Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 62

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Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 62Things had just started to get really interesting – Jessica had managed to get Rose to go down on Rebecca, and was moving into position to straddle Rebecca’s face – when there was a loud ringing. Lifting her head from her friend’s crotch, Rose located her phone and studied it for a few seconds.“It’s my uncle,” said Rose. “He’ll be wondering where we are.”And with that the moment was over – Jessica knew there was no sense pushing her luck and having this uncle coming snooping around. She helped the girls find their clothes and politely showed them to the door. “Come back any time,” she said cheerfully. “Any time at all.”When they had gone, Jessica returned to her her movie and masturbated absent-mindedly – not really intending to come – until Marie and Jane returned home, much later than expected. Jessica was in the mood to dole out a little discipline, so she immediately had Marie and Jane strip naked, then cuffed their hands behind their backs and had them kneel over the living room couch. Pulling out her flogger, Jessica prepared to give her two servants the punishment they deserved.* * *Adriana was restless that night. Unsure what to do with herself, she had tried to go to bed early, but been unable to sleep. Finally she had climbed out of bed, gotten dressed, and slipped out a window. She wasn’t sure why she did that exactly; she just didn’t feel like explaining where she was going or what she was doing, because she didn’t know.She spent awhile just wandering the streets, looking at the sliver of moon that was visible, not quite sure what she kocaeli escort might be looking for. Then she turned a corner and just happened to be walking past Jackie London’s house when Jackie pulled up in her black SUV.Jackie had spent the weekend alone at her parents’ cabin in the country, thinking hard about what had happened to her life lately. After a great deal of reflection she had decided to swear off sex with cheerleaders. She worried about what it had been doing to her appetites, that it was causing her to be unable to enjoy the “normal” pleasures in life. And of course she also worried about getting caught, about what it would do to her career and livelihood. On the whole stopping seemed like the prudent thing to do.And then she pulled up in front of her house and saw Adriana standing on the sidewalk, and her heart immediately started pounding. They exchanged greetings and when Jackie started unloading, Ana offered to help her carry stuff into the house. One thing led to another and the next thing she knew, Jackie was lying naked next to a similarly nude Adriana, spent and satisfied, covered in sweat and girl juice. Part of Jackie felt ashamed at her weakness, but the parts that mattered were purring like a kitten.* * *Jessica had just taken a few tentative whacks at Marie’s rump when the doorbell rang. Putting down the flogger, Jessica strode to the front door and looked curiously through the keyhole. For a moment Jessica felt anxious; was it Rose’s uncle, come to make a scene about what had happened? But no, when the automatic porch light kicked on, it revealed a pretty face kocaeli escort bayan framed by blond hair – Serena, the yoga teacher.When the door swung open Serena smiled nervously. “Hi, Jessica,” she stammered, her uncertain body language making her appear smaller than her statuesque six feet. “I, um, just happened to be driving by and thought I’d say hi. Is this a bad time?”Jessica grinned. “Not at all. Just having a quiet night at home. Come on in.” Jessica turned and Serena followed her to the living room. Jessica watched Serena’s face as she took in the sight of Marie and Jane cuffed and naked, bent over with their asses up; her eyes went wide and her cheeks flushed bright red.“I was just taking care of an important household chore – keeping these two misbehaving sluts in line. Perhaps you’d like to help?” Without waiting for an answer, Jessica handed Serena the flogger and proceeded to arm herself with the tawse. “You have a preference?” asked Jessica, and when the blonde shrugged, did a quick eenie-meenie-miny-moe before laying a resounding blow on Jane.Serena joined in by flogging Marie, hesitantly at first but with increasing enthusiasm, enjoying the way the girl’s butt wiggled when she smacked it. After a few minutes they switched and Serena somewhat hesitantly brought the flogger down a few times on Jane’s already bright-red rear. When she stopped altogether for a minute, feeling guilty, Jane looked back over her shoulder and spoke the first word Serena had ever heard her say: “Harder.”That started Serena gushing between the legs, and she resumed her work with renewed izmit escort enthusiasm, swinging the flogger with one hand while reaching the other down into her panties. For awhile they got into a nice rhythm where Serena would smack Jane on the ass… Jane would groan in response… Serena would run a finger across her clit… and the cycle would start over again. Finally Serena had a rippling, bone-shaking orgasm that brought her to her knees. Her vision went all blurry for a minute and when it returned it was focused on Jane’s glistening sex. Serena leaned down to taste it, her head swimming as she buried herself in the pungent scent and overwhelming wetness.When she came up for air Jessica was standing over her wearing a strap-on that dangled just inches from Serena’s face. Misunderstanding Jessica’s intent, Serena took the dildo in one hand and ran her tongue up the shaft. Smiling, Jessica let her continue for awhile, impressed with how much of the monster she could make disappear down her throat. Then she handed Serena the other strap-on that she held in her hand. A minute later Serena was pounding into Jane from behind as Jessica fucked Marie; both women were grunting loud enough for the neighbors to hear, or so it seemed because soon Janice appeared, having let herself in upon finding the door unlocked.Never one to miss an opportunity, Janice quickly stripped and positioned herself on the couch so Marie could lick her pussy as Jane sucked on her tits. By the time this scene played itself out it was quite late and everyone was tired. Janice and Serena made their way home and Jessica curled up in bed with Marie beside her and Jane sleeping at their feet. Elsewhere Kat, Kelly, Sara Valentine, Adriana, Jackie, Olivia, Gina, Ella, Lexi, and Annalise were all turning in. It had been a long day, but a good one.

