be a good reason why Auntie Jean is here”, He whispered in her ear. “She usually doesn’t just drop in out of the blue”.

Jean was lying on the couch with her head buried under a cushion.

“Mom”! Maria called. There was no response. “Mom”! , Maria removed the cushion covering her mother’s head.

Jean had obviously been crying.

“Mom”! Maria exclaimed. “What’s wrong”?

Jean looked around the room with tear soaked eyes. “Sit down dear, I have to tell all of you something”.

“Mom”? Maria’s voice was shaken.

Jean sat up and Susan and Maria sat on either side of her. Avril excused herself and went to her room. Manny sat on the edge of the coffee table facing the three ladies on the couch.

“Your father has left me”, sobbed Jean.

“What”? Maria was incredulous as Susan shot a questioning glance at Manny.

“He left me to move in with Bonnie his secretary” Jean sobbed.

Maria recoiled; Manny could see the shock on her face. The news that her father had moved in with Bonnie was obviously like a kick in the stomach.

“He says they’ve been lovers for a couple of years, that he can’t stand to be away from her any longer”. Susan reached out for Jean’s shaking hands. “What will we do dear”? Jean asked Maria plaintively.

“Don’t worry Mom, we’ll be fine, honest we will” The pain was very apparent in Maria’s voice. “We’ll manage”, as tears started to stream down her beautiful face.

Manny felt a lump in his throat. His lovely Maria’s world had just been rocked and he didn’t know what to do. He moved from the edge of the coffee table and squatted in front of Jean and Maria. “C’mere”, He reached out and took Maria’s head and Jeans head and pulled them on to his shoulders. “It’s OK to cry”, He whispered as hot tears soaked his shirt.

He looked up and Susan was smiling at him “I Love You” She mouthed. Manny’s knees were getting sore as Maria raised her head and looked at him through tear soaked eyes and sobbed “Your shoulder is wet”.

“It’s Ok” He smiled at her “Goes with the territory”.

“C’mon lets get you two outside into the fresh air”, Susan whispered. She gently took Maria’s hand and pulled her onto her feet.

“Auntie Jean, you OK”? Manny whispered. Jean nodded into his shoulder.

He stroked her hair, “C’mon let’s get you outside”. Manny stood up slowly and pulled Jean with him.

They joined Susan and Maria on the porch, where the three ladies sat on the couch.

“Why don’t I get us some drinks”? Manny turned back into the cottage.

Susan followed him to the doorway. “Listen”, She whispered. “Jean being here really fucks things up” She glanced over to where Maria and Jean were sitting. “Maria and I always use the same room anyway, so that isn’t out of the ordinary. What is though, is any of us shuffling around between rooms”.

“I understand”, Manny whispered. “Finding out that we three are in an incestuous relationship would push her over the edge. Don’t worry, it’s O.K.”

“It might be a good opportunity though for you and Avril to get together” Susan poked him in the ribs.

“Don’t be fucking stupid, She’s Gay. Or did you forget that”? Manny was surprised at what Susan had just said.

“We don’t think She’s as Gay as she thinks she is”, Susan glanced around. “We’ve been noticing the way she watches you. We’re pretty sure she’s Bi. We don’t think Avril knows she’s Bi though”.

“What if you’re wrong”? Manny looked at her earnestly. “I like her a lot; I’m not going to make a move that will drive her away”.

“We know you like her, we’ve been watching you too” Susan smiled. “It’s O.K. you have our blessing. Maria and I decided we want to bring her into the fold”. Susan kissed him on the cheek “Why don’t we just see what happens, O.K.”?

“You said she was just coming out of a relationship. That she didn’t need any involvements or crap”! Manny looked at his sister steadily.

“I know what I said. That was then, this is now”. Susan pushed past him. “Wait here”.

His sister walked through the cottage to the room that she and Maria were sharing. She came back after a few moments, something in her hand.

“Here” She said, “I hope you need these”. Susan handed him a package of condoms. “I picked them up in town from the machine in the ladies bathroom. Cost me a dollar a piece”.

“What the”? Manny looked at the package.

“Listen, Maria and I planned on seducing you. We went on the poker oyna pill a few months ago. Avril didn’t plan on anything. Get the picture”?

Susan went and sat with Maria and Jean. Manny stuffed the package into his pocket and went into the kitchen, butterflies in his stomach.

He poured three large glasses of wine, and he was just pouring himself a beer when he heard a noise behind him. He turned to see Avril smiling at him.

“Problems”? She asked, looking around.

“Yea, big ones” He whispered.

“Thanks I would love a beer” She nodded towards the bottle in his hand.

“I’m sorry, it was rude not to ask if you wanted one” He apologized. “Leo has left Jean to live with his secretary”.

“Ouch”! Avril whispered. “Poor Jean, poor Maria”

He handed her the beer. “How are they”? She asked.

“In a mess, they’re both crying out on the porch”. Manny nodded towards the door “Will you give me a hand”?

They picked up the glasses and headed towards the door.

Susan was sitting in the middle between Jean and Maria. Susan had an arm around each of them, comforting them. She looked up as Manny and Avril arrived. “Thanks” She smiled as Manny offered the wine.

The three ladies sat silently drinking their wine. The occasional sob escaped Jean, but Maria looked and sounded a bit better. “Listen I’ll leave you lovely ladies here to talk. I’m going to go sit on the dock and enjoy my beer” Manny softly informed them.

“Want some company”? Avril asked.

“Sure why not, that there dock’s big enough for both of us” He was glad of the company.

The two young people walked out to the end of the dock. Manny sat down and removed his shoes, placing them on the dock beside him. “Better” He sighed “Much better”.

“Do you think the dock is dirty”? Avril asked.

“Probably, it lives in the elements, for sure it’s dirty” He looked around him.

“I was going to join you down there, but I don’t want to ruin my dress, I’m going in to change” Avril turned towards the cottage.

“Here”, Manny removed his shirt and placed it next to him. “Sit on this” He smiled up at her.

Avril hesitated then kicking her shoes off sat next to Manny. “Thank you, you didn’t have to do that, I could have gotten changed”. She drank some of her beer. “Mm, this is nice” She took a deep breath. “The humidity is pretty bad though; it’s like trying to breath through a warm wet sponge”.

Manny laughed. “It was like this last night too”. As he said that a faint flash in the distant sky signaled an approaching thunderstorm.

“What was that”? Avril looked at him.

“Thunderstorm, It may come this way, maybe not” He took a swig of beer.

“How far away is it”? Avril brushed her hair away from her eyes.

‘She is so beautiful’ Manny mused, fascinated with the way the shadows danced on her face.

“A long way away”, He returned his attention to the distant horizon. “It may not even get here, it could be headed north. It’s a long way off though” He turned to look at her. “Does it bother you”?

Avril said nothing she just gazed out over the lake.

“Look at the Fireflies dancing, aren’t they gorgeous”? She whispered.

“You should have seen them last night, there were millions of them” Manny took another drink. “They dance around your head when you swim”.

“You swim at night”? Avril looked at him.

“Sure, we go skinny dipping” He chuckled.

“Really”? Avril sounded incredulous.

“Sure we do, we were in there last night” Manny omitted what had actually transpired the previous evening.

The sound of footfalls on the dock made them both look up. Susan was striding along the boardwalk towards them. “Hold this” She handed her wine glass to Avril.

“So what’s happening” Manny asked her as she sat down beside Avril.

“Maria’s going to be O.K., already bouncing back” Susan took her glass from Avril. “Aunt Jean’s a fucking mess though” She took a drink of wine. “Fuck it’s hot, was that lightening I saw before”?

“Storm brewing off there” Manny nodded towards the west. “Hope its heading north”

“What’s going to happen”? He asked.

“Well, Maria will be along shortly, she’s talking to her Mum. Trying to make her understand that she’s a good person. Just because Leo has moved on to greener pastures, doesn’t mean she’s on the scrap heap”. She took another sip of wine “What a fucking mess”.

“Aunt Jean is still a beautiful woman”, Manny commented turning to sit cross-legged facing Avril and Susan.

Jean had married Leo a year before Maria was born. At nineteen she was a very young bride, and from the photos that Manny had seen, also a very lovely bride. She now looked like an older version of Maria. Her eyes were coal black and her hair was now salt and pepper. She had lost none of her figure and in fact could likely have given Susan and Maria a run for their money in a swimsuit. In short, she was an extremely classy lady.

“Don’t worry” Manny took a drink of beer. “We’ll work on her, try to get canlı poker oyna her to bounce back. Who knows Leo might even have done her a favor”?

“Some fucking favor”! Susan chided.

“What I mean is that there is some guy out there who will treat her right”. Manny explained.

“I sincerely hope so, I can’t believe Leo would shit all over her like that” Susan took another drink of wine. “Maria too, she needs this like a hole in the head, exams are coming up shortly, Holy shit”.

A movement caught every ones attention. Maria was silhouetted against the backdrop of the cottage as she made her way towards the dock. Susan moved to make a gap between herself and Avril.

“Sit here Sweetie”, she patted the dock indicating the spot she’d cleared.

Maria said nothing, she handed Susan her glass of wine. Then she reached behind her back and unzipped her dress. Manny could see that she was obviously devoid of under things, as the dress slowly slid over her shoulders and floated down to the dock. The other three watched in silent awe as she reached, taking her glass from Susan. Raising it to her lips she drained it then after she handed the glass back to Susan she jumped in the water, soaking the others.

“Shall we”? Manny rose to his feet.

“No, No Manny, don’t ”! Susan’s urgent voice rooted him to the spot. “Let me go in. She, we need to be alone right now”.

Susan stood up and dropped her dress on top of Maria’s. Susan jumped into the water, again Manny and Avril got soaked.

Manny’s sister quickly made it to where Maria was standing, the water just covering her shoulders. “Are You OK sweetie”? Susan’s whisper could be heard plainly on the dock.

Manny realized that Maria had been quite right the previous evening, sound does travel over water.

“C’mere” Susan took Maria into her arms, guiding her cousin’s head onto her shoulder. A loud sob escaped Maria as her frustration suddenly boiled over.

“Poor Mom” She whispered between sobs. “She doesn’t deserve this”

“I know honey”, Susan stroked her cousin’s hair lovingly. “I know”. As she kissed Maria’s moist eyes.

Maria lifted her head and placed a gentle kiss on Susan’s lips. Susan could taste the salt tears as she returned the kiss, nibbling affectionately at Maria’s bottom lip.

She could feel Her cousin’s nipples hardening against her own excited nipples as she hugged her, probing Maria’s mouth with her tongue. Their kisses became more passionate as tongues dueling they grew oblivious to all around them.

Manny and Avril sat on the dock bearing silent witness to the scene unfolding in the water. Manny’s imagination and penis were beginning to wake up, the light from the cottage vaguely illuminating the two young women.

“I Love you so much more than you will ever know” Susan whispered as she reached around, lightly caressing the other girl’s back. Her talented fingers danced and glided in an erotic ballet. Familiarity had taught her where Maria’s erogenous zones were located. Gently stroking and caressing until Maria’s body melted into hers. As softly as a summer breeze she moved her hands to her cousin’s chest.

Maria gasped as Susan’s fingers traced circles around her areolas, occasionally pinching a hard nipple eliciting tiny shudders and tremors. The young woman was lost on an ecstatic plain somewhere ten miles above them so talented were Susan’s hands.

A movement beside him caught Manny’s attention. Glancing side ways he saw Avril clenching and releasing her thighs. She was biting her bottom lip as she intently watched the cousins in the water. Manny’s cock jumped in his pants, but with an effort he returned his attention to the water.

Susan ran her fingers over the flat of Maria’s stomach and down to the neatly trimmed pubic hair. Maria groaned as Susan’s fingers wandered ever lower eventually finding her cousin’s labia. With two fingers Susan parted Maria’s pussy lips allowing her middle finger to slide into her lover’s warm vagina.

Maria let out a loud gasp and mini tremors shook her body as Susan slid her finger into the depths of her pussy. Susan began pumping her finger in and out slowly. Gathering momentum, then slowing down. Sending her cousin towards orgasm. Then backing off. Relentlessly sending her ever higher.

“I Love you”, She whispered before suddenly flicking Maria’s clitoris rapidly, pushing her finally over the edge.

“Ooh, Ooh, Aargh ”! Maria suddenly climaxed, almost clawing a hole in Susan’s back with clutching hands. As Maria gasped and groaned searching for breath, Susan whispered “I’m going take you to bed and suck on your pussy ‘til your head caves in”. She kissed Maria tenderly on the neck as the girl shuddered and shook, her body inundated with aftershocks.

Manny’s cock was about to burst out of his pants. ‘Fuck, I gotta go and relieve this before it blows a gasket’

Manny stumbled to his feet just as Avril looked at him through glazed eyes. She was staring at the bulge in front of his pants.

“I internet casino gotta go”, he whispered hoarsely turning to wards the cottage.

“Me too” Avril whispered, She seemed to be having trouble breathing. She was shaking as Manny took her hand pulling her to her feet.

They picked up their bottles and walked silently to the house, Manny’s boner tenting his pants. Avril seemed to be lost in her thoughts as she handed him his shirt. They stood in awkward silence as Manny put his shirt back on and buttoned it up.

“See you tomorrow” Manny smiled, still embarrassed because of his erection. He reached out and took Avril’s bottle from her.

“Good night” Avril leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

Manny went into the kitchen and put the empty bottles on the counter. ‘God, She saw my boner’ Manny was wishing the ground could have swallowed him up. He knew he would have difficulty even looking at her in the morning. ‘Imagine getting so obviously horny because of what his sister and cousin may or may not have been doing in the water’. ‘Fuck’ Manny shook his head and went to the bathroom intent on relieving his swollen member.

Lying on his bed in just his jockey shorts, sleep avoided him. He lay awake for a while, all kinds of thoughts and scenarios running through his mind He kept going back to thinking about what his sister had told him. The notion of potentially having three very beautiful women at his disposal seemed very unlikely. This relationship with his sister and cousin seemed very unlikely a couple of days previously, but now it was reality. ‘Shit’ He mumbled to himself as he eventually drifted slowly off to sleep.

The brilliant flash and loud crack shocked Manny into consciousness. “What the fuck”! He sat bolt upright in bed. He was confused for a moment until he realized that the storm had actually come this way. The cottage shook as thunder and lightening danced a violent ballet in the night sky.

