A New Beginning

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This is how it all began…

I have been married for nearly 7 years. About 6 months ago, my wife and I had a very big fight. Names were called, accusations made and threats leveled. In the end, she moved out, back home to where her parents lived. We had agreed in the past that our intentions were to relocate there, however, we just had not been able to financially afford the move. This devastated me. I didn’t know what I would do or if the marriage was worth trying to save. Over time, anger subsided and conversations between us began to show promise of a future together. I began to travel and visit her and the children and we became more amicable towards each other. Except in one way…Our sex life had come to a screeching halt.

I am a very sexual person. I enjoy the feelings of flesh on flesh, the heat of passion, the smell of wanton sex, the sight and sound of carnal pleasure. I was missing this terribly. Through our talks, I realized it would be awhile before our love life would ever resume. Enter ” the other woman”.

Jennifer and I had dated in high school and briefly after college. I guess you would call it dating , it was more like we were friends with “benefits”. We would party together or whatever, but we would always end up together in bed. Now let me tell you, she was definitely not your ordinary “partner”. She was rather uninhibited about sex. She did things to me I still have a hard time getting out of my mind. But I digress.

Over the past couple of months, I had been talking with Jennifer. She was aware of the situation I was in with my Wife. She was very sympathetic to me about what was going on. Like a good friend , she had been there to listen and offer advice. She had also been flirtatious with me a couple of times, bringing up different “escapades” in conversation. This part really helped boost my ego. I knew in my heart, she and I didn’t have a chance for anything to happen, but the thoughts of things possibly taking place kept my fantasies going when I had to “relieve” the pressures.

A couple of days ago, my wife and I had a heated discussion about different things, Money, our relationship, SEX. I had been feeling depressed due to the lack of any commitment on her part or advancement on our part. I was also Horny as Hell. I needed to pick up a couple of things in her store, so I decided to pay Jennifer a visit.

I stopped in at her store near closing time. I didn’t plan it that way, it just happened. Unfortunately, she had several customers ahead of me to wait on. Normally, I would have left and come back at a later time, but I needed some of the stuff she had ordered in for me. I sat on a stool beside the counter and waited my turn. When time came for Jennifer to wait on me it was past her closing time. She told me to wait a minute and proceeded to lock the door and flip the sign over to closed. I didn’t think anything about it at the time, I knew she had to go home soon anyway.

Upon returning to the counter, she began with the typical friendly conversation, asked what I was up to, how things were going, etc. I returned the small talk and steered the conversation to the reason I was there. ” I really need to get those cases and the battery pack for the phones.”

She proceeded to go into her little office and rummage around for a minute before returning with my stuff. She placed the items on the counter and teasingly asked, ” Is this all you need today?”.

Jokingly and with a wink, I replied that what I really needed was some relief. Jennifer just giggled and turned around. I immediately leaned over the counter some to try and take a look at her gorgeous rear. She had the kind that you want to lay beside and eat off of. She turned around abruptly and caught me in mid-stare. ” Caught you looking,” was her response to my obvious stare. Needless to say, I laughed lightly and tried to make some remark to blow it off.

As Jennifer rang up the sale, we continued with the light banter. I noticed her shrugging her shoulders and asked if there she was having a problem. She told me that she had slept wrong the night before and had stiffness in her neck and shoulders. I innocently offered to rub them for her and güvenilir bahis she accepted. I got up from my seat and moved around behind her. She was standing behind her register/computer and there wasn’t much room for the two of us, but I squeezed in as best I could.

I pulled her long golden hair out of the way and began by placing my hands around the upper portion of her neck and slowly working my fingers down with moderate pressure. I didn’t want to choke her, so I started working my way down towards her shoulders. The tension in her muscles was easy to feel. It was as if they were made of stone. I tried to move around to allow myself better leverage, accidentally grazing her behind with the front of my crotch. She let out a low moan.

I wasn’t sure if the moan was from the massage or my rubbing her rear, so I told her that there was not enough room to give a good massage and stepped out from behind her. “You are not getting away that easy. What you start you have to finish.” I just looked at her and let a sly grin appear.

Jennifer finished her work at the register and said to follow her. She took me into her small office. The room was dark and small. There were piles of stuff everywhere, all over the floor, on the table, on top of the desk and even in her chair. She went straight to her chair and sat down. Turning the chair to face away from me, she pulled her hair out of the way and said, “Now, is this enough room for you?”