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9 Months Pregnant and Desperate to Fuck

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9 Months Pregnant and Desperate to FuckI had seen her in the cafe for a few weeks now, and she must be nearly ready to give birth.I have always had athing about fucking horny pregnant women since I fucked my wifes sister many years ago.The raging hormones can change even the most conservative of women into dirty horny sluts, and I have taken advantage of quite a few of these raging sluts.What makes it easier is that a lot of men, do not want to fuck their already pregnant girlfriend or wife, and these pregnant women get hornier and hornier as their due date gets closer, oh and as the weather got warmer that increased their desires.Today was July 5th, a very warm day even at 10 amWe were on nodding terms as we had seen eack other quite a few times in the cafe.Today the cafe was really busy due to a before 10am promotion, the only free seat in the cafe was next to me, I had refused to give it up to everybody that had asked for it, and told them that my pregnant friend was sitting here, but she had just gone back to the counter.As she got served she turned to look for an empty seat, I raised my hand and beckoned her over.She sat down and thanked me, saying that she didnt think that she would be able to get a seat today.I told her that I had seen her at the counter, and told people that the seat was taken, she smiled at me in appreciation.”So how is this pregnancy thing treating you?” I said”Some days good, some days very bad” she replied.”Morning sickness?” I probed “Not really” she said “Swollen feet and bursa escort ankles?” I suggested “A little bit yes” she replied.”Raging Hormones?” I said looking into her eyes, her face went bright red immediately and she nodded.”Do you have someone to help you with that?” I asked?”No, he hasnt wanted to touch me since i started to put on weight” she said.I half turned on my seat and put my hand on her leg, “I can help you with that” I said, she looked away, but didnt brush my hands away.I placed my hand under her skirt, and she continued to look away.”I assume that you dont live too far away” I said as my hand moved slowly up her leg.She turned to face me “I live in Beech Rod, do you know it?” she said, parting her legs as my fingers reached her pussy.”Yes I know Beech Road, I can give you a lift home when you are ready” I now had two fingers insiide her soaking wet pussy.”That would be amazing” she said as she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip.”Can we go now”I stood up and led her out of the cafe, she followed me to my car, I opened the passenger door, and let her into the car, and we headed to Beech Road. “What number?” I asked “69 please” she said, which made her face go red again.”I cant believe I just said that” she mumbled, I smiled and thought, “if you want 69 you can have one”We arrived quite quickly, she jumped out of the car and ran to the door, I was closer to the door so I was soon right behind her.She unlocked the door, ran in, dropped her bags on the floor and said that she needed to bursa escort bayan pee, and ran up the stairs.I ran up the stairs behind her and said “Let me watch” she lifted her skirt so that I could see the pee gushing from her.I could also see the extent of her hairy fanny, I had felt pubic hair when I fingered her, but this was a site to behold.She reached for some toilet paper, and I stopped her saying “No dont wipe it”she swallowed hard, apparently the idea that I had put in her head turned her on even more.I undid the buttons on the front of her dress, and discarded it.The vision I now had was a heavily pregnant lady with her knickers around her ankles, with her hairy bush on show wearing an overfilled black bra. I squuezed her tits, and then reached behind her to undo her bra.This presented my cock within millimeteres of her face, I felt her hands on my belt and zip, I then felt her hands pulling my cock from my boxers, and I quickly felt her lips on it.I reached down and took her tits in my hands, squeezing and kneading them, she sucked on my cock like an expert. I pinched and squeezed her nipples until milk started to spray onto my thighs, she bent her head down and licked it off and then went back to sucking my cock.Her hands grabbed my arse cheeks and pulled me deep into her mouth, I knew that I was going to cum and tried to pull out, but she was having none of it, and pulled hard and sucked hard until I shot my cum in her mouth.She moved her head away, smiled, stood up and led me to a bedroom.”How escort bursa long before you can cum again?” she asked “About half an hour usually” I saidShe got down on all fours on the bed and said “You had better fuck me in the arse for a bit then” and pulled her arse cheeks apart.I could see the juices running from her pussy, so I grabbed a handful and smeared her puckered arsehole, and pushed my cock inside her, it went in pretty easily, my balls slapped her pussy lips and clit, she purred like a satisfied pussycat.”Harder” she demanded, I fucked her harder, “Faster” she cried I fucked her faster “Spank my arse” I spanked her arse “FUUUCCCCCCCCKKK MY DIRTY SLAG ARSE YOU DIRTY ARSE FUCKER” she shouted as she had her first orgasm.She pulled off my cock and pulled me onto the bed and lay me on my back.She got into the 69 position with her cunt on my face, her big belly on my chest and my cock in her mouth again.I licked, sucked and chewed at her pussy lips and clit, she sucked y cock and tickled my balls.After 15 minutes or so she moved her body and straddled my cock reverse cowboy position.She started to bounce up and down on my cock, showing me her puckered arsehole as she bobbed up and down.”Please tell me that I am a dirty slag and cum inside my cunt” she said”You are a slag” I shouted and rammed two fingers in her arsehole.”OH GOD I LOVE YOUR FINGERS IN MY ARSE WHILE I FUCK YOUR BEAUTIFUL COCK”She pounded me until I shouted “I am cumming in your cunt you dirty filthy slag”I shot my load and she squirted on my cock and finally we came to rest.She got off me and came to kiss me.”How long can you stay for?” she asked. “I can stay for a coupke of hours” I replied.”Good” she said “thats three more fucks then”