Suddenly his door flew open and a shadowy figure leapt towards his bed, landing in a shaking heap next to him.

“Wha…” Manny was suddenly wide-awake.

“I… It’s me, Avril” A shaky voice replied.

Manny sensed from the way her body shook nervously and the sound of her voice that she was very afraid of the storm. She clutched at him nervously, pulling him to her. “Hey, are you O.K”? Manny was obviously concerned.

“Hold me please”? Avril pleaded.

Manny reached his left arm over her as she lifted her head off the pillow allowing him to put his right arm under her neck. He cradled her head as she snuggled into his neck. Stroking her hair he whispered, “Don’t be scared, I won’t let anything harm you”.

She nodded her head silently as the storm crashed and careened in the night.

As he gently stroked her back, he realized she was just wearing an oversized tee shirt. Her firm breast pressed against his chest as she hugged him tighter, moving her right leg over his. He could feel the material of her panty clad crotch clued against his thigh.

‘Holy Fuck’ He groaned to himself as his body started to respond to the beautiful girl lying next to him. ‘Shit, she’s terrified’ He moved so that she would have less chance of feeling his budding erection. “Just moving onto my back a bit more”, He whispered as she raised her head to look at him. ‘Asshole’ He chided himself. ‘She’s obviously scared and you’re getting a boner’.

They lay like this for what seemed like hours as the storm raged outside. A storm also raged within Manny as he struggled to control his penis. By shear willpower he managed to calm it down. This accomplished as he cooed and stroked her hair and back. The storm eventually subsided somewhat and he felt Avril relaxing against him.

“Fell better”? He whispered.

Avril nodded her head against his shoulder.

“Want to go back to your room”? He stroked her cheek.

“Safe here”, Avril whispered as she shook her head. “Can I stay for a while”? She almost pleaded.

“Stay for as long as you want” He chuckled; I’m not going anywhere.

“What happened”? Manny asked her seriously. “Why are you so afraid of the storm”?

There was silence for a few moments, and then she whispered, “When I was a little girl my Grandfather used to take me golfing to his country club”.

“And there was a bad storm, right”? Manny asked.

She nodded her head “Two men, good friends of Grandpa’s were killed”. Avril hesitated for a moment. “As I recall, they were both very nice men. Grandpa was devastated”.

Another thunder flash seared the night making Avril tense up again.

Manny hugged her closer, continuing to stoke her hair. “There was this blinding explosion,” Avril continued. “My ears were whistling afterwards. I remember people running. The tree had split down the center. Grandpa’s friends were underneath”.

“I’m so sorry you saw something like that”, Manny whispered. “It’s O.K. to be afraid; you just don’t want fear to paralyze you though”.

After a few minutes Manny lifted his head and looked at her snuggled tightly against him. “Do you still golf”?

She moved her head to look at him “Yes, yes I do, I’m an addict”.

“Are you good”? Manny smiled at her.

She hesitated for a moment, “Scratch”.

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Backgammon for Blood

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The story you are about to read is a fantasy. All characters are fictional. However, if you do see Susan, please tell her that I’d like a return match.


She was leaning on the receptionist’s desk, conferring with the other lass. Red pumps, long legs that went all the way up, crimson skirt exposing the knee, a gold chain masquerading as a belt around a slender waist, tawny blouse pleasantly filled out and covered with a scarlet vest, a ruby ring on her right hand but nothing save a bracelet on the left, shoulder length brunette hair, cinnamon eyes large enough to devour you, and a smile that would charm Scrooge. Definitely nothing that would hurt the eyes.

“Hi!” she said, “You must be the guy on special assignment. I’m Susan.”

“Sure am,” I wittily replied, “name’s Kirby. Phil Kirby.” Oh, well, they can’t all be winners. My new boss then joined us. Susan, it seems, was one of my peers in the group. After a few more pleasantries, she went her way, and I was invited into the boss’s office for coffee and a chat.

I was on temporary assignment to headquarters for the next year. They needed help in rolling out a new product, and my skill set matched the requirements – customer technical support with a recent degree in marketing, which I was desperate to use. They were bringing me down for the duration, giving me an apartment and letting me commute on weekends to my wife and home about three hours away. I was looking forward to the change of pace, and felt sure that it would lead to a promotion when I went back to the field. Personally, I also looked forward to a year away. My wife and I, after years of marriage, had reached the blahs and we both figured that this would give us a little break from each other. My body was doing the forty-thing, getting a little too heavy here and there, and this would give me a chance to trim up. Of course, I had to put my life on hold back home, but this was no big thing. My only child from a previous marriage was a senior in high school who lived with her mother and didn’t much want to see her old man on weekends anyway. I resigned as president of the backgammon club, and was on my way.

I began to immerse myself in the new role, and was contented. My project was running on schedule and under budget. All of my peers were agreeable people who liked to get together after work every once in awhile, and Susan of the red outfits usually accompanied us. After three months I was getting into shape (working out at the corporate health center instead of eating ice cream every night will do that,) and I really looked forward to the weekends. If I hadn’t developed any close friends in the new city, it wasn’t a big thing. There was only one thing missing in my life. . .

I’d been working with Susan on collateral for my project, and had learned that she had a reputation as a person who always did what she said she would, and made sure that commitments that she received from others were kept. A real straight arrow; if she told you that the sun was going to rise in the north, watch for Santa to be digging a swimming pool, because all the ice at the north pole was going to melt. The only real oddity that I had observed about her was that she liked to wear red. Even when her basic outfit was another color, she used red jewelry, scarves or other accents. One day I stopped into her office, and noticed a backgammon board on her bookshelf.

“You play?” I asked her.

“Only for blood,” she retorted.

“I’ve played a little in my time. How much blood do you want?”

“I’ll start you out at a buck a game. You do know how to use the doubling cube, don’t you?”

“Is that the extra piece that I gave to my daughter to use as a footstool in her dollhouse?”

We made plans to meet in the cafeteria the next day for lunch. She was good, real good, and after an hour I figured I was lucky to be down only three dollars. Over the next three weeks we played at lunchtime two or three times a week. I enjoyed the companionship and she seemed to enjoy our chatter over the sound of the stones clinking. I discovered the salient facts; married once for a few years a ways back, now single and happy about it; no children and no desire for children; worked out at a health club three times a week; the reason that she wore red was because she was able to look sexy without being unprofessional; and the other things you find out just by being around someone. However, she never referred to Significant Others in her life; in fact, she seemed to avoid the subject.

She also got my basic statistics – how I was ‘happily’ married and enjoyed my weekends at home; my musical tastes; the fact that I wasn’t too lonely, and all of that.

We were having a good time. During my first weekend after the games started, I got out my old copies of Robertie and Jacoby and brushed up on my backgammon. After three weeks, she was only a few dollars up, and I felt I was holding my own. I considered inviting her out after work, just for poker oyna companionship, but I always lost my nerve at the last minute.

Late on a Thursday afternoon one of the guys came in to my office and said a bunch of folk were going up to a local bar and restaurant for a few pops after work; was I in? “Sure,” I replied. I finished up the remaining details of the day, and when I got to the pub, most everybody was there. We started playing darts, and somehow Susan became my partner. She insisted, of course, that we get the red arrows, and I found out that backgammon wasn’t the only game she was proficient in. We wound up whipping all comers, not necessarily due to my superb play. After awhile the party started pooping out, and eventually, Susan and I were the last ones standing.

“Dinner?” she asked.

“What’s the food like here?”

“Passable. Let’s get a table and order. I’m famished.”

Sitting down, we ordered, and then got to talking over a couple more drinks.

“What’s it like to only have the weekends?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you know. Nothing during the week and then you go home. Do you and your wife act like teenagers, doing it in the kitchen because you can’t wait to get upstairs? Or do you turn Letterman on and get it on during the commercial?”

“Actually, it’s great. We hadn’t had that much interest in it, but now when I get home it’s pretty romantic, even if we do the same old things. The weeks get a little long, but . . . .”

“Did you ever think about having an affair?”

“Always, I think about it. But I’ve never looked for the opportunity, at least in this marriage. Now, I guess, I’m too set in my ways. And, after all, at my age I can’t imagine any woman that I would want wanting me.”

“Nonsense,” she said, “You’re a very sensitive and attractive man. Any woman in her right mind would love to see what you have to offer. . . . Don’t you want to know about me?” she said.

“As far as sex? I figure a hot number like you would have a hundred guys. Or is the Age of Aids crimping your style?”

“You’ve got it. A single girl’s got to be pretty careful these days. I’ve always been the kind of girl to have one guy at a time anyway. My last boyfriend got transferred to the coast three weeks ago and that one’s over, so now I’m back to being celibate. I really need a safe date.”

I was trying to figure out how I could offer humorously myself as a stopgap as the blond waitress delivered our sandwiches, breaking into our intimacy with a question about ketchup. The spell was broken, and the conversation slipped into something else. After dinner I escorted her to her car. She said, “You know, you’re a really nice guy,” and then pecked me on the cheek. Although I thought the attraction was starting to build and was having fantasies about how the evening was going to turn out, she slinked into her bucket seat and drove off.

On the weekend my wife was quite pleased as I was fantasizing about Susan while taking care of her, and on Monday morning a yellow stickie was posted to my phone. “Backgammon today. I’m gonna have your ass!” I don’t know what got into her, but she played fantastically that afternoon. She won 6 games straight, and gammoned me twice. As I got my wallet out to give her the $8 I’d lost she queried, “Doing anything Wednesday night?”

“Just the usual,” I said, “frozen pot pie.”

“Why don’t you come over to my place and let me cook up some pasta? Then we can play some backgammon.”

“Sounds great. What can I bring?”

“How about a bottle of wine?”


“How did you guess?”

Wednesday came, and I was like a kid on a first date. I felt silly. I knew that Susan and I were becoming good friends, but she hadn’t given me any indication that I was anything other than a backgammon buddy. And she knew I was married. I told myself to start acting my age. On the way over, I stopped into a liquor store and couldn’t decide between Zinfandel or Merlot. So I bought both.

Susan greeted me with a brief hug. After she’d taken the wine off my hands, I noticed that she hadn’t changed from work. Red skirt with a matching laced blouse. She was walking around in her stockinged feet. “Sit down,” she said, “and I’ll open the wine.” Her condominium was elegant and decorated in creams with magenta accents, with lots of artwork. Classic Rock was playing on the stereo. Some plaques were on the wall, and a few trophies were on the mantle. She brought two glasses of the Merlot she had uncorked and sat on the couch beside me, crossing her legs. The short skirt allowed me to see a lot of skin under the pantyhose.

Pointing to the mantle I asked, “Nice do-dads. Where did you get them?”

“Oh here and there. The big one is for bad behavior, and the one next to it is for good technique.” I got up and read the inscriptions. They celebrated her backgammon championships of the Midwest city where she grew up, and two were runners-up for the local backgammon club.

“You’ve canlı poker oyna been easy on me,” I remarked.

“Tonight, I think you’ll see just how rough I can be!” I scorned at her in mock terror, and she continued, “Remember, I always keep my word.”

I helped Susan finish up the dinner, and we bumped into each other a couple of times. As she passed me once, her bosom brushed against my arm. Dinner was superb. Salad followed by pasta, with conversation that bordered on the risqué. As we finished eating, Susan opened up the second bottle of wine. Winking at me, she said, “I’m glad we saved the Zinfandel for last. It’s much spicier. Why don’t you go into the living room and set up the board on the coffee table? I’ll be in after I clear the dishes.” I set up the scarlet leather board with blood and ivory stones I found on the glass table, and kicked my shoes off to match Susan’s style. She followed me in, sat down beside me, and took my hand in hers.

“Do you mind if we raise the stakes?” she asked.

“What did you want to play for?”

“How about if we play strip backgammon? A nine game match. For each game that you lose, a piece of clothing comes off. If you lose the match, you go home. If I lose, I’ll do anything you’d like me to.” Although I needed to take another sip of wine to cover my shock, I quickly agreed.

“Seems like a fair match to me. You’re better than I am, though.”

“You want a handicap? ” she smiled. “No deal. You’ll just have to play the game of your life.”

Before we began, Susan puttered around, dimming the lamps and lighting two vermilion candelabra she brought from a table in the hall and swapped the rock with light jazz. She reclined on the floor, showing quite a bit of leg, and purred, “Let the excitement begin.” I slipped off the couch to squat on the floor opposite her.

I got lucky in the first game. 3-1 was my opening roll, and after a few moments, I had her penned into her home court and hit one of her blots. On her next roll, she got off the bar onto the three point, but faced a five-point block. I put the cube on the table. She just looked at it, stood up and slowly peeled her pantyhose off. While her skirt was up, I was treated to a hint of her panties that were, of course, red. She sat down again, exposing as much leg as possible without giving me a good look at anything further up. “Enjoy the show,” she said, “this look-see may be best you get.”

She came out strong in the second game, built a slight advantage, and offered me the cube. I thought hard about accepting it, and finally picked it up and put it in my home. Susan immediately rolled double fours, and put me on the bar. I got off, covering the four spot in her home court, but Susan then rolled double threes. I was lucky to get two men off the board before she closed me out to win a double game. “I assume you’re not wearing an undershirt?” she asked. “Then, to make it fair, take off your socks and belt.” I still had my shirt, pants and briefs, and could tell that she had panties and bra beneath her skirt and blouse. As my socks joined her pantyhose, she remarked, “Ooooh, long toes! Is there any truth to the rumor?”

“You’ll have to win three more games to verify the fact,” I replied, without showing much confidence that I could stop her.

The next game started with Susan splitting a 5-2. I got fortunate, and rolled double sixes. She then rolled a 3-1 and chose to build her five point. I was lucky enough to roll a 4-3, putting her on the bar. Soon thereafter, I had a five-point block with her three stones still in my home court. I got so far ahead so quickly that I never thought about offering her the cube. I put her on the bar again, and had all the points in my home court covered except for the one point, which contained the two stones which she had never moved. I managed to get five men home before she came off the bar, and a few rolls later she conceded the gammon.

“Well,” she said, “You’re going to get more show than I had bargained on.” I watched her slowly unbutton her blouse to expose a red translucent bra. Her nipples were large, and looked as taut as the obvious lump in my lap which Susan could see through the coffee table. She then stood up, unzipped her skirt and slipped it to the floor, demonstrating just how long her legs really were.