“We will see,” I replied as I stepped up behind her. I returned my hands to her neck and began again with the massage. Slowly I worked my way out over the Trapezius muscles and finally ended at the outsides of her shoulders.

I sighed lightly, stepped back a step and told I was done. She leaned back in her chair, with her head draped over backwards and asked me If that was really all I could do.

“Well no,” I replied, “but I don’t want to create any problems for myself.”

“Don’t worry about that. Remember, I have had you inside me before so don’t feel ashamed if you get excited.”. How could I say no.

I stepped back up to her and began again on the top of her shoulders. This time instead of the deep pressure style, I tried a more flat palmed pressure approach. Easing back and forth, then slowly wrapping my fingers down, I started moving up and down. My fingertips coming into contact with her bare skin of her chest, exposed by her shirt. As I was massaging, her moans became deeper and more guttural.

In a move that surprised me, Jennifer reached up and started unbuttoning her shirt. I took this as a good sign and began to move lower on her chest with my hands, continuing now in a slow circular motion.

Each time around I would allow my hands to inch ever lower, until I finally began to make contact with the fabric of her bra. Not receiving any resistance from her, I went farther and farther down as my fingers began entering under her lacy fabric. With each successive drop, she became more verbal.

Catching me by surprise, she raised up and said ” Stop Right There.”

I asked if I had done something wrong

“No, not yet” she replied as she reached in , unhooked her bra, unbuttoned her shirt and removed it.

Settling back into the chair, she reached up and took my hands. She directed them directly onto her breasts and with a smile, looked up and said “Now that is better.”

With her looking up at me in that way and my hands covering her breasts, I couldn’t hold back anymore.

I leaned down as I began caressing her breasts again and placed my lips to hers. The passion for me was returned as she immediately thrust her tongue into my mouth. Our lips did their dance of passion as she reached above my head and pulled me closer.

Drawing away to get my breath, I removed my hands from her breast and slowly spun her chair around so we could face each other. Kneeling between her legs, she leaned forward and resumed our kiss. Our hands roaming over each other, trying to make as much contact as possible.

Our passions were growing. She asked me to stand up, then did the same herself. Without hesitation, Jennifer reached out and began pulling my shirt up. As I pulled türkçe bahis my shirt over my head, she placed her hands on the sides of my chest and leaned in close.

The sensation of her hot breath against my chest was incredible, but it was nothing compared to the jolt of electricity that went through my body as she darted her tongue out and made contact with my nipple. On seeing my reaction, she moved to the other side and did the same thing.

I pushed her back a little and looked her directly in the eyes. “Do you realize the consequences we face if we let this go any farther?”

” I know what I stand to lose, but I remember the incredible sex we use to have. I want to relive it once, if for no other reason than for the fun of it,” came her reply.

I was incredulous. Here we were two people, married to someone else, about to have sex, and I was not thinking one whit about my wife. In fact my brain wasn’t really thinking of anything but getting her clothes off.

Our kissing began again as she placed her hands on my head and pulled my lips to hers. Our tongues began their dance again as I pulled my hands from her sides and slowly reached up to cup her breasts. I began to slowly squeeze and fondle her as she removed her hands. I realized why when I felt a tug at my pants.

She fumbled for a second because I was wearing button fly jeans, but as soon as she figured it out, she gave no hesitation in opening my fly. I began squeezing her nipples between my fingers and she let out a gasp.

“MMMMM that feels good,” she responded to the work of my fingers.

“But this feels better'” she finished as she reached in and grabbed my now hard cock.

” I agree,” I said , momentarily breaking our kiss.

She tried to stroke me slowly , but there was not enough room for both me and her hand. To better the feeling, I removed my hands from her breasts, and began working my pants down over my hips.

When finally free, she wrapped both hands around my shaft and began stroking in earnest. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not hung like some porn star, but Jennifer has these petite little hands that make anything she grabs look big.

I moved my hands to her pants and began undoing unfastening them. Fortunately for us, they came open in a flash. The increased urgency showed as we began kicking our pants off.

Standing there in her office I drew back and took a long look at her up and down. “Just as nice as I remembered except for one difference,” I said to her.

“I like this better than before,” I breathed into her ear as I placed my hand on her clean shaven crotch.

Our kisses began again as I stroked the smooth skin of her outer labia. I could feel the swelling of her lips as her passion grew. The warm moisture from inside could be felt as I stroked my finger over the slit of her lips. This sent a shudder coursing through her.

“I remember something I never got around to when we used to go out.” I said softly. ” What’s that/” she asked

“I’ll show you,” I replied. “Get up here,” I said as I turned her and helped her up onto the edge of the desk.