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Intimacy Labs – KEX Experiment Ch. 02

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My alarm is going off. It’s 8a.m. I groan and roll over, swinging my arm out to fumble with my nightstand, blindly tapping about for the snooze button. I succeed and the evil beeping is silenced. What day is it? I feel around the nightstand again searching for my phone and when I tap the screen I see that it’s Sunday. Not a work day. Hallelujah.

I press the off button on my alarm clock to keep it from bothering me again and I snuggle into my warm blankets. I flinch slightly when I roll to my side and my hip feels sore. I have no idea why it should be sore. I don’t remember bumping into anything. Oh well. I am glad I can sleep some more, I feel really tired. I must have been up late yesterday.

Why would I have been up late yesterday? Closing my eyes I think about it. Yesterday…i draw a complete blank. Thinking further back, I remember Friday. I left work late and I was irritated that I would miss my favorite show on tv. I got home, I made spaghetti, watched tv, then got on my computer to play games and chat with people. I don’t remember talking to anyone specific. On the internet people could be whoever you imagine them to be, so I hardly ever bother with specifics. Someone I talked to had gotten me pretty horny and I had logged off to watch some Hentai and use my toys before bed. I can’t remember anything between getting in bed on Friday night, and waking up in bed on Sunday morning.

Frowning to myself, I grabbed my phone again. Maybe the calendar app is malfunctioning and it is only Saturday. I turn the phone off and restart it. I kick my feet off the side of the bed and sit up yawning. As my blankets fall away I realize I’m completely naked. That’s weird. I remember putting on my pajamas before I got into bed. Shrugging it off, I get up and head to the master bathroom. My pussy feels tingly when I walk and I smile to myself, thinking of the things I did with my toys.