“My, my,” she said, looking down through the glass, “I knew you were going to play hard, but I didn’t realize that you brought reinforcements.” She sat back down, and moved her foot up to rest it on my trousers a few inches below my crotch. Her mound of Venus was protruding from her bikini panties, little more than a g-string actually, and she was observing with interest the sizable increase in the mass of my fly. “Now, I guess I have to be both good and lucky.”

I’d played enough with her to realize that no lead was safe. The next game was clearly hers, and I scoffed at the cube when she offered it. I could see her eyes light up when I pulled the golf shirt over my internet casino head. “You’ve lost weight, haven’t you? You really look good!”

The next game was no better, and I was easily beat again. As I stood up to unzip my fly and remove my trousers, Susan licked her lips. “Oh, blue briefs!” she exclaimed. “And just barely the right size, at least right now. I like a man who’s not afraid to wear color where it counts.” I could see that her panties were a little darker near the crotch, as if they were moist.

Things were looking grim. I had to win two games against a better player than I or go home frustrated, as I knew Susan would be good to her word. I wondered, if I lost, if she would give me a repeat match, or if this was my one and only chance.

The next game was tight. At the end, we both had all of our stones in our home courts, except that I controlled the eight point in her outer court, and she had two stones on my twelve point. A slight advantage to her. On her roll, she got a 6-2 and had to move past my stones. She moved her other stone to her eleven point. My chance had arrived. Yes! A 5-3. Hitting her blot, I moved my stones. In her first attempt, she failed to get off the bar. A 6-4 roll enabled me to move one stone onto my six point, and the other into my outer court, leaving only my 5 point open. But, as luck would have it, she rolled a 6-5, and was past me before I knew it. It was all up to the dice now. I had a slight advantage, and took it to game as neither of us was able to roll doubles. When I removed my last stone from the table, Susan softly moaned.

She got up, and came around to my side of the coffee table. I could easily scent her womanhood, and her panties were quite wet by now. My blue briefs were showing a small stain where my cock was beginning to emit seminal fluid. She knelt down beside me, took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply. She then sat down on my lap and asked me to undo the clasp on her bra. It buckled in the front, and as I put my fingers into her cleavage I rubbed my wrists over her nipples, sending shudders through both of us. As I unclasped the bra and slid it from her shoulders, I was treated to the view of her perfect breasts; Susan wasn’t large, perhaps a 34B, but her teats were very firm with aureoles the size of a silver dollar. Her nipples protruded nearly a half-inch.

She then turned to me and began kissing me deeply while her hands were gently stroking the back of my neck. Her breasts were brushing against my chest, and I began to stoke her back with one hand, and her legs with the other. After awhile, she took the hand that was on her legs and placed it on her breast. She lowered her head to suck on my nipples, and moaned “pinch it.” When I squeezed her erect nipple, she groaned “that’s so good.” She moved so I could easily kiss and suck her breasts. Her hands were all over me, but she didn’t touch my briefs or the prick that was straining to be released. My hands, of course, were roaming her body; her hair, her neck and back, the breast that I wasn’t suckling at the time, her feet and legs. I put my hand on her thigh, and slowly brought it up; Susan spread her legs a little further apart, welcoming my fingers to the honey pot. But just as my fingers caressed her now dripping panties she stopped and whispered, “Oh, I want you so much. But you HAVE to win the final game.” She gave me a last kiss, and then rose and went back to her side of the coffee table. She sat down cross-legged and asked, “The show is getting better now, isn’t it?”

The last game started slowly, with both of us building in the outer courts. Susan was able to escape from my home while my two stones stayed in after she was able to build a four-point block around the bar. Although I was able to build up my inner court, it was doing no good, as Susan pressed her advantage to give her a six-point block with the extra stones on her two, three and four points. On her next move, she rolled a 5-4 and moved all her points into her home. I rolled a 6-2 and had to move one of my stones out. My minimal back game was busted, and now it seemed too late.

And then she rolled a 6-5. She had to take her first stone off the board leaving a decision on what to do with the other stone on that point. She looked at me and said, “I’d love to leave you two blots. But then I KNOW you wouldn’t respect me in the morning.” She moved her other stone to her one point, and my stone onto the bar. Leaving the dice on the table, she cupped her breasts with her hands and whispered, “Good luck.”

I knew that this would be my last chance. After she picked her dice up, I rolled. One of the die immediately came up a 5, but the other spun on it’s curved edges, finally coming to rest with a one showing. As I moved my hand to take my stone off the bar onto her blot, she held it and kissed it, then said, “Keep it up!” As her eyes were wandering, I didn’t know if she was speaking of my good luck or another attribute.

From then on, the game was clearly mine. As she failed to quickly roll a number that would release her piece from the bar, my stones easily raced around and then off the board. When my last was released from the playing field, Susan still had six stones remaining.

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Interruptus Completus

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I really wanted to get into that particular fraternity. It was said to be the coolest one on campus, and I didn’t know if there was anything I wouldn’t do to get in. And I finally got an invitation to one of their after-game parties, a game our university had unexpectedly won. This victory was the first time we’d beaten our traditional rival in three years, a rival who ranked well above us in the predictions. The unexpectedness of all of this had probably been why the party got wild enough that the police had shown up and shut it down.

The frat house had quickly gotten on overload. The music was loud, and people were hanging from the ceiling and pressed up against each other so that even the dancers couldn’t do much more than sway their hips without bruising someone else. I thought I’d hit the jackpot on my chances of getting a bid when a senior, Greg, who I knew to be the pledge chairman was thrown against me in a stuffed back hall. We were practically belly to belly, with me backed to the wall and he facing me, his arm stiff out above my shoulder to the wall, keeping those trying to muscle past us from crushing Greg into me. I was trying to impress him with my family’s prominence and the good grade average and community service record I could bring to the fraternity, but all he seemed to be interested in talking about was sex on campus and how free everyone here was to experiment before they had to settle down in life. He’d given me a beer, which I really wasn’t supposed to have, and we swigged as best we could between trying to make ourselves heard to each other over the loud music and the silly screaming around us.

He seemed to be getting crushed closer and closer into me, and I was feeling a little intimidated by the bulk of him and his bulging muscles pressing up against me, but in a titillating way I couldn’t quite get a grip on. Then we heard the sirens.

I heard him say, “Oh, shit,” and he grabbed the half-finished bottle of beer out of my hand and disappeared farther down the hall. But as he left me, I heard a distinct, “You. You and me later, Dude,” thrown at me in his wake.

This seemed great news. If I impressed the pledge chairman, I’d likely get into the fraternity; if I didn’t my chances weren’t good. I couldn’t sleep very well that night, and when I did get to sleep, I had strange dreams about that close encounter with Greg, which had been interrupted just when I thought I’d been making an impression on him. When I woke, I discovered I’d had a wet dream incident. But there wasn’t anything strange about that for a healthy college freshman, so I didn’t really think anything of it.

But I found I wasn’t being able to study in the noisy dorm the next afternoon, and, without giving it much consideration, I had taken my books and papers to a picnic table at a little park across the street from the fraternity house I was trying to pledge. I think subconsciously I must have reasoned that maybe I’d be noticed by someone with clout in the fraternity and could do some politicking.

I thought that the view into the park was obscured from across the street, but when I sat down; I saw that I had a straight line of vision to the front of the fraternity house. I had been studying pretty intensely for a couple of hours, though, when I realized that the sound of running water was intruding into my mind. I looked over toward the fraternity house, and, to my consternation and slight exhilaration, I saw Greg, the house’s pledge chairman.

He had his red Thunderbird convertible out in the circular drive in front of the fraternity house, and he was washing it with a bucket of soapy water and a garden house. I tried to return to my studies, but he was mesmerizing. His personal attraction, no matter his power position in the fraternity, poker oyna could not be denied. He was stripped down to tight, low-cut latex biker’s shorts and was barefoot. It was undeniable that he had a great body and fluid motions, just what a competing wrestler needed—and I knew he was a champion wrestler in his division. As he ran a sponge over the car hood and the canvas top, his muscles rippled. I watched as he stood up and pushed a blond curl back from his face. I think he must have seen me then.

He smiled invitingly, but I pretended I didn’t see him. I don’t know why; if I was honest with myself, I’d have realized that I came here explicitly to renew our talk about my pledge possibilities. He moved around to the other side of the car and did some more sponge work. He seemed to be flexing his muscles and doing stretches to loosen up his back more than was required to be washing a car. I felt something stirring below my belt. It couldn’t be. I wasn’t thinking about Greg in that way, was I? I just wanted his heavily weighted vote. But it occurred to me then that maybe I’d been fooling myself. Without even thinking about what I was doing, I put my hand in my lap and stroked myself through the silky basketball shorts I was wearing.

Greg came around to this side of his car. He leaned over the hood and shimmied his rear end as he rubbed the sponge over the car. His butt cheeks were well defined in the rider’s shorts, and they were nicely rounded. He turned full toward me, lifted the hose over his head, arched his back, and just let the water stream over his blond hair and down across his solid, well-cut torso. I could see he was laughing. He threw the hose down, went out of sight briefly, presumably to cut off the water, and returned with a hand towel. He tossed his head back and forth to fling off the excess water and then slowly toweled himself down. He dropped the towel and languidly ran his hand over his pecs and his six pack and his belly and down to his basket. He stood stroking himself there, just as I was stroking myself where I sat, and then I saw him laugh and walk straight in my direction. I was glued to the spot by the shock that he was coming to me; I should have gotten up and hurriedly left in the other direction, but I just sat there, watching him come to me.

Greg sauntered up to the table and around to my side and leaned his butt into the edge of the table right next to me.

“Well, hello there, Stud. We didn’t really get very far with our talk yesterday, did we? Glad you came by. If you hadn’t, I’d have come looking for you.”

“Why would you be looking for me?” I asked dumbly. I wasn’t any brighter than any other college freshman. But I was pleased. He had remembered me well enough from the previous day to go looking for me. My chances at joining the fraternity seemed to be improving immensely.

“I felt we didn’t really get to know each other yesterday before the cops broke up the party. And I would really like to get to know you better. I don’t even remember your name. What’s your name?”

I told him in a faltering voice. It was true that he couldn’t very well champion my membership if he hadn’t even remembered my name.

You would agree that it would be nice for us to know each other better?”

“Yes, of course,” I answered. Absolutely, I thought. That’s exactly what I’m after here.

“And I have a special reason to want to get to know you better,” Greg said with a grin.

“A special reason?” Greg was beginning to lose me here.

“Yes, look. Here, look here.” He had his hand on his basket. His cock was standing almost straight out, trying to get out of the confining tight latex. “Doesn’t this explain why I’d want to get to know you better. You’re one hot dude, and that cock of yours canlı poker oyna looks like it’s a champion.”

Wow! My mind exploded, and my brain went numb and into overdrive all at the same time. Boy were we ever on a different frequency. But then Greg showed me that maybe we weren’t.

“And you want to get to know me better too, don’t you . . .?,” he said, all big smile and bulging basket. “What’s your name again? Could it be Peter? See, Peter is wanting to know me better.” And he reach down and tweaked the tented fabric in my lap. There was no doubt that he was having an effect on me. And, dumb me, I had been the last one to know about it.

“I . . . I think I’d better go,” I squeaked out and started to gather up my books and rise from the bench. But Greg was too fast for me. He quickly and fluidly swiveled behind me and swung his left leg around me; sitting right behind me, with me scooted up to the front edge of the bench and him barely on the back edge. I was trapped with him behind and on either side of me and the picnic table digging to my belly. He wrapped his arms around me and gave a sigh. I could feel his insistent cock trapped between his body and the small of my back.

“Listen, Greg. I’m not really . . .”

“You want to get it this fraternity, don’t you? As I told you yesterday, this is a pretty freewheeling campus, and our fraternity is the best one here, the one with the best men. In every way, if you know what I mean. If you want to get along here, you’re going to need to go along. Besides, you can’t hide your interest in me. I can see it there in your shorts.”

“Look, Greg. Yes I want to get into your fraternity and would do almost anything to do so, but I’ve never. . . . I’ve had no experience in . . .”

“Screw experience. Experience can be overrated. I like you just the way you are, fresh and ripe—and with a big cock.” He wasn’t wasting time; his right hand drifted down the front of my T-shirt, went between my belly and the waistband of my shorts, found my cock, and started teasing and stroking it.

“Greg. I’m not going to . . .”

“Sure you are,” Greg said in a steely voice. “Sure you are, but I’d much rather it was because you wanted to.” With his left hand he pushed my shorts down in the back so that they were half-way down my butt cheeks, and he released his cock from his latex biker’s shorts and let it run itself up the top of my butt crack and onto the small of my back. Then, with his left hand, he reached around and gently pushed my face to the side.

“Kiss me. We didn’t get to kiss yesterday, and it’s been driving me crazy wondering how you taste.”

“No, Greg, I don’t want . . .”

“Hey, haven’t you had the basic logic course here yet? How do you know you don’t want to until you’ve tried it? It’s just logic.” Then he laughed and gave me a million-dollar smile, which moved to my lips. He started with a sweet lips-only kiss but moved into a more open, deeply probing kiss. He was still stroking my cock, and I put my hand over his there, on the outer side of the material and moved with him. He was stroking his hardened cock up and down along my butt crack in back, dry fucking me there. He brought his hand out of my crotch and, with both hands, pulled my T-shirt up and off me and threw it to the side. His hands were flying all over my arm muscles, my pits, pecs, nipples, navel, belly, and back down to stroking my cock. With a sigh, I lifted my butt a bit more, and he pulled my pants down further, and continued dry fucking up my crack and onto the small of my back, this time with more cleavage to stroke in. I must admit I expected him to try to enter me from that position, both fearing and getting a little thrill from the anticipation. I was, however, marshaling my strength to internet casino try to fight him off, but before he could get around to that, he had cum up the small of my back in a jerk and jackoff that probably surprised him as much as me.

“See what you do to me?” he whispered in my ear while he was nibbling it. “You are delicious. The best bod I’ve seen on this campus in some time. I’ve never gotten off with just a dry fuck before.”

Then he was up like a jack rabbit. “On the table. Get up there and lay down on the table.”

“That’s enough Greg. You got your rocks off. I’ve got to study.”