“Could this mean what I think?” she questioned.

“Oh yes it does” was my reply as I slowly began tracing kisses down her neck.

I reached her chest and paid particular attention to her nipples, which were by now very erect and wonderful to suck on. Each time my tongue circled her areola, her chest would rise as she tried to push more of herself into my mouth. I switched to the other side and proceeded to do the same there. Again being met with the rising of her chest, this time with a hand behind my head pulling me into her flesh even harder. I knew she was enjoying this, but I had other things on my mind.

I began to trace little licks down her stomach. I began to notice the undeniable scent of her sex below. She anticipated my moves as now she had pulled her legs as far apart as she could and moved forward. This allowed an unobstructed view and easy access to her.

Upon reaching her lips, I slowly traced a line down one outer lip then the other. ” That feels wonderful,” she moaned. Not wanting to disappoint, I continued with slow flat licks güvenilir bahis siteleri of her lips, running from top to bottom and then back up.

This was the first time I had ever gone down on her. When we dated before, I had no experience and was afraid I would be bad at it. However, after watching a few porn movies and talking with a girl I knew that was a lesbian, I felt confident in my technique.

Next, I placed two fingers onto her very swollen lips and began easing them apart. To my excitement, her clit began to show itself proudly before me. Immediately I reached out with my tongue and flicked it lightly.

“Oh my, yes,” she barked. ” Do it more and don’t stop till I tell you to”

Happy to do so, I continued my attack. I would lightly flick her clitoris once or twice before placing my lips around it and sucking in. Each time with a hearty reply from Jennifer. Next, I let my tongue trace down until it was above the soaked opening of her passion. Reaching out until it hurt, I started pushing in, past her inner lips, until I felt her walls surround my tongue.

I eased a finger over and began rolling her love button around. It felt as if each successive touch of my finger sent a wave of contractions through her insides, each one squeezing my tongue buried deep inside.

“FASTER WITH YOUR TONGUE,” she said loudly as she reached down and pulled my head up a little.

Who was I to argue. So off I went, flicking my tongue up and down as fast as I could. ” THAT”S IT…OH YEAH…YOUR GONNA MAKE ME CUM…”she wailed.

I was looking forward to this. I had always wanted to give her an orgasm like no one else, so I slowed my tongue and inserted my finger inside.

“What are you doing,” she asked. ” I was so close.”

” Just relax and enjoy,” I replied before returning my mouth to the job at hand.

I began to reach farther inside until I could reach her g-spot. I drew my finger back across it and nearly got a bloody nose from the reaction. Jennifer had bucked her hips forward involuntarily and popped my nose with her pubic bone. I inserted my middle finger along with the first. “That’s even better,” she purred as she slowly ground her hips back and forth.

Unfortunately, I could not quite reach her g-spot with both fingers inside her so I pulled the middle one back out.

“Why did you do that,” she asked.

“Because I can’t do this,” I replied as I again drew my finger across her g-spot.


I eased my soaked middle finger down a little and began pressing it between her cheeks. I had eyes on her other prize too, but I didn’t plan on telling her about that yet. I continued to slowly flick my tongue across her clit, draw my finger across her spot and press my other finger farther down until it came into contact with her little rosebud of an anus.

“Whoa, You’re going to far there” she said.

“Just relax, I know what I am doing”

I continued to lick and flick her as I put steady pressure on her anal opening. I did not intend to enter her, but I did want to give her the best orgasm I could.

” Ooooh, Don’t stop now…JEEZ, you have got me so turned on…” she panted out while I worked away at pleasing her.

I could tell she was getting close again as she was driving her hips into my hand harder and her breathing was getting heavier.


I started pressing harder at her anus.


I closed my teeth lightly on her clit


I pressed harder and drew my finger across her g-spot.

” HOLY SHIT… I’M CUMMING…” she yelled out as her body became rigid. She began grinding her hips into my face while pushing my head into her sex.

I stopped my actions and just left my fingers in contact where they were as she came down from her orgasm. I knew that once she had calmed down I could remove myself from her, but at the same time I had to tease her a little. Lightly I moved my fingers and tongue just once to see what she would do. And was answered by her literally jumping back and removing her self from me.

“That was the most intense orgasm I have ever felt. How did you learn to do that?”

And with a sheepish grin, “I’ll have to tell you about that later,” was my reply.

“Well I guess I need to try and return the favor…” But that is another story entirely…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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