Reaching in, I turn on the shower and let the water heat up. I turn to the sink and start brushing my teeth. When I look up into the mirror I frown. I have makeup smeared around my eyes. I didn’t put makeup on before work on Friday, and I didn’t go out so there’s no reason I would have put it on. What the hell is going on? I finish brushing my teeth and rinse my mouth out. Then I step into the shower. The warm water feels heavenly and I hum happily as it trickles over my skin. I grab the soap bottle and squirt some onto my sponge and lather it up. I wash my arms and neck with my eyes closed, enjoying the gently abrasive scrubbing of the sponge. It feels different somehow. Better. My hand stops dead as I look down at myself to wash my belly.

I have bruises on my thigh. My pussy is shaved bald, something I rarely ever do, and certainly don’t bother with when i’m single like I am now. And I have a clearly defined bite mark on my hip.

In a daze I scrub at the bite mark with my soapy sponge. It aches but the pain is kind of nice. Looking at it makes me want to blush and I’m not sure why I’m not more scared. I press on it and the colors do not rub off. It’s not a trick. I don’t even know anyone who would play this kind of trick.

Stay cool Cassie. I command myself. Facts. Proof.

I finish in the shower and wrap my body in a towel. I walk back out to look at my phone. It still says its Sunday. I go to check my messages when a blinking notification catches my eye, a new email. I click into it and in my inbox I have one new message from I frown. I don’t recognize the name. It rings a tiny bell in my head somewhere but for the life of me I can’t put any meaning to the title. I click on the message.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

I hope you are feeling as good this morning as I am. Yesterday was a spectacular success. I’ve edited and attached the video as you requested. I can’t wait to see you again on Tuesday.

Have a Sexy Sunday!

-Male Participant

I click on the video link. A black screen comes up with a white title saying Female Participant # 7, Experiment number 1. I see myself show up on the screen, I’m bursa escort wearing a robe with the letters I.L. embroidered on the chest. Off screen someone’s voice says, “Okay we are ready, just read the contract.”

I look up and smile at the camera.”Hi, I am Participant
, I have agreed to be a willing but anonymous participant in this case study of 5 new intimacy enhancing drugs for Intimacy Labs. Today I will be testing out the new drug KEX. KEX is being developed by Intimacy Labs as an oral drug that is taken to increase sexual desire, increase and maximize arousal and sexual stimulation in women. I understand that this experiment is of a sexual nature, and I have been fully informed and consented to being recorded and monitored during the course of my treatment in order for Intimacy labs to fine tune the dosage, and exact chemical makeup of KEX. I have been informed of the expected side effects. Mainly, partial to complete memory loss, increased libido, increased metabolism, increased sensitivity of the sex organs, and some participants have shown a marked lack of impulse control for up to 72 hours after consuming KEX. Due to the highly competitive legal market, and the high potential for abuse of these drugs, I have signed this contract swearing to absolute secrecy. I will not mention KEX to anyone, I will not talk about intimacy labs with anyone outside of the control group. If I complete the case study by testing each one of the 5 drugs they have developed, Intimacy Labs will compensate me in the amount of $25,000, and a free 30 day supply of whichever intimacy enhancer I prefer. If I violate the terms of this contract in anyway, or quit the study before the end, I will not receive any compensation as leaving the study would invalidate my results.”

Me on the screen lifts the paper contract up and shows the camera that it is signed, you can’t quite make out my full name but I recognize the big C and L of my signature. Then the screen goes black again.

I close my mouth when I realize that my jaw has fallen open in disbelief. I’ve never even considered entering into one of these medical trials. What on earth must have possessed me to sign up for one? I mean those side effects don’t sound THAT bad though. What was it I said? Increased libido, Increased sex organ sensitivity, and increased metabolism? That’s not bad at all. The memory loss is kind of a blessing because I don’t have to think about what I did, and the lack of impulse control probably won’t apply to me because i’m not that impulsive of a person anyway. Huh. Twenty-Five Thousand dollars. That’s no small chunk of change. I could pay off my car, and still put 9 thousand dollars in savings. As I was musing over this the black screen changed. I hadn’t realized the video was still playing.