“On the table—now, pledge! Listen to that. If you want into the fraternity, you’re going to have to respond immediately to a demand like this from the pledge chairman.” He swept my books off the top of the picnic table, grabbed me by the elbow and hurried me along. I lay down the length of the table, trying to be careful not to get my ass anywhere near an edge. When I was lying down, he stripped off my shorts and then his own. He had quite a formidable cock, if not either as long or thick as mine, I must say. All in all, he had a beautiful body, and, in spite of my misgivings, I now ached for him. He knelt on the bench beside my hips and gave me suck while letting his hands roam around the rest of my body. I moaned and squirmed under his attention. Without my really realizing it, my hand sought out his cock, and I stroked him. In answer, he rose off the bench and positioned himself in a 69 position, and, for the first time in my life, I found myself kissing, licking, and sucking another man’s dick. He tasted salty and had a strong male smell, but I didn’t find this unpleasant. I started to mimic doing to his cock what he was doing to mine. After a while, he moved so that I was presented with his asshole rather than his cock, and, instinctively, I moistened him up there and explored him with my lips and my tongue. He writhed above me, giving deep sighs and moans.

When I had him moistened up real well, he rose and turned and straddled me from above. With one hand holding my cock in place, he lifted his hips and then slowly came down on me, impaling his own ass with my cock. In, in I went. It was somewhat like with a woman, but it seemed tighter. He buried his hands in my chest hair, finding and working my nipples, while he slowly pumped himself. I found I was joining his rhythm, and then he lifted his hips off me a good six inches.

“You pump,” he said, “you fuck me. Fuck me hard and deep.”

I took over the pelvis action, sending my engorged dick up into him as far as it would go and then withdrawing half way and plunging up again. He was moaning and groaning and we both went into a wild pumping action. I had one hand wrapped around his cock now and was pumping that in rhythm to the wild tune we were playing in his ass. We came almost simultaneously. Me, pulling out of him and shooting up his belly and he shooting off up mine. He collapsed on top of me, taking my arms above my head with my wrists in his strong grasp. He kissed me long and deep and arched up a bit to permit him to kiss and nibble his way down my neck and to my nipples.

When I was truly relaxed and close to drifting off to sleep, he came off me and the picnic table top. With a laugh, he pulled his biking shorts back on.

“That was what I wanted, Sport. Thanks. Don’t, worry, with a dick like that, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a bid from the fraternity. Of course, you would enhance your chances if you helped finish washing my Thunderbird over there. And then, maybe later today, I’ll show you what my other bird can do inside you. If you pledge our fraternity, your ass is mine. And both you and I know there’ll be a next time. Ciao, Baby.”

And he turned and strutted back to his red Thunderbird and his fraternity house, leaving me there, stretched out on the top of the picnic table, alone, and wondering just how much of “almost anything” I’d really do to get into this fraternity.

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Back Together Again Ch. 03

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“What do you think babe?” Josh asked me and I felt my pulse jump.

Was he really asking me this? If I wanted to have sex with two gorgeous police officers? Josh was by far the most attractive man I had ever seen, but Ryan wasn’t bad himself. He was a bit shorter than Josh but still muscular, with the same close cropped hair.

“I… I mean, if that’s what you want,” I said softly, not wanting to sound too eager, but I could already feel my pussy getting wet again.

Josh winked at me and then nodded.

“Not here, though. Ryan, meet us back at her ranch, ok?” Josh asked and Ryan nodded, his gaze lingering on me before he turned back to his car.

The ride back to the ranch passed quickly. Josh kept asking me if I was really sure about this and I reassured him I was fine with it. Ryan tailed us the whole way and when we got to the ranch I stepped out into the chilly night air. My horse, Buckshot, whinnied from the paddock and I called out to him before turning towards the house. Josh’s hand was on my hip and he was murmuring to Ryan something about a good night. I rolled my eyes, but smiled.

We entered the house and I headed straight for the bedroom, the two men trailing behind. Once in there I turned, smiling, to the two men. Josh stepped up first, an answering grin on his face, and for the second time that night, undressed me. I was stripped naked in front of the two hunks, and both of them remained fully dressed. Somehow, this turned me on more; I loved the way they looked in their uniforms.

“Turn around and bend over, baby,” Josh murmured in my ear and I obliged.

I knew what they would be seeing. A perfect, round shaped ass, a completely shaven pussy, which poker oyna was already dripping wet, and toned, tan legs. Josh reached up and stroked a finger along my slit, pulling away some juices and licking them off of his finger, moaning low in his throat. He walked around in front of me and pulled out his cock, placing it in front of my face. I immediately took him into my mouth, running my tongue over him and sucking softly.

I felt another hand on my pussy and realized it must be Ryan. My thoughts were confirmed when he spoke from behind me.

“God damn, her cunt is fucking SOAKED,” he muttered as I heard him drop to his knees.

I felt him press his face into my pussy and begin to lick. A whimper escaped my lips as his tongue fucked in and out of my wet lips, flicking at my clit and then back into my hole. My mouth tightened around Josh’s cock making him moan and grab a handful of my hair. I sucked him deeper into my throat and he bucked his hips slightly.

Ryan replaced his lips and tongue with three fingers, pushing them slowly but steadily into my ready pussy. I cried out around Josh’s cock and heard him chuckle softly above me as he stroked my hair away from my face.

Ryan pumped his three fingers in and out of me and I gasped for breath and I sucked hard on Josh’s cock.

“Go ahead and get your dick wet,” Josh muttered through clenched teeth.

Josh was fucking my mouth now, sliding his cock into my throat and holding me there before moving his hips again. I felt something hot press against my slit and knew it must be Ryan’s hard cock. I cried out as he entered me, in one long, slow stroke. I could tell that he wasn’t quite as large as Josh’s cock but it still canlı poker oyna felt amazing. He began to slam his cock into me. I had to work not to bite down on Josh’s cock and he must have realized. Slowly, he slid his cock out of my mouth and knelt down until he was face to face with me.

He kissed me then, slow and deep and I sighed in pleasure. When he broke the kiss I whimpered, wanting more. Ryan’s large hands were kneading my ass as he pounded into my pussy and I moaned softly, looking into Josh’s eyes. Josh smiled and winked at me before standing and walking around back where I couldn’t see him. I felt a large finger flick at my clit and came instantly. I couldn’t hold back the scream that bubbled up my throat as I came and I heard Josh chuckle and Ryan grunt softly. Ryan pulled his dick from my pussy and immediately Josh’s replaced it; I could tell it was Josh’s because of the size. Josh was definitely bigger.

Ryan came around and placed his own cock in my mouth. I could taste myself on him and although it didn’t turn me on, it didn’t turn me off either. I sucked at his cock, deep throating him like I did Josh and Ryan gasped.

“Fuck, I’ve never had a bitch do this before…” he muttered.

“Watch what you call her,” Josh replied tersely from behind me as he stroked in and out of my pussy.

My heart swelled with love at his defense and I saw Ryan blush a deep red. He glanced down into my face, which was still full of his cock.

“Shit, sorry honey, I didn’t mean that literally,” he said with a small smile.

I winked in response and sucked his cock harder; I could feel it pulsing in my throat. I could tell he was getting ready to cum; his breath was growing internet casino ragged and he was pumping his hips. I lightly raked my teeth along his sensitive shaft and he lost it. Cum spurted from his cock, some landing on my tits before I managed to get him in my mouth and swallow his cum. I heard Josh chuckle again from behind me as he slammed his cock into me.

I gasped at the force of his cock impaling me. Ryan had pulled away and was leaning against our bed, catching his breath but still watching. Josh grabbed a handful of my hair and lightly tugged so that my head came back towards him. His lips kissed my neck and then behind my ear, making me quiver.

“You’re amazing, I love you babe” he whispered and then continued to pound into my pussy.

I could feel myself close to cumming yet again and I grabbed a hold of Ryan’s shoulder for balance. I heard him chuckle as he grasped my arm to hold me up. Josh drilled my pussy a few more times and I toppled over the edge. My vision narrowed to a tiny dot and I cried out loud. My pussy spasmed around Josh’s cock and he groaned softly. My juices flowed around his cock and down my thighs. Ryan laughed again.

I heard Josh groan softly and then he pumped into me twice more before holding his cock within me and spilling his cum there. I cried out as I felt him cum and he moaned again.

“Fuck yeah, babe,” he muttered and I smiled.

I glanced up at Ryan who winked at me before pulling his uniform pants back up and buttoning them. Neither of the guys had stripped, only freed their cocks. Josh had his pants back up before I had even straightened up again. I smiled at him.

“Don’t get used to that Ryan,” Josh said. “This one is mine and mine only; I just felt giving tonight”.

Ryan chuckled and waved as he trotted down the stairs.

“C’mere you vixen,” Josh said tugging me into his arms where he kissed me soundly and I felt most at home.

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Hollywood Gift Wrapped

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As a frequent contributor of tall tales to Literotica I realized perhaps my best story submitted just might be one that really happened to me when I was a 19-year old young man. And better yet, one also that could be a truly awesome Christmas story for the readers of Literotica.

It all began during the final days of shopping madness before the Christmas of ’59.

I was an employee of the Broadway Hollywood Department Store located at the famous corner of Hollywood and Vine working the Camera Department where we also sold men and women’s electric shavers in addition to a full line of cameras.

It was a great job for a young man who had an aptitude for photography and who also was very good at repairing simple electronic devices such as Radios and TVs. Electric shavers were a cinch for a kid who built his first amateur short-wave radio from scratch when he was 12.

The department was a featured location on the main lobby floor near the elevators. And for me, it was a great location because my repair station was on the corner of two adjoining counters so when I was sitting down on the tall stool repairing or cleaning electric shavers of the Hollywood locals I had a perfect view of the steady stream of nice looking women who were waiting for the elevators to take them up to one of twelve floors of the huge Broadway Hollywood.

Even better was how, during the Christmas Season, the store assembled a portable counter directly across my workstation adjacent to the elevators where 5 or 6 women did special gift-wrapping for the shoppers of the store.

During the last Friday evening before Christmas a long line of customers, mostly women, were waiting to get their last purchases gift-wrapped. Most of them paid no attention to the young man working nearby but once in a while a cute girl would give me the eye because I was dressed in a white shirt and tie, neat, and quite nice looking. But for the most part I was just a small insignificant cog in the huge active department store and went relatively unnoticed until one special mature lady kept turning her eyes towards me.

At first I though she was just bored waiting her turn in line but then after about the third or forth glance my way she fixed on me until she had my full attention and then did a very strange thing.

First she gave me a long look, a big smile and when I smiled back, she put her tongue to the corner of her lips and swiped a long sexy 360 all around her mouth in what I could only describe as one of the sexiest, overt things a grown woman had ever done at me. Brother, she sure had my attention now and the full attention of my dick as it began a full standing salute in appreciation for her wicked, flirtatious move directed to me.

I tried to act so mature but I bet, looking back, I must have seemed pretty stupid as I leered back at this beautiful lady dressed to the nine’s. She was sporting a complete sexy outfit from black high heels, with a ¾ length skirt showing off the calves of her black stocking legs. She was something special all right. And I could tell she had money because she finished off her outfit by wearing a waist length brown fur coat and a cute black hat cocked on her perfect hairdo framing one beautiful sexy face.

Add to that the fact that her make up was perfect and the hat she wore was small and cocked just right with a black lace veil curtained just below her eyes giving her the look of maybe being an actress or Hollywood personality…maybe even TV or the like.

Well after she got my complete attention needless to say I didn’t take my eyes off her for one second of her long waiting in line to get her purchases gift-wrapped.

Me? I probably had a ‘duh’ stupid look on my face. She, on the other hand, turned away and acted like nothing had just happened. I though to myself, ‘what a stupid thing to do…get me all worked up and then ignore me like that’. Yeah, in my way of thinking she must be a haughty bitch that loved tempting a guy and then rejecting his casino oyna interest once she got it. You know, like a girl who’ll wear a low scoop blouse, bend over giving you a great view of her tits and then stand back up with a look that says your some kind of perv for getting an eyeful.

The longer she waited in line without any further acknowledgement of my presence the more I became pissed at her tongue teasing. But I had to keep looking…damn she was one fine piece of womanhood. The open waist length fur she wore allowed me to notice how thin her waist was in comparison to her full, wide flared hips. Her stomach was flat and her ass absolutely perfect. I could even see the hint of a panty line peeking from under her tight skirt. And in case all that wasn’t enough, the mature teasing bitch had on a thin lacy white blouse stretched tight across her small pointy breasts accenting her nipples. I bet the brassier she wore to give her tits that special look was tailor-made and cost a couple of ‘Franklins’ if you know what I mean.

Never the less the teasing bitch was becoming a fantasy and my cock totally committed to the mind fuck I was giving her. I had her stripped naked leaving her in her high heels, black stocking, panties, and tight uplifting bra and yes…even the little black veiled hat. I imagined I had thrown the cock teaser on her back. Then, grabbing her by the ankles I spread her long legs wide open before ripping her panties off making her scream with fear. I finished the rape by fucking her hairy puss with my fat cock until she begged for mercy.

It was a great brain fuck but she did me one better!

By the time she finally got her presents wrapped I had decided that if she gave me one last look I would put my middle finger up alongside my nose as if scratching so she would know I figured her for a ‘class-a-hole, cock-teasing bitch’. That ought to bring her down a peg or two.

As I said she did me one better. She turned away from the counter and looked me straight in the eye and just as I was lifting my hand to give her the one-finger salute, she smiled stopping me dead in my tracks. I didn’t know what the hell to think now.

She took a few quick steps necessary to get to my counter and said, “young man, I have a shaver in my purse that needs cleaning. Is it possible you could do and get it back to me tomorrow, the night before Christmas.

Oh my god! I was dumbfounded and my speech matched the dumb look on my face as I worked hard to take my eyes of her bright red mouth and say something intelligent. After what seemed like a full 20 seconds (long enough to generate a questioning look on her face) I finally got it together enough to say, “Well it all depends…let me have a look at it.”

She put her packages on the floor and fished out a brand new Remington Lady’s Shaver still in its original display and travel case.

I stood up as she reached out to hand it to me and for the first time noticed what a humongous boner I was sporting in the center of my dress pants. I was a fucking rude scene and looking totally randy…how embarrassing.

I slide closer to the counter hoping she couldn’t see my cock trying to worm its way out of my pants. She must have been very pleased at what she had caused because she leaned across the counter as she handed me the shaver, looked straight down at the front of my pants and said, “don’t worry honey how proud your big pecker’s acting…it’ll be our little secret between you and I, ok?”