A man walks into the same room that I must have just left. He is a very good looking man, in my opinion. He’s got semi long black hair, blue eyes, he’s got white skin but he looks tanned like maybe he works outside or spends a lot of time in the sun. His broad shoulders and muscle structure would suggest that he spends a lot of time working out or lifting something.

He starts to talk, ” Hi my name is Male Participant # 6 and this is experiment 1. I have been trained by intimacy labs to watch over, monitor, and record the female participants of the KEX study. I have been assigned to Female Participant
for the duration of this trial. My main purpose is to keep an eye on her vitals, collect samples and monitor her behavior while she is on the drug and record her experience from an objective viewpoint, as she may not remember the experience in order to record it herself. I will check in with Female Participant
daily and dispense her medicine according to the guidelines I have been given by intimacy labs. Whenever possible I will maintain video evidence of the subject. I will prevent any harm from coming to her, either from the drug or from her own actions. Should the participant ask for my help at any time during the trial I will be available to assist. I will maintain a professional and bursa escort bayan objective perspective at all times. If my subject completes the trial I will be compensated $25000 and a 30 day supply of the drug of my choice.” He holds up another paper. I can’t make out any of the letters in his untidy scrawl so I have no idea what his name is. The screen goes black again.

Well he was very sexy. It wouldn’t be too bad to be monitored by him for a week or so. However long the drug trial went on. He’s going to be coming by every day? So he knows where I live, which means that if he wanted to, i’m sure he could find out my name and information. I bite my lip nervously and a tingling sensation starts on my bottom lip. Surprised I run my tongue along my lip, and the sensation goes with it. A pleasant sexy tingling feeling. Then I realize that I can feel the soft towel material tickling my nipples too, i’ve never noticed before how nice that feels.

Letting go of my towel I let it fall open, the sliding cloth tickling as it falls away. My nipples are standing at attention, even my boobs themselves seem to be perkier than usual. Probably just because i’m cold though. Still holding my phone in one hand I set the palm of my other hand over my nipple. It tightens ever so slightly and the heat starts to spread over my chest, curling in my belly. I’m amazed. My nipples have never been very sensitive before. I had let many of my previous boyfriends play with them but never felt that they were contributing to my pleasure in anyway. I squeeze my breast softly and I am surprised again to feel my pussy getting wet from the attention. That has definitely never happened before.

I set my phone down on my nightstand and leaned back on my bed. Putting my hand on my other breast I start to massage them together. Squeezing my 38DD breasts and rubbing them in circles. My breasts are sending waves of heat to my core, and I start to wonder if I can orgasm just from having my breasts touched now. I let go of my chest so that only my palm is touching my raised nipple and slowly slide my hand up and down. The tickling sensation is very pleasant, and somehow seems to translate to my clit as well. Intrigued I reach into my toy drawer and pull out one of my vibrators and my square hand mirror.

I’ve perfected the art of holding this mirror with my feet so that I can watch my toys go in and out of my pussy. I get my body into position and look into the mirror. My pussy looks very pink and slightly swollen, reaching down I pull my pussy lips apart and I can see the inner layers are glistening with my juices already. Just the curious act of parting my labia sends enough sensation into my belly to make me moan. I feel the orgasm building like its alive inside me, tightening and curling, like a restless snake. I stop touching myself at all and just look at my pussy in the mirror letting the sensations settle down a bit.

Then I grab my vibrator and turn it on, curious, I touch it to my nipple. It’s intense at first and I bite my lip forcing myself to hold still. And the sensation starts to build again. My nipple feeling hot as it gets stiffer and I start to massage the tip of my vibrator around my large breast. It sends heat over my whole body in waves. It’s very pleasurable, but it reaches a certain point and stops building any higher. I’m extremely aroused but know I will need more to get off. Turning the vibrator off again I set it down and start to squeeze and pull on my nipples with my hands again. I close my eyes and imagine its the man from the video. What would it be like to have his hands on my body? I imagine he’d be rough, so I squeeze my nipples harder making myself moan. I scratch my fingernails over my chest and think of beard burn. I scratch over my hard nipple and cry out from the jolt it sends through my tummy.

Opening my eyes I look down at the little mirror again and see my pussy is wet and more swollen now. I reach down and slide my finger through my slit, shuddering at the amazing feel of it. I force myself not to linger and I wipe the wetness escort bursa onto my nipples. I blow on them and the chill makes my whole body pulse.

Fuck it. Someone else can try to make me cum with just my breasts, I want something inside of me NOW. Knowing any orgasm I get is going to be too intense for me to keep my legs still, I set up my mirror on my nightstand and angle my body so I can still see what I like to see. Then I grab my large purple vibrator off the bed and can’t resist giving its slight corkscrew shape a lick with my tongue. Then I lean back on my pillows and slide it down my body without turning it on. The ticklish trail that it traces down my body feels like it should be visible. Like my body is lighting up wherever it touches. But of course I look the same as I ever do. Reaching my pussy I slide my toy over my slit and spin it so that the outside gets all coated in my juices. The vibrator still feels cold to my hot body. Once its covered, I change the angle and look into the mirror so I can watch as I start to press it into my body. My pussy is soaking wet but its always so tight that I sometimes struggle to get my toys in on the first try.

The stretching sensation feels pleasant and familiar as the head of my toy sinks into me and disappears.

“Mmmm fuck!” I moan as I watch the toy slide in, my body pulling tight around it. As I slide it in further I realize I feel kind of sore on the inside, but the pleasure starting to race through my veins quickly knocks that thought away. I’m already panting as the first six inches slide in. I usually can’t take the last 2 inches but today I find myself pressing further. I want to make this purple fucking monster disappear completely. I press and wiggle a little and I feel it stretching the back of my vagina. God I feel so deliciously full! Looking in the mirror I see the last half inch sticking out of me and take a deep breath before quickly pressing the on button while simultaneously shoving that last half inch inside myself. I made my largest vibrator disappear.

I have about a quarter of a second to feel smug with victory before the vibrating sensation starts to rock my soul. I keep my hand pressed against my closed pussy lips to keep my toy from reappearing. And as the vibrations start to pulse inside me I whimper and buck against my hand. I glance at the clock, it’s 8:45, and I challenge myself to keep this thing inside me for 3 whole minutes, knowing that with my usual routine when I try to keep the vibrator on I can’t even do it for 1.

My hips buck involuntarily and it mashes my clit against my hand. I cry out, as a mini-orgasm flips through me and my whole body starts to convulse with pleasure. My pussy squeezes the purple monster tighter and the vibrations seem to get stronger. I start pumping my hips up on purpose, fucking up against the air, but the motion makes my toy rock against my g-spot and a bigger orgasm starts to build. The snake in my belly winding tighter and hotter with every thrust. Bigger than any orgasm i’ve ever had by myself before. And I can’t stop I realize. I keep thrusting against my left hand with desperate urgency and I can feel my whole palm and wrist is coated in my hot pussy juice. I thrash my head from side to side with disbelief at how good it feels. I glance at the clock again, 8:50, I can cum now.

I grab my breast with my free hand and squeeze, letting my fingernails dig in. At the same time I cup my pussy with my other hand and squeeze there too. Pressing against the vibrator inside me and my clit under my palm. And for the first time ever, I actually scream out loud.

It seems to go on forever. My body writhing as the fiery hot pleasure burns through every nerve ending in my body. I feel wetness splash against my thighs and realize I must have squirted, though I never have before. The strength starts to drain out of my arms and legs and they fall open and limp to the bed. A wave of dizziness sweeps over me and I think I may black out. Looking at my mirror I see the vibrator base reappear, and as my pussy pulses and throbs around it, it gets pushed out bit by bit, until with a final shudder from me it plops onto the wet spot on the bed. Still buzzing merrily away. I muster the energy to reach down and turn it off before my body succumbs to exhaustion and I pass out.

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Hot and Cold – The Ice Lolly Effect

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Hi all. This is a bit of a return to my more short-form stories. I am a little pressed for time with exams and assignments so my longer stories which are in the works are on hold until I finish them. But when small ideas like these emerge it would be a shame to let them go to waste. I hope you enjoy. Usual caveats apply. Everyone featured in the story is over 18 years old.


Certain things in life can be both hot and cold. Cold winds on a very sunny day for example. You will be warm in the sun but that wind chill is going to make you need a coat. Hard nipples poking through a girl’s t-shirt? Another great example. That’s pretty hot (for both the observer and occasionally the observed), buuuut the girl in question is possibly quite cold. And ice lollies. They are my favourite example. Ice creams have a little bit of the hot and cold effect but ice lollies are truly the masters of being hot and cold at the same time. In the right hands of course. Don’t believe me? Well how about you ask to find out.