I almost shit at the totality of the whole scene she had created and the way she spoke to me. Her voice was low and sultry. Fuck, I had never before been so overtly seduced by any female, especially one so beautiful, sophisticated, and mature. She took my breath away!

I took the display case she handed me in my sweaty palms and opened the box. Sure enough, it was brand new with the protective plastic clip and manufacture’s seal still over the shaving head.

Puzzled, I looked back into her eyes to begin canlı casino explaining that it was brand new so just why would she want it repaired or cleaned? Duh!

She reached out and placing a gloved finger to my lips said, “shush honey we don’t want any one to know just why I did all this to get your attention and all do we? I saw you yesterday and bought this at the Owl Drug store hoping you might like my little plan to get you alone.”

I shook my silly face side to side and made sure I wasn’t about to drool all over myself while she continued to stand so close. She was even more gorgeous up close and the smell of her perfume went from my nose to my brain and then directly to my throbbing cock.

She took a quick glance around making sure no one was looking (that is all except the extra clerk behind me who I found out later was taking in the whole damn scene). Then she slowly took off her right glove and reaching over the counter, she placed the palm of her hand right over my bulging, hard boner and gave it a very firm squeeze to measure the heat (and size) of my meat!

My knees buckled a bit from the shock of her squeezing my cock and my heart skipped a beat or two. I gasped, to her delight, and felt my body shiver. Swear to god had she left her hand on me another few seconds I would have let go with a wad that would have shot clear throughout the fabric of my slacks and given her a thick gooey palm full of 19-year old male cum to take home with her.

But, thankfully (and yet not) she took her hand away and said, “now my young man, does that big thing of yours belong to anyone special. I mean…are you married or engaged.”

“Na…Na…no,” I stuttered (man, I could tell she really had me messed up now).

“Well, if you make a special delivery to me tomorrow evening…say around 8 o’clock I wouldn’t want to think I was taking your other package (as she gazed directly down at my hard-on) away from some lucky girl.”

My voice stupidly squeaked back, “No mam, just a girl friend and we haven’t made any special plans.”

“Well I don’t think your girl friend would mind me taking a little of your time for say…a hundred dollars for your trouble, would she? I mean, after all, a hundred dollars could buy her a nice Christmas dinner at the Brown Derby don’t you think?”

She didn’t wait (or probably care because by now she knew I’d do any damn thing she wanted to have a crack and getting into her panties and fucking her sexy big ass). She reached into her purse and extracted a crisp new $100.00 bill and pressed into my sweaty palm.

“Well then, it’s settled. You’ll bring both packages to my house on Franklin Ave tomorrow around 8 o’clock and I’ll have something special that will take care of that little…or should I say…big problem you have there in your pants.” As she looked down once again to see the size of my tented pants she said, “oh my!…Honey I think you’ve sprung a little leak down there haven’t you?”

I looked down and sure enough, a wet spot of pre-cum about the size of a quarter had leaked past my underwear and clear to the surface of my trousers.

Now, I finally became an intelligent, proud, young stud with a more sophisticated attitude as I looked her straight in the eyes and said, “well its all due to how beautiful and sexy you are lady. It looks like you’ve given me enough man oil to lubricate anything you need to have fixed around your house. Give me your address on Franklin and I’ll bring ev-ery-thing-your-heart-desires.” Yeah, I came through with that slick reply as I stood in front of her wetting my trousers. I was being had by her all right but I let her know I could give as good as she gave.

With that she gave a sexy, throaty laugh and taking my hand in hers, kissed the back of my hand. “Why thank you kind sir…I’ll keep that in mind because I have a lot that needs adjusting and I know you’re the young man that can do it!”

Then brusquely she said, “I live at _________. See you at 8 and don’t be too kaçak casino late!”

As I picked up a pencil to scribble the address she picked up her packages and made a speedy departure. The only thing she left behind was her expensive perfumed fragrance ‘White Roses’…still today my favorite with memories to last an eternity.

Now I had the first opportunity to put my self back together. I quickly put my hand down my trousers and tucked my wicked boner down to a less conspicuous position and where a dribble or two of pre-cum wouldn’t be so obvious.

As I turned around the extra salesman was grinning from ear to ear and I knew he must have heard the last of our conversation.

“Wow boy! What an absolute sexy doll. Why the hell would she want a kid like you to ball her elegant uppity ass? Give me that shaver of hers and I’ll save you a lot of time and trouble my young friend. Noooo problema!”

This was the moment and the first time in my young life I realized had transitioned from a dork head to a potential lady killer who had just been paid a hundred bucks to bone a fine lady.

“Well old man, unless you can show me you’ve got a nine inch cock that can attract a woman like that, I wouldn’t insult her taste in manhood by sending her an older man to do a young studs work.”

Not only did that get a big smile from him in acknowledging my prowess, but also he went right out and as many Broadway employees what I had accomplished. He told the guys…and the guys told the gals.

Funny how for the length of my remaining time there, I was offered more pussy than I could literally handle. From the teeny boppers who worked part-time to the older gals (including a few who were married) I had a steady stream of female employees who wanted to see if I really was the Stud of the Broadway with a cock as big and fat as they were told about.

The next evening I arrived at Gwen’s home right on time. As promised she was wearing the sexiest thin negligee with nothing underneath except her beautiful proud pointy tits and a fine silky bush that she trained my young tongue to service with each and every hundred dollar bill she insisted I take. Eventually I moved in with her and rode her needy body for about two years.

Let me tell you what she did the minute she closed the huge castle-like wooden door behind me and…oops that’s for the next installment!

Stay tuned dear readers and I will tell you about the night before Christmas and all through the house. Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse…

Sincerely, thanks for reading my offering. This story and maybe a couple more could add to Gwen’s lip-licking seduction of a 19-year old kid. And again, this is all absolutely, 100% true. She taught my young ass things that totally changed my sex life forever. Maybe some of what she taught me will change yours when it comes to bedding some fine sophisticated pussy similar to hers.

And that goes for you gals as well. I know your fingers are buried right now in the folds of your wet pussies thinking how you would like to seduce the right young man like she did. No, not some dumb geek that would just make a mess of sexing your little greedy cunt but a real stud that can bring some hard, cock pulsing sex into your otherwise dull life.

I’ll tell you where to go, how to find, and how to teach him to be the lover who’ll worship your body in every way you could possibly desire. There’re so many college aged young men who are ready and willing to deliver. But the trick is how to find the ones who are mature enough and worthy enough for you to teach on how to deliver the goods. And how you should dress and act when making such a move is just as important. Finally once you get him into your web, what you need to know to keep him.

I tell my closest friends it’s a lot like fishing. The fish are all over the lake. But without the right knowledge about where to find the biggest and best, all the expensive boats and lures ain’t worth a damn at landing and keeping the big ones.

This might be the first of an ongoing Christmas Story from Gwen and I to whoever desires to read it. Let me know if you’re interested in hearing more. Thanks again.

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Holiday Shopping

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The bookstore was crowded with last minute holiday shoppers. I stood in a long checkout line and finally worked my way up to the front and was able to pay for my items. I was purchasing a few last minute presents, as well as, a book for myself. The checkout girl scanned the bar code on my book, then looked up at me with a knowing smile after noting the title of the thick volume.

“Are they interesting?” She asked as she completed the sale. “I’ve never read erotic stories.”

“Oh yes. You should try reading some good sexy stories sometime; they can be quite stimulating.” I told her with a sly little smile and I noticed she was starting to blush.

As I was about to leave the bookstore, I decided, on the spur of the moment, to get a coffee at the attached coffee shop.

As crowded as the bookstore was, the coffee shop was jammed. It was so crowded that I almost changed my mind; but once the thought of coffee was in my head, I just had to have one. So I suffered through another long wait in line, which I made tolerable by starting to read the first short story in my new book; then after ordering, I had to wait for my latté. I collected my coffee and squeezed through the throng of shoppers to find a table where I could sit and enjoy my coffee and continue to read my book. As I wormed my way through the crowd, turning sideways to squeeze past the shop’s patrons, I felt fingers cop a feel of my left breast as I passed. Surprised and infuriated, I turned to confront the creep but saw only the back of a gray haired man retreating swiftly through the crowd.

When I finally got clear of the cluster of people around the cash register I was disappointed to see that all of the tables and seats were taken. It occurred to me that I should have known, before I ordered my coffee, that this would happen since the shop was so packed with holiday shoppers. I really did not want to leave and go sit in my car to drink my latté; but just as I was resigned to that fate, I saw a table along the wall with an empty seat. A young couple was sitting on the opposite side of the table on the upholstered bench that ran the length of the wall. I do not normally impose myself on strangers but I really did not want go out in the cold and sit in my car, so I made my way over to the table. As I approached I saw that the two young people were obviously very much in love; they could scarcely keep their hands off each other. Their heads were together and they stole kisses from each other completely oblivious of the many coffee shop customers. When I reached the table I even noticed the young man had his hand up the girl’s short skirt and she had her hand resting in his lap. Well, ‘resting’ isn’t precisely accurate; suffice to say they were being very intimate.

“Ah hum … ah, I hope you don’t mind if I sit here. There doesn’t seem to be any other seats available.”

Both the guy and the girl where startled that someone was addressing them; both removed their exploring hands quickly as they turned to regard who it was that was interrupting their romantic interlude. The guy sort of glared at me, but the girl looked more like she’d been caught with her hand in the cookie jar, when in fact her hand had been somewhere far more damning … that is, if, like many in our culture, you’re a prude; which I am certainly not.

“Oh … please, go right ahead.” The girl said. Her boyfriend didn’t look at all happy as she extended the offer.

I set my book and small shopping bag and coffee on the table; and I hung my purse over the back of the chair. As I sat down, I took in the two kids I’d just imposed myself upon. I made them both to be early twenties; most likely students at the college in town. They were both good looking young people in a pierced and tattooed kind of way that you see so much of these days, though not to the extremes you sometimes see – neither had purple hair. Both had multiple ear piercings and she had a tiny little bauble in the side of her nose. He had a couple small tattoos on his arms that were visible. I could not see tattoos on the girl, though I would have bet money that if she were stripped naked, you’d find art work on her somewhere.

Aside from their body adornments, they were both quite handsome specimens of youth. The girl even reminded me a bit of my own daughter, who the girl looked very much like; though my daughter was perhaps ten years older than the girl. The girl was petite and had brown hair with bold blond streaks in it; she had a cute little upturned nose and, unlike my daughter, she was blessed with a very ample bosom made obvious by the large amount of cleavage she displayed in her very low cut tight sweater which so many women are wearing now – I confess, I myself wear such blouses too, from time to time, though I don’t have quite cleavage as the girl. The guy had very dark hair, which was disheveled, and a dark complexion; he sported a rather sparse and closely cropped bread, had dark eyes, and fine facial features. I thought he looked really cute. I am sure the girl must have considered casino siteleri him gorgeous from the way she looked at him with adoring eyes.

“Thank you so much. I really hate disturbing you like this … I mean, I never do this … you know, barge in like this.” I apologized. “But there was just nowhere else to sit and my feet are killing me.” It was true, my feet were sore. I always wear heels when I go out and the pair I wore that day were not my most comfortable; but they went nicely with my skirt and blouse. I know… most women today are more sensible and wear sneakers everywhere, except weddings – if they’re a bridesmaid, that is. But I like to look and feel feminine so I wear skirts and dresses and high heels – always.

“Hey, that’s OK … no problem, right Paul?” The girl said. Paul just nodded his head, not really paying attention since his eyes were riveted on my book. I had not thought to discretely place it on the table with the front cover facing down, so its title, which was printed in a rather bold font, was easy for anyone nearby to make out.

“So, I take it you’re both students at the college. It looks like you’re heading home for the winter break.” I said, alluding to the two large and overstuffed back packs sitting on the bench seat next to both of them; and, I was hoping to distract Paul away from being dumbfounded by my predilection for a certain genre of literature.

“Oh … ah, well … ah … sort of, but not really … I mean, we don’t’ know where we’re …” The girl stammered, obviously uncomfortable with my seemingly innocent question.

“I’m sorry. Did I say something I shouldn’t have?” I said; a little confused.

“Oh no … it’s not you. We just don’t know where we’re going to go. They shut the dorms down at school for winter break and unless you’re a foreign student, you have to go home … we just don’t have homes to go to.” The girl said.

“Oh? I don’t mean to pry, but why is that?” I asked.

“Well, Paul’s parents both died over a year ago in a car accident.” She started to explain.

“Oh my, I am so sorry, Paul.” I said to Paul, almost instinctively at hearing of such a tragedy. Paul just looked down at the floor. “I’m sorry I interrupted.” I said to the girl.

“That’s OK. Paul has been living with his uncle since then but it hasn’t been working out. His uncle hates Paul and they had a huge fight during summer break, just before Paul came back to school – his uncle called him a freak and accused Paul of doing drugs, which neither of us has ever done … well, we did try marijuana once at a party, but that’s it.” The girl explained. Paul was so quiet I was beginning to wonder if he was a deaf mute.

“His uncle said he didn’t want that kind of influence around his own kids; so Paul told his uncle he was never going back there, and he hasn’t. Have you Paul?”

“Uh … yeah, that’s right.” Paul said, sounding somewhat embarrassed, but, finally finding his voice.

“Well, couldn’t he spend the holidays with you and your family? My daughter often brought her boyfriend home from school when she was in college.” I said, being a bit presumptuous that it would be alright with her family.

“Ah … that’s a problem, too. I’m not going to my home either.” She responded. “My parents are getting a divorce. It’s been dragging on forever, and every time I stay with either one of them, all they do is try to convince me what scum the other one is. So, I had it out with my mom last time I was home and told her I was sick of it – sick of both of them trying to make the other one out to be Attila the Hun.”

“Oh my.” I said softly.

“And my mom has got this boyfriend who’s moved in with her and I really don’t like him … he gives me the creeps. He’s always starring at me; you know … my boobs, when mom’s not looking. And touching me – not my boobs or anything, but putting his arm around me and stuff, and telling me “what a looker’ I am. I just hate him.” She was clearly agitated as she told her story, and I was feeling for her, having been through my own, not so pleasant divorce, years ago.