*buzz buzz*

Oh, messaging me already? Hmm well then. Let us begin.


“But Jill, I still don’t know how you can say that ice lollies can be hot.”

“I said hot and cold. Not just hot.”

“Fine hot and cold. Still doesn’t make any sense. Care to elaborate? ;)”

“Elaborate? I guess you always were a little bit of a slow boy.”

“Hey! Rude :P”

“Well, if you insist. Let me demonstrate with the one I have right here…”

“You have one? Of course you do. XD Go on then. Explain how ice lollies can be hot and cold.”

“With pleasure. First you must take the covering off. I like to put my fingers either side of the opening of the packaging and slowly roll my fingers down over the lolly. Revealing its wonderful head.”

“Oh. Don’t people usually open ice lollies from the side with the stick and pull it out of the packaging?”

“Hmm usually. But I like to work in reverse and put my mouth on the lolly as I pull the wrapper off. I hold it only in my mouth while I finish pulling the wrapper away from it before I grasp the stick. I like the dangerous feeling that it might slip out of my mouth before I grab hold securely.”

“Living on the edge huh? I can get that.”

“Mhm. Not to mention with my hands occupied with the wrapper, icicles that are at risk of falling are free to. There would be nothing I could do to stop them falling on me and melting into my skin.”



“Then what do you do?”

“Then? Hmm then, with the shaft now securely held between my fingers, I pull my lips off it and admire it shimmering and shining kaynarca escort in the sunlight.”

“Sunlight? Are you having this ice lolly outside?”

“It is the best way to enjoy it isn’t it? Feeling the sun warm my skin compared to the cool sensation of the lolly. I enjoy it a lot. One second. I think I am going to put my hair up. Don’t want it to get in the way.”

“Sounds like a good idea.”

“So how has my work proving ice lollies can be warm gone? The temperature of your room must have gone up since we were talking right?”

“Well- yeah I guess XD”

“Good to hear. The ice lolly is working then. I’m getting a little warm so I will go back to my lolly. My hair is all tied back so I am free to slip my lips back down to it. Oh such a lovely fruity taste. I love the coloured bands on this one. Each band has a slightly different taste.”

“Bet that is great. So as you go on the taste changes?”

“Well if you only go one band at a time. But I can put more than one band in my mouth at the same time.”

“Do it.”

“Do what? ;)”

“Take more than one band. Can you fit all of the lolly in your mouth at once? Please do.”

“Patience little desperate boy. I can’t get straight to that already. I have barely made the tip wet. And besides, you would ask me to do such a thing in front of all these people walking by?”

“We both know you would love them watching.”

“Huh! A scandalous statement. But I suppose I could put two bands in my mouth at the same time.”

“How many are there in total”

“Five bands. Slipping the tip of the lolly between my lips as I type this. Lovely and cool for my burning lips. Let me push my head down a little further to that second band. The ice isn’t too melted here but my lips are making it smooth and slippery. I’ll start to move my head back up now. Oooh took my lips off it with a nice little pop! I’m just a tad out of breath.”

“Put it back in your mouth.”

“Uh uh uh. No directing this. I am here to enjoy my lolly my way. And the way I enjoy my lolly is by not moving my lolly. I only move my head up and down. Slipping up and down it as it gets more and more slippery.”

“Oh god”

“I think I am convincing a certain someone about the warmth of an ice lolly.”

“God yes. You are. What are you going to do next?”

“Hmm next. I think I will take my tongue out of my mouth and run it around the third band. Just so it isn’t quite as icy when I wrap my lips around that part. And this allows me to catch any juicy drops that are starting to run down the shaft. I don’t like to waste a drop.”

“I bet you don’t. Do you like orhanlı escort the taste?”

“I do. Oh, I do. It tastes so good, fruity and tingly, and it feels so nice and cool between my lips. I like coming at it from the side. Parting my lips around the side and running my tongue underneath then gliding back into my mouth. A collection of juices being retrieved.”


“Back to pushing my lips around the top. Sliding my head forward and letting the lolly’s shaft fill my mouth. My tongue darting around and tracing any smooth edge to get those wonderful flavours.”

“Would you be doing anything else while bobbing up and down?”

“Hmm something else to do? Is making this dripping shaft nice and wet not good enough for you?”

“No, no! More than good enough. Please continue.”

“Good to hear. I want to continue. I am a reasonable way through this lolly. The first band has gone down nicely so I am able to reach my lips further down to those lower bands. That said, my chest is getting rather hot. Even this crop top is making my tits boil alive. I suppose my tongue isn’t the only thing this lolly could cool down. No one is really looking my way over here.”

“What are you thinking?”

“I am thinking that I would love to pull this little crop top up above my breasts and reveal my cute chest to the air. Then I would add drops from my lolly like ointment to my burning red nipples. Then again. Dropping droplets like this is kind of awkward. I’m not entirely accurate so colourful icy drips are falling all over me. On my shorts, on my stomach, my thighs and even on the tops of my breasts. I do love the way they curl and run along the contours of my body though. Coloured traces over my thighs, liquid pen marks that draw rivers on my breasts. They are like little mountain streams going into the valley between my breasts. Even further down I can see all the little drips forming tributaries to flow into my shorts. My shorts are unbuttoned and unzipped you see and I do believe I forgot some important underclothes so I can see quite a way into them. As can anyone looking at me. They would see a smooth stomach melt into a smooth expanse of skin between the open zip of my shorts. All the juices from this lolly are going underneath the waistband of my shorts and through the valley between the zip to join us with the true stream flowing down there.”

“Fuck Jill. There is a stream flowing there?”

“I told you these ice lollies were hot. Did you think I only meant they would get you hot?”

“I guess I didn’t know how much you would be into it.”

“Of course. I love it. Very…warm. I need to apply this tepeören escort ice lolly’s cooling juices directly to my breasts. I’m tracing circles with them and knocking into my nipples with the firm, dripping tip.”

“What a picture you are. In public rolling that lolly all over your breasts.”

“Mmhmm marking them with sticky juices and my saliva. Next, I’m putting the remaining three bands in my mouth, pushing it in, having it poke against my cheek for all to see. I’ll hold it there. My tongue is moving ever so slightly and tapping the shaft. Only pulling my head back incredibly slowly. Keeping my arm and lolly in place. Not a move from them yet. All the work is mine. As it pops from between my lips a line of shiny dew is hanging a rope to keep my gasping mouth and sweet stick connected.

Drips are starting to fall on me a lot now. My breasts still exposed and juices and sweat running all over. Cascading down my body, even my forehead is getting damp. My fringe starting to matt together across it. I’ll have to keep brushing my hair out the way so I can keep my eyes on this lolly.”

“Definitely. You don’t want to lose sight of it.”

“Never. I think I need to be a bit quicker. It is melting quickly so I am going to lock my lips around the head and start to push my head up and down and get all those juices flowing a lot faster. Mmm up and down. Up and down. This feels great and it tastes so fruity.”

“Keep it up darling.”

“I think my neck has put enough effort in. I am going to start moving my arm back and forth inside my mouth. I’ll be able to go a lot quicker.”

“Good thinking.”

Back and forth. In and out. It’s amazing. Occasionally taking it out of my mouth so I can lick all around. Curling my tongue to get all those tasty liquids that are leaking off it. Sweat running down my face and down my body.

I’m down to the last band of the lolly. Close to finishing. I’m slipping all that is left in my mouth and pulling back, trapping all that remains of it inside. I can feel it fall heavily into my mouth, letting all those sweet juices pour over my tongue. My tongue reaches out to trace the lines of the wooden stick and collect the remaining juices. Licking along my hands and fingers I make sure I get every single droplet. Retracting the stick from my mouth I arch my neck and swallow. My throat muscles visibly moving in time to a loud “gulp” with my eyes shut, enjoying it.

My eyes reopen satisfied and slightly glazed over. I slowly open my mouth, my lips part with lines of saliva webbing across them as I roll out my tongue. My own little red carpet after the guest has come across the threshold. You see an empty mouth; all the juices having run down my throat. The only evidence of what I spent these last few minutes doing being a colourfully stained tongue marked by the sweet seed.”

That, is what I meant by the ice lolly effect.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Bu kez beni hazırlandığım