“Oh, and they’re always … uh … I mean they, uh … well, they’re always having sex; constantly! Last time I was home I was walking down the hall to my bedroom and they hadn’t even closed their bedroom door and I saw him on top of my mom, just … doing it to her and she was moaning and squealing. Ugh … it was horrible. She’s too old for that kind of stuff.” The expression on the girl’s face confirmed that she truly thought her mother’s behavior deplorable, but I couldn’t let her indictment of people my age having sex, pass without comment.

“Careful dear, I suspect I am probably at least as old as your mother, and probably a few years older, and I can tell you that I am most certainly not too old to enjoy a good romp in the hay. It just so happens that I’m presently unattached … I guess that partially explains my choice in reading material, though I’ve always enjoyed reading sexy stories.” I said. She looked at my book for the first time slot oyna and turned sort of red.

“Oh my.” Was all she said after the book title registered with her.

“So you’re not going home, then?” I said, attempting once more to divert attention from my reading material.

“No. I walked out on my mom last time I was there and told her I was never going back. My dad sends me a monthly allowance. I guess he has to … you know, with the divorce stuff, so I don’t need to put up with her and her creepy boyfriend.”

“Why don’t you go and stay with your dad, then?” I asked the obvious next question.

“Well, for one thing, he just moved to Japan for his job or something. But even if he hadn’t moved, I wouldn’t stay with him, either, ’cause of all the nasty things he says about mom every time I see him. I’m really mad at both of them, but they are my parents, and deep down, I still love them both; I just can’t stand to be around either one of them. Maybe someday it’ll be different.”

“I’m sure it will, dear. So, where are you two going for the winter break?” I asked.

“We’re going to go camping … out at the State Park … at the beach.” Paul chimed in.

“Yeah, but we don’t have a tent or any camping stuff.” The girl added. “Paul and his sister get a small allowance, too, from his parent’s estate – there’s like almost a million dollars, but it’s in trust until they turn thirty, which I think is a dirty trick for parents to play on their kids, but that’s what their wills said. So, neither of us have enough money to buy that kind of stuff, you know, for camping.” The girl added.

“Yeah but we both brought a couple blankets from the dorms; and I can make a lean-to. I remember how from when I was in Boy Scouts. And we can cook over a camp fire. It’ll be sort of fun.” Paul rationalized for the two of them.

Until it rains or freezes, or both, I thought.

In fact, the forecast called for rain that night and falling temperatures with frost likely for the next few nights. The guy on the weather channel that morning said we had a ninety percent chance of heavy rain over the next twenty-four hours with two to four inches of cold rain likely.

“Ah, listen, you guys. I know we have very mild winters down here on the Gulf, but you can’t camp without the proper equipment. It’s going to pour rain tonight and then turn very cold over the next several days. A lean-to made from a blanket will not keep you dry. You will both, very likely, end up in the hospital from hypothermia, or at the very least, with pneumonia. You can’t do that.” I said sternly.

“But we don’t have any choice. Neither of us is going home and we don’t have anywhere else to go. We tried spending the night at the bus terminal last night and got thrown out at three o’clock in the morning and had to sit in an all night diner ordering coffee every so often to keep from getting tossed out o’ there, too. So, it’s camping … or … I don’t know.” Paul argued.

A thought came to me and I put it to them without asking, I just told them in no uncertain terms.

“OK, OK. But you are not going to camp at the State Park.” They both started to object. “Hold on, hear me out. You’re coming to my house and I will NOT take ‘no’ for an answer. I live alone. I have a four bedroom house with a guest room. There’s plenty of room and I have no plans for the holidays. I too am divorced – so I know what you’re going through sweetie – and my daughter is living in Australia with her husband. So I am all by myself and would actually welcome the company. So that’s it – no arguments.”

“Oh no, thank you but we couldn’t …” The girl started to say, and Paul added, “We’ll be OK camping. I’ve been camping a lot and I …”

“Hold it, right there. Let me tell you something; I know Martha – she’s a very good friend of mine – and she happens to be one of the park rangers at the State Park. She’s told me stories of finding and chucking out derelicts at the park, so I know exactly what she’s going to do when she rides past your camp site in her little park ranger go-cart doing her rounds. When she sees you two huddling drenched and shivering under a sopping wet blanket, she’s going to call the authorities and you two will be hauled off to a shelter. Now, we don’t have co-ed shelters in this town, so you two will be separated and taken who knows where, but it certainly will not be together. Now, tell me, is this how you really want to spend the holidays?”

“Well …”

“I know I’m lecturing and probably sounding just like a typical parent. I know we parents are unreasonable, unthinking, doddering idiots – because that’s what my own daughter has told me a time or two over the years. But you have to understand, they make us swear an oath to uphold the parent’s code of behavior before they let us take our babies home from the hospital – that’s why we act this way.” I said. They both laughed, easing the tension.

“So that’s why I am not letting go out and freeze your butts at the campground. How were you going to get to the State Park? canlı casino siteleri Have you got a car?”

“We’re going to hitch hike.” Paul blurted out.

“That’s it! Get your things and come with me. Right now!” I ordered.

I forgot about my coffee, picked up my book, shopping bag, and purse, and glared at them … in a nice sort of way. “Come on … let’s go.”

They reluctantly stood and both picked up their backpacks. I stepped aside so they could go ahead of me. I didn’t trust them behind me, fearing they’d turn and flee at the first opportunity. We went outside and I pointed in the direction of my car and made sure I kept them where I could see them.

“You know, I like you guys. You remind me so much of when I was your age and in school. Oh there I go again … sounding like a parent. Sorry.” I said as we walked to my car.

“No, no … it’s not that … we just don’t want to be any trouble for anyone.” The girl said.

“Not only is not any trouble, I haven’t celebrated or even decorated my house for the holidays for the last couple years. With my daughter gone and me living alone, it just doesn’t seem worth the effort any more. Last year on Christmas Eve, I opened a bottle of wine – I actually went through two bottles – and I sat around feeling sorry for myself until I fell asleep on the sofa. So, if you two don’t mind, let’s all pretend you’re home for the holidays. We’ll all go out and pick out a tree later, take it home and decorate it, and make cookies – you do like cookies, don’t you?”

They both said yes.

“We’ll all pretend we’re a happy little family enjoying the holidays together, OK? Or … I’ll drop you at the homeless shelters so you don’t have to go through the soaked and freezing bit, and you can each enjoy the holidays in your own separate shelter with drunks, drugies and derelicts until it’s time to go back to school. Your choice.” I offered.

“Let’s go home and make cookies.” The girl said as we reached my car.

“And I really like decorating trees.” Paul added.

“Great.” I said, pressing the button on my key fob to open the trunk. “Oh, and one more thing; I want you to know that it’s perfectly OK with me if you two want to spend as much time as you like screwing each other’s brains out, too.”

They both stopped dead in their tracks, both their jaws fell open, and they stared at me in astonishment like I’d just said something utterly horrible. I laughed – a lot.

“Listen, I’m sorry I seem to have shocked you both, so. I told you earlier; you remind me so much of when I was your age in college and had a boyfriend. Hell, that’s all we ever wanted to do any time we managed to be alone together for more than five minutes. And it’s OK, in fact, I think it’s healthy – sex sure as hell beats drugs and invading foreign countries. My only regret right now is that I don’t currently have a man in my life ’cause I sure as hell would like to get laid, too – it’s been entirely too long. So come on, let’s get in the car and go home.”

They both silently climbed into my car, not quite sure how to respond to my audacity.

“By the way, I’m Alice. I know your name is Paul, but sweetie, I don’t think I got yours.” I said as I started the engine.


“Pleased to meet you, Laura.” I said.

I drove them home with me. We got the tree that evening and put it up and decorated it after dinner. I put some of my other holiday decorations around the house to make it look more festive in keeping with the season. When we were finished decorating, we sat in the family room and admired our work. We all agreed the tree was beautiful.

“Would anyone care for a glass of wine? I’m going to have one.” I said.

“Oh yes, that sounds nice.” Laura said. Paul hesitated.

“I have beer, too.” I said, and Paul’s face lit up. “Thought so.”

I brought the drinks out and served them. “Remember Paul, you’re home, so help yourself to whatever’s in the fridge; don’t wait to be asked, OK?” He nodded OK.

“Now, tomorrow we go shopping for presents. We’ll head to the Mall after lunch. We’ve still got a few shopping days left, even though it will be a zoo out there. In the mean time, I need you both to discretely give me some hints as to what presents you think the other one would like. OK?”

“Oh no, you don’t have to …” Laura began to protest.

“I insist. You’ve both given me a wonderful present; just being here and keeping me from being depressed. So, I really do insist; I’ll hear no more arguments … please let me do this, OK?” And they agreed.

We sat and talked and got to know one another better during the rest of the evening. Around midnight I yawned and announced it was past my bedtime and I bid them goodnight.

“You can sleep-in tomorrow, but remember we go shopping right after lunch.” I said, and went to bed.

I like to read before going to sleep and I had my new book of short stories, so I continued reading the story I’d started in the coffee shop. It got very sexy very quickly and I found myself lying in bed with my hand between my legs as I read – I really hadn’t been with a man for many many months, just as I’d told the kids, and I was getting rather randy as I read on through the story.

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Consoling Sister

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It all began with Gene. If he hadn’t pulled a stupid stunt, none of this would have happened.

Gene was a fairly good friend of mine as we grew up. We hung out, played games, explored the neighborhood, and played 1-on-1 basketball. He was a year younger than I was, but skipped first grade, so we were in the same classes a lot.

As we became teenagers, I noticed that Gene was actually talking less to me and more to my younger sister, Karen. By the time he and I were seniors in high school (and Karen, a sophomore) the two of them were an item. I was protective of her, but didn’t mind her being with Gene. After all, he and I were still friends, and I trusted he wouldn’t do anything stupid.

Sure enough, he waited until after Karen’s high school graduation before taking their relationship to a significant physical level. About 3 years later, the two of them were living together. It wasn’t long before they were engaged to be married, and Karen became pregnant. She was of course very happy about the prospect of getting married. They scheduled the wedding for June, having been engaged since the previous March (15 months). Karen would be about 6 months pregnant for the ceremony. She was showing and glowing at the same time.

Gene asked me to be his best man. I wasn’t his best friend, but the fact I was a good one AND the bride’s brother made the decision easy. I of course accepted on the spot. The wedding was planned for a Saturday early afternoon.

Gene was in position. “Here Comes The Bride” began playing. (I had argued for something else, but Karen wanted to go with tradition.) In her white dress, Karen slowly proceeded down the aisle, with our parents flanking her. Then it happened.

Gene suddenly bolted out the back door. Before anyone could react, he had jumped in his car and driven off. The car was later found at casino siteleri the airport. Karen looked in shock as her fiance split abruptly for parts unknown.

My sister’s face collapsed and she began bawling uncontrollably. Breaking away from my parents, she lumbered [6-month-pregnant women do not sprint] as quickly as she could towards where Gene had split. I grabbed her as she approached the stage, where the minister had been ready to start the ceremony, and escorted her outside, to my car [she had come with our parents.]

I drove her to my apartment, which was about 5 minutes away. After getting her inside, I sat her down on the couch and said nothing. I just pulled her against me and let her tears flow like a river. She put her arms around me and held very tight, as if she was afraid to let go for fear I’d disappear.

After about an hour of waterworks, she finally appeared to be cried out. Through some sniffs and sobs, she said “I can’t believe that rotten bastard could do this to me when I’m carrying his child!”

I adjusted my position so that her head rested on my chest. “I don’t know what to tell you,” I said. “I’m not in the mind-reading business. I was as surprised as you were.”

Karen pulled my body against her with savage intensity. “I’m glad you were here for me,” she whispered. “You’ve always been the one who tried to keep me from getting in trouble. I’ve always thought that you’re the most wonderful man imaginable. Don’t ever let go of me.”

“Why would I do that?” I asked. “You’re a terrific young woman. I hope I find someone as good as you to be with eventually.”

I swear her eyes flashed a little at that remark. She seemed to give me a smile through the raw emotion she was feeling. She pulled me down so our faces were level and kissed me – not on the cheek, but full on the lips.

“What in –” slot oyna I started to say.

“Ssssshhhh,” Karen said. “Don’t say a word and just listen. Bro, you’re my conception of perfect. I will never find anyone to live up to the standards you’ve set. Do you think I’m attractive?”

I had to answer honestly. “Of course you are, Sis,” I said. “Pregnant or not, you’re still very beautiful.”

She pushed me down on the couch and yanked at my shirt, trying to get it off. “Calm down, sis,” I said. “Don’t do anything dumb.”

“I am calm,” she said. She had finally gotten me topless. “Ooooh, nice,” she purred, running her hands over my muscles..

“What do you think you’re doing? I asked her.

“I think it’s obvious,” she responded. She was kissing my chest, while her hands explored my bare flesh. “I’ll never meet anyone better, so I claim you as mine.”

I decided to argue that point with her later. Right now, it was clear my sister needed more than just emotional support. I kissed her on the lips firmly. Her tongue probed my mouth as she responded, her body nestling against mine. We eventually broke apart long enough to head for the bedroom, remove our clothes, and lie on the bed.

She wasted no time, kissing downward from my neck, across my chest, and towards my waist. Running her fingernails over my legs got me to squirm. When she spread my legs apart and gently massaged my balls, I moaned with pleasure.

Her hot tongue was next. Licking up and down my rapidly hardening shaft, she made me gasp and cry out. Then she sucked my nuts into her mouth. “Mmmmmm,” she said. “I can feel them getting tight. Now you need to get me hot and bothered.”

That was an easy thing to do. I began by gently massaging her belly, then kissing it while softly fondling her tender breasts. Circling the nipples with my fingertips got the desired canlı casino siteleri purr.

This became a moan when I began flicking my tongue over her rock-hard nipples. I pulled her body against mine, burying my face in her chest. “Don’t stop,” she whispered. “You make me feel sexy, loved and wanted.”

The therapy is working, I thought. I moved downward and covered her legs with soft kisses, then opened her up and began lapping at her pussy. She tasted very good, and I increased my intensity of licking. I could feel her body getting tense.

“Ooooohhh! Yeeesss!” she squealed, as she flooded me with her sweet juices. Her legs locked in place as she erupted with a massive climax. “That was awesome,” she said. “Now I want you to take me.”

I lay her on her back and rubbed the tip of my dick against hr clit, making her squeal even louder. Then I gently pushed into her. I established a slow, quiet, gentle rhythm to let her build to a climax. It must have worked, because within 15 minutes she was on her 4th orgasm. “My turn on top,” she said.

Her rhythm that she forced on me was much faster, harder and more intense than the one I had done. Using her internal muscles, she milked my cock unmercifully. “Cum inside me,” she moaned. “Fill me up.”

I wasn’t given much of a choice, I thought. She leaned over and asked me to suck her while she fucked me. I obligingly took her into my mouth. She rode me hard and I couldn’t hold out for very long.

“Uuuhhh!” I gasped as I began spurting deep within her. This was enough to make her cum again as well, and as she squeezed me and milked my balls dry, she fell forward on to me. After disentangling herself, she lay next to me and snuggled into my arms.

“That was awesome,” she said. “I think I’ll move in here and make you do that from now on.”

“Are you sure?” I said. “I don’t want to –”

“Shut up,” she told me. “I’m sure. You’re the only man for me.”

We still share a residence and a bed. Karen is my sister, best friend and lover, and I want her to be mine forever.

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How Does Your Body Feel Right Now?

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Rebecca was a twenty year old red-headed modern-day hippie. She grew up in a strict Catholic household in suburban St. Louis, but as the saying goes, Catholic school made her atheist. Rebecca kept many of the values she grew up with, but could not reconcile with the church’s stances on birth control and homosexuality. Rebecca herself had a birth control implant she got when she was with her ex-boyfriend and she was openly bisexual. She was forced out of the closet at age eighteen when her soccer coach caught her going down on a teammate in the locker room after practice and called her parents.

Her parents tolerated her sexual orientation but were absolutely furious about the sexual activity. They grounded her for two months: the rest of high school. During this time of “senioritis” – the laziness present in high school seniors who already know if they’re going to graduate or where they’re going to college – with no social life to distract her, Rebecca poured her soul into reading queer and feminist literature. She fell in love with the works of the prison-abolitionist, communist, feminist, black lesbian Angela Davis.

This inspired Rebecca to double major in Gender Studies and Film. She hoped to make documentaries about feminism and social justice. Angela Davis also inspired her to become an activist on and off campus. When protests broke out in the nearby city of Ferguson following the shooting of unarmed eighteen year old Mike Brown by a cop, Rebecca headed out with a camcorder to document the protest.

The sexually-liberated young woman dressed for the hot summer weather. She was wearing a tight black t-shirt with a grayscale picture of Angela Davis screen-printed on. The shirt was cut to accentuate her ample 36C breasts. She wore a black pleated mini skirt which looked like a shortened version of her high school uniform. It showed off her long, smooth legs. Underneath, she wore red thong panties but no bra. Since she would be on her feet for hours, she wore comfortable white socks and sneakers.

When Rebecca arrived in Ferguson, the streets were already flooded with bodies and signs. “Hands up, don’t shoot!” shouted members of the crowd while Rebecca stood on the sidewalk and began to film.

She pulled a tall dark-skinned man from the crowd to interview him. “Hi, my name is Rebecca Fraser. May I ask you a question for a university project I’m working on?”

“Nice to meet you, Rebecca. I’m Damian Woods.” He extended a large hand to her, and they shook hands. “As long as you’re not a cop or the mainstream media, I’ll talk to you.”

Rebecca giggled. “Trust me, I’m neither. I’d be marching right alongside you if I weren’t a film student.”

“Great,” Damian smiled.

“How does your body feel right now?”

Damian looked surprised by the seemingly-irrelevant question. “Um, well, I guess… It feels good. You know, I was so angry watching the news. I like to practice boxing when I get angry, so I must’ve been at the punching bags for a good hour. And you know that feeling of relaxation you have about half an hour after working out? I got that in my arms. And my legs have been moving since I’ve been walkin’ for a while. I’m energized.”


“Hey, interesting question you asked. Can I have a copy of the final product?”

“Sure! You can just give me your email address.” Rebecca pulled her cell phone out of her purse and handed it to Damian. Their fingers lingered just a second too long as Damian took the phone from Rebecca’s hand.

Damian fiddled with the touch-screen phone for a minute, then said, “I gave you my phone number too.

A large ruckus drew their attention to the street. A gray-haired man of approximately fifty years had been standing in front of a police car and defied orders to move along.

Rebecca didn’t have a very good shot from the sidewalk, but a crowd of people stood between her and the man. It didn’t help that she was barely taller than five feet. “Damien, could you pick me up on your shoulders so I can catch this on camera?”

Damien blushed at the thought of the sexy girl sitting on his shoulders with her toned legs around him. “Sure.” He bent down to let Rebecca climb on his shoulders.

From here Rebecca had an unobstructed poker oyna view of the scene.

“This is your final warning,” a police officer said. “Move along or I will arrest you.”

The man stood his ground. “Why did you crush Mike Brown’s memorial?”

The police officer reached for his handcuffs, and the man surrendered to law enforcement by holding up his hands.

His partner looked right at me. “Turn off that camera,” he ordered.

“There is no law against filming the police in public,” Rebecca responded, filming the first police officer roughly pull the man’s hands behind his back and handcuffing him.

The crowd began to chant, “Let him go!” The partner, unable to be heard above the roaring crowd, approached Rebecca and attempted to block the scene from her camera with his hands.

When he was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Damian, the partner looked up at Rebecca and shouted loudly, “Turn off that camera now!” His eyes almost immediately drifted from the camera in front of Rebecca’s face down to her round breasts, then further down to her thighs cradling Damian’s neck, and finally back up to the camera.

“I have a first amendment right to film the police in public. Officer, may I have your name and badge number?”

Knowing he was required to offer the information upon request, he said, “I am Officer Matt Johnson, Ferguson PD. My badge number is 66.”

Rebecca stifled a giggle at the Satanic coincidence.

“What, you laughing at me?”

Rebecca took a deep breath to relax her face, then said, “N… No, sir.”

“What is your name? And turn off that camera!”

“Am I being detained?”

“No, you are not being detained.” Rebecca didn’t respond, so Officer Johnson asked again, “What is your name, miss?”

“If I am not being detained, I’m not required to identify myself.”

“And you. Who are you?” Officer Johnson looked down at Damian’s face and Rebecca’s thighs.

Damian said, “If she doesn’t have to identify herself, then I don’t have to identify myself neither.”

Frustrated, Officer Johnson turned to the arresting officer. “Move along. Keep marching or I’ll have to arrest you too,” he shouted to the protesters on the street.

One retorted, “Fuck the police!” and another yelled, “Let him go!” but the crowd moved on, clearing the space between the two officers.

“Brian, we’ve got a couple of street lawyers with a camera,” Officer Johnson informed his partner.

Brian called for backup. Another cop car arrived almost instantly because it seemed the entire Ferguson Police Department was at the protest.

Two more police officers headed toward Rebecca and Damian.

“Move along,” commanded a burly black police officer.

“We’re on the sidewalk, not the street. We don’t have to move,” said Rebecca.

“Well, at least get off of him,” a heavy-set female police officer said. When Rebecca didn’t budge, she added, “I can and will arrest you if you don’t get down.”

Unsure if she was legally required to comply, Rebecca climbed off of Damian, then continued to film the four police officers. In the back of the scene, she recorded Brian leading the defiant middle-aged man to the back seat of his squad car.

“Can you please show your IDs?” asked the female police officer.

“If I’m not being detained, I’m not required to identify myself,” Rebecca asserted.

“I need to know who you are because I have to record this interaction.”

“Call us Unidentified Persons One and Two.”

“What is your name, bitch?” demanded the black police officer.

“What did you just call her?” growled Damian. Rebecca, trying to relax by intentionally breathing deeply, zoomed in on the black police officer’s badge. Badge number 38. She turned to the blond female officer. Badge number 32.

“This is none of your business. You’re not the one with the camera. Move along,” said 38.

“It is my business when somebody calls a lady a bitch!”

32 said to her radio, “Requesting backup. A white female, about twenty years old, with a camera and a black male, about thirty years old, possibly armed.”

“Armed?!” cried Damien. “Look, I don’t have nothing on me. I swear!”

“So you won’t have any problem with them searching canlı poker oyna you?” asked 32.

“I didn’t say that!”

A total of nine police officers arrived on the scene.

“He’s got a weapon?” asked a tall male cop.

“I’ve got to search him,” stated a mean-looking male cop. “Sir, I’m going to have to search you.” Rebecca zoomed in on him. Badge number 47.

Damien held his arms out with his palms open, and 47 approached him. Damien said nothing but did not resist as 47 frisked Damien and turned his pockets inside-out. The search revealed a pill container.

“What’s in here?” asked 47. He opened it, revealing two blue football-shaped pills.

“That’s my Xanax. I have a prescription,” said Damien.

“Do you have proof of prescription?”

“You can call my doctor or pharmacist. I have both their numbers on my cell phone.”

“So you don’t have proof of prescription on you?”

“No, sir.”

“You need to carry your prescriptions in the original pill bottle. You’re breaking the law.”

Rebecca stood her ground as Officer Johnson, Brian, and 38 attempted to stop her from filming of Damien’s arrest over two pills. “I’ll call you!” Rebecca called to Damien as 47 led him into the squad car.

The female cop turned to Rebecca. “I need to search you now.”

“I do not consent.”

“You have no choice. We just caught your buddy with drugs. That’s probable cause to search you.”

Rebecca made sure to capture the badge number, 32, and then held her arms out to be searched. She started by frisking Rebecca, raising an eyebrow when she noticed Rebecca was braless.

“I need to search your camera,” 32 said. Rebecca reluctantly gave up her camcorder. 32 shut off the camcorder and set it aside.

Next, she searched Rebecca’s camera bag and purse.

Rebecca held her breath, knowing she had a joint in her purse.

“What have we here?” 32 asked.

“M…m…marijuana, ma’am.”

“I’m going to have to arrest you, Ms. Fraser.” She handcuffed Rebecca and led her to the squad car.

It seemed to Rebecca that hours passed in the back seat of the squad car. Then, 32 and her partner 38 entered the vehicle and began to drive off.

“Listen, you seem like a good kid,” said 32. “I really don’t want to arrest you. Think about all you have ahead of you You’re young and beautiful.”

Rebecca sighed. 32 was right. She was young and beautiful indeed, but that’s not what mattered to her. A passionate, intelligent aspiring filmmaker, she knew she had a lot ahead of her. A drug offense could get her financial aid for college cancelled.

“We’ll make the marijuana cigarette disappear if you do something for us.” 32’s voice became husky.

Rebecca was nervous. Was she going to be asked to snitch on her dealer? As much as she valued her education, she wasn’t a snitch. “What do you need me to do?” Her voice trembled as she spoke.

The vehicle pulled to a stop on an empty street. “Have sex with us,” 38 said.

Rebecca gasped. While she was no virgin, she was not a whore either.

38 opened the back door and looked at Rebecca. She couldn’t help but notice his handsome face, rough chocolate skin, and muscular build. She glanced down, and noticed a bulge in his pants. He was hard. And he looked big. Rebecca felt blood rush to her pussy. Although her body wanted to say yes, Rebecca tried to maintain her dignity. She never had sex with strangers, much less on such questionable ethical grounds.

38 slid into the back seat of the cop car and looked at Rebecca.

“This can all go away,” came 32’s voice from the front seat.

Rebecca found herself staring at 38’s cock. Her pussy was definitely hungry for cock. She hadn’t had sex for four months since she broke up with her boyfriend.

“You like what you see?” 38 asked.

Rebecca looked him in the eye. She felt her nipples strain against the thin fabric of her t-shirt. “It won’t hurt anybody. It’s not like you’re being a snitch,” she silently told herself.

38’s face neared Rebecca’s, and he kissed her on the lips. When his tongue poked against her lips, she opened her mouth and returned the kiss.

“Fuck us, and there’s no evidence,” said 38.

“Promise?” asked internet casino Rebecca.

“Absolutely,” said 32 and 38 in unison.

38 put his large hands on Rebecca’s shoulders and kissed her passionately. Rebecca moaned into the kiss and turned her body toward the cop. 38 let his hands drift down and he cupped her breasts. His fingers teased at her hard nipples. His hands reached down to the hem of her shirt and pulled it up to her armpits, exposing her large, perky tits. Her arms were still handcuffed behind her back, so the shirt would not go up any higher without tearing. He began to knead at her breasts, squeezing them and pushing them up.

“Let’s get out of the car. There’s more room outside.”

Both 38 and 32 exited the car. 32 came to Rebecca’s door and helped her out of the car.

“Have you ever been with a woman before?” asked 32, gently pushing Rebecca’s back against the car.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Have you ever been with a man and a woman at the same time?”

“Not at the same time, no.”

32 pinned Rebecca to the side of the car with her body and kissed Rebecca. One hand went for Rebecca’s breast while the other slid down her lean belly. Fingers slid into the waistband of her miniskirt and rubbed her hairy mound through her panties. Rebecca moaned as the cop rubbed her hard clit through the fabric of her panties. The blond cop started to rub Rebecca’s big pussy lips and was pleased to find a wetness in her panties. She used her fingers to push Rebecca’s panties to the side and slid her middle finger inside the wet folds.

“I want some of that slut,” said 38. “Help me put her on the hood of the car.” They lifted Rebecca and laid her face-up on the hood of the car. Her handcuffs pressed against her wrists. 38 stood by her feet and undid his pants and pulled his hard cock out of his boxers. It curved up and its size easily bested her ex-boyfriend’s. 38 slid his naked cock balls-deep in her wet pussy. Rebecca gasped as the head of 38’s cock hit her cervix.

32 had taken her pants off and climbed onto the hood of the car. She knelt down and lowered her big ass to Rebecca’s face. Rebecca stuck her tongue out and licked the cop’s pussy lips as 38 thrust into her tight pussy. Rebecca found that 32’s puffy wet pussy lips tasted delicious.

38 pulled his nightstick off his belt. He removed his thick cock from her pussy and replaced it with the end of the steel baton. Rebecca moaned into 32’s pussy when she felt the cold, narrow, object her pussy. 38 wiggled the rod around, pressing against the walls of her vagina.

“You ever had it in the ass?” 38 asked Rebecca.

“Nuh-uh,” moaned Rebecca as 38 pulled the nightstick out of her cunt and pressed it gently against her bare ass cheeks.

38 spread Rebecca’s cheeks with one hand as his other pushed the baton into her virgin hole. The baton, covered in pussy juice, slid in easily. Rebecca gasped as 38 pushed it in an inch, then pulled partway out, and pushed it in another inch. He worked the nightstick in slowly but relentlessly until the thin stick was a good six inches inside her. 38 then left the baton in Rebecca’s ass as his rock-hard cock pushed into her tight pussy. His cock was much thicker than the nightstick, and she was glad his huge dick was in her pussy rather than her tight ass.

Rebecca’s talented tongue flicked against 32’s clit and worked her into a frenzy. The blond officer rode Rebecca’s mouth as 38 pounded deep into Rebecca’s snatch. “Make my partner cum,” commanded 38. Rebecca swirled her tongue on 32’s clit and drove her to orgasm. “That’s a good slut.”

32 got off of Rebecca and came around behind 38. She took the nightstick from him and started to fuck Rebecca with it.

She barely started when Rebecca screamed, “I’m cumming! Oh god, I’m cumming!” Her already-tight pussy constricted around 38’s thick cock. He hammered Rebecca’s cervix with the head of his dick and spurted hot, wet cum deep inside her. Rebecca felt the thick substance hit her cervix as 38 continued pumping burst after burst of semen inside Rebecca’s snatch.

He pulled his softening member out of Rebecca, and his partner pulled the baton out.

32 took the Ziploc bag containing the joint and threw it on the ground. Then she handed back the camera and purse.

Without saying a word, the two offers got into their car and drove away.

Once the police were out of sight, Rebecca straightened her clothes and began walking.

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My Power Love

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He shuffled behind me, and I became nervous. “Come on,” he said softly, a hint of his secret voice leaking into his tone.

I turned to look back at him, honestly confused. “What do you want?”

He smirked, “That’s more like it.”

He must have taken my confusion as some kind of surrender because he leaned forwards, wrapped his arms around my hips and dragged me backwards, onto him.

I didn’t take this very gracefully, but the hesitance born from my shock was enough for him to get me onto his lap, before I kicked my legs out and twisted my torso, attempting to roll away.

He reacted, and we wrestled as I tried to free myself. He was winning, bringing a leg over both of mine and holding them down, with his right arm catching me and holding me across my chest, pulling me into him. For a moment, I tried to push his arm away, but when I felt him twitch again underneath me, I froze still.

I felt his heart beat through my back, through his shirt. The white sleeve fell away from my face as he let go of my torso, sliding his leg between mine and spreading them apart somewhat. He twitched once more, beginning to press noticeably against his jeans, into me.

Awkwardly perched on top of him, I leaned forwards, sighing with disgust. His hand raised and tipped me back into him. “I can’t help it.” He said innocently. He was anything but innocent. “The sounds you make for me are so killer.”

I stayed against him, but relaxed into him, leaning into him. He exhaled down onto me, expecting my reply.

“You’re just horny,” I murmured, closing my eyes. I felt a surprising peace leaning against him, a comfort I had stopped fighting… I wasn’t over talking shit though. “I’m not sleeping with you, idiot.”

And with that, his hand shot up the front my shirt, and I jumped. He wouldn’t let me get away, again holding me to him until I stopped pressing away. I stopped, his pressure lightened and his hand moved again-under my bra and around a breast. His movement was made with haste, not accuracy, and he had to readjust under the bra’s wire. He groped me, running his index finger across my nipple. He exhaled with delight, as I was now growing accustomed to, as I squirmed against him.

I cried out and he shushed me, purring into my ear.

“I’m sorry,” I blurted out, embarrassed.

“I know you can’t keep it in,” he replied, still teasing. He did it again, and I bit back the cry this time, stifling it in my throat. He abandoned his precious vodka bottle and his other hand snuck up my shirt as well.

I felt so small with him wrapped around me. His head hung over my shoulder as he brought my shirt up and over my breasts, revealing tender flesh and my small black bra. I quivered, instinctively covering myself with my arms, forcing his hands away.

“Trey… Don’t…”

He replied with a frustrated sigh into my ear, making me bristle. My hair was standing on end, my skin super sensitive as his hot breath rolled across my neck. “You’re more into this than I am,” He hissed in a hushed whisper, his hands rearranging my arms.

I hooked my thumb on my shirt, bringing it back down. He let go of me again, pushing me to lean forward. His hand ran along my back, under the shirt. He pulled and pinched together the clasp of the bra until it popped open. I held my arms defensively to my chest, whining. He made a wiping motion across my back to either side as if he were trying to brush the bra away.

“D-do you want… It gone?” Words were again coming out of my mouth before I could filter them, but speaking was so hard with what he was doing to me… What was he doing to me?

He was still making frustrated sounds and he twitched underneath me again. “Yeah,” he sighed. “It’ll be better if you take it off.”

“But… poker oyna Let me keep my shirt.”

“Mn…You’re 18 already… How are you this uptight?”

I slipped my arm back through the hole and the bra strap fell off. I started on the other arm.

“…Nahhh. I’m taking that too. But you can have it back. I’m keeping your bra.” His words again slipped into slur. It wasn’t attractive.

I turned partially, surprised. “You can’t have that!”

“Bra. Off.”

I turned forwards again, embarrassed. “Why would you even want it?” Still, I complied, sticking my other arm back out and the bra fell uselessly to my lap. I plucked it from the inside of my shirt when he forced me back into him again. My shirt clung tightly to my chest, now without the protective armor offered by the bra.

His hands stayed over my clothing this time, to my immediate relief. Still, they were menacing, but he was more gentle than he had been with me all night, running his fingers along the creases underneath my breast.”Your tits are so fucking perfect, what’s the point of wearing one?”

I was shocked, not expecting the language or the… Compliment?

His index finger sat in the crease, the angle where the flesh of the breast met my torso at a slightly obtuse angle. His thumb slid upwards and around the side of the mound as he propped my boob up with his middle finger now too. His other hand followed suit behind the first until they were both nestled around my breasts, focused more around the outside than the ‘main attraction’ centrally. He tenderly applied pressure one at a time through his fingertips.

I sighed, realizing he was groping me in such a way that I could immensely enjoy it. He was right; I was enjoying this more than him. My pleasure now had a guilty tag to it as well. “Why did you want it?” I asked quietly, my voice sounding more breathy than I had thought.

He held my breasts in each hand, arms around me. He squeezed, bringing his thumb over my nipple, and gliding it back over it again as I squirmed, releasing another hushed whine.

“I would take those sounds of yours if I could,” he said into my hair, still teasing with a thumb, “But your tits are the next best thing.”

His teasing was advancing. I winced as he took a nipple between his fingers, but he forced a good moan from me when he tugged on it, pinching me through my shirt. He was pleased with the reaction and repeated, bringing the other side into the fun too, rewarding more moaning.

I felt waves of pleasure from every small detail, emanating from everywhere he touched me. Suddenly I wish I had given him my bra, my shirt, whatever he wanted, if it would make him do more… More of this…

He lightened up for a moment, I realised I was breathing hard, I could see my chest rise and fall in front of me, and his hands slid away. “Don’t…” My hands snapped up catching his, I pushed them back onto my boobs. He dug his fingers in and I pushed his palm inwards. “Don’…t..”

I wouldn’t have heard it if he weren’t breathing directly into my ear, under his breath he muttered, “Fuck.”

Those waves were the only thing that mattered. I put all of my energy and focus into them as they demanded it. I was moaning for him like he had wanted, I was liking it, like moaning was good for me as well as him. Ecstasy.

He pressed my tits together. They rubbed against each other, forced together, still throbbing, but the waves had subsided. His touch still felt good, still felt ‘alive’ but it was less overwhelming than it had been in the seconds before. It didn’t feel the same. I had quieted down again now, and was more still, but was still breathing hard… I was panting, I realized.

“You… ” he started, his hands falling away again. He was in disbelief. “You canlı poker oyna just came from that?”

I was still, on his lap, him pressing hard into me. He was turned on, very turned on. I had turned him on. He brushed my hair away from my neck, behind me and leaned over, biting my neck. I pulled my head away by instinct, and he kissed the same spot. He lingered, suddenly sucking hard on the spot. He didn’t pull away after a few seconds and I sat there, head tilted, bewildered by the last minute. By all of tonight.

After another 30 seconds, he pulled away, leaving a tender, wet spot towards the back side of my neck.

“Now that’s a mark. One for every time I make you come.” He whispered into my ear. He felt around beside us, finding the abandoned vodka bottle. “Here,” he said, forcing the bottle into my hand, “get up. Drink.”

I rejected the bottle, awkwardly lifting myself off of him and scooting forwards. I stared at the desk full of wooden drinkers*, once again going through the motions contained in my almost all encompassing thought ‘Trey.’

I turned myself on the spot to face him. My legs spread like an ‘M’ underneath me, arms withdrawn to my chest. I looked up at him and he stared back, but his gaze was no longer intense. In the dim light, he looked bored. He drank directly from the bottle, swallowing loudly. He huffed, blinked hard and held the bottle out for me again. “Take this from me.”

I did, taking the butt if the bottle into my hand, bringing it into my lap. I looked back to him.

He paused and then waved his hand in a circular motion. He meant for me to drink it.

I glanced down at it, maybe 1/4 left. Back at him. “I don’t like the taste.”

“Ah, don’t worry about the taste.” He mused, putting too much emphasis on ‘worry.’ “I’ll help you with that.”


He grabbed my wrist, the one holding the vodka bottle and held it up between us. He got onto his knees and leaned forwards towards it, kneeling towards me. He undid the cap with his free hand. With his ring and pinkie fingers, he forced my hand to tilt it towards him on a fairly extreme angle. He drank from it that way, I felt the bottle become lighter, he swallowed three, then four times before tipping my hand back upright. “Ah!” He mused, flicking his tongue off of his bottom teeth. “See? Finish what’s left and it’ll be done, okay?”

He phrased it like a question, but there was no question to it. Still holding my wrist, he brought the bottle to me. I brought my lips to the rim, immediately sensing the burn. I made brave, I wanted to be brave, I wanted to impress him. I tipped the bottle down, throwing my head back, the vodka filled my mouth, penetrating every nook and crevice, and I swallowed hard. The burn was intense.

He pulled the bottle away from me by my wrist, suddenly jumping forward. I didn’t have time to react as he came at me, his face pressed to mine and suddenly he was kissing me. He forced my mouth open with his, and his tongue prodded my jaw to accept him. He was pushing me hard, following closely as he pushed me backwards and down, until he was over me, my back pressed against the bed. His hot tongue swept mine, tickling the roof of my mouth. I tasted alcohol, nothing but alcohol and hormones.

I finally came to my senses, protesting and pushing his chest away with both hands. He retreated, and I opened my eyes wide. Trey had me pinned down effectively, his arms my prison. His eyes were pure black, piercing through me. He gave a small laugh, “You’re a terrible kisser.”

“Th-that was my first kiss,” I whined. I didn’t feel the rant coming on, but by now I was somewhat used to words flying out of my mouth before I could filter them from my thoughts. He just stared down at me, surprised, frozen in place. “You shouldn’t internet casino complain. I should complain. I wasn’t expecting it at all, it wasn’t tender or loving like a first kiss should be! It wasn’t a natural kiss, born from passion like it should have been… You should have warned me. Let me get ready… That was desperate and… And forced.” By the end of it, I felt like I could cry. I couldn’t look at him, turning away. Having my first kiss be just a tongue down my throat… Trey’s tongue…

Trey was still, silent, hovering over me. I blew it, I thought, I shouldn’t have said anything.


I looked up.

He lowered his head to me, gently at first, I struggled not to turn away-this time, he had given me the option. Finally, our lips met, and he was so much softer this time, so much more gentle that if it weren’t for the overwhelming wave of hormones washing over me, I could have thought it was someone else. I still felt awkward, not knowing what to do or how to do it. He sensed it through my hesitation and pulled back for a moment, just long enough to mutter, “Just follow me.” He didn’t force his way in right away, but he was starting to press down against my face harder and harder, and I let myself relax underneath him. He lead me, my mouth just following his, until I was more confident building up a rhythm, when he again tried to slip his tongue into my mouth. I didn’t take it gracefully, almost choking, and he pulled back again. “Use your tongue,” he bossed quietly, leaning back in.

I spoke quickly, interrupting him before he could kiss me again. “How?”

“Hah, just like this.” He resumed, and I was more ready for his tongue to intrude into me this time. His tongue ran over my teeth and over my own, playfully skirting around it, and running back along the side, trying to teach me. I mostly just tried to move out of the way. He lowered the rest of his body onto me, and I almost hadn’t noticed him doing it. An arm shot under my neck, his hand caressed my head and tipped it down, allowing him to drop his chest to me and at least semi-comfortably keep kissing. I was entirely encompassed by him, feeling his weight and heat on top of me. I loved it. I felt how hard and toned his body was, the body of an athlete, seducing me. His torso ran longer than mine and thus his center of gravity nestled between my legs, applying just the right pressure.

I moaned into his mouth as his free hand slid along my side, down my waist, to my hips and thigh.

“Use your hands, touch me.” he breathed, his husky voice betraying a whine-he was desperate for me to touch him, too. When I didn’t move, he pulled his hand from my thigh and tightly clutched my wrist, pulling it around him and dropping my hand on his back. My hand rested on the bottom of his shoulder blade for a moment, shocked, before I gave in. My instinct led that hand up and to his neck, where his skin met his hairline-his hair was thick, I imagined it must tickle his neck. My fingers wrapped around the back of his neck, and I ran them through his hair. He liked it, he bit down lightly on my tongue, growling quietly. I could feel the subtle movements of his head as he kissed. He pulled away again, as I raked my nails through his hair down to the collar of his shirt. My hand stayed nestled at the base of his neck, I lightly massaged my fingers into it, feeling his tense muscle underneath his skin.

“It’ll be just like this…” he said, his fingers also playing in my hair. They would become trapped in my long hair. I had to think about what he meant. “But I’ll make you come a hundred times.”

“No, I can’t…” I replied meekly.

“Ahh, why not?” He whined.

I looked up at him, trying to make him out with as much detail as possible. My fingers slipped down under the neckline of his shirt, gliding over the trapezius muscle.”This is okay though…”

He chuckled darkly. “Feels good, right?”

I squinted. “Don’t talk so much. It reminds me that you’re you.”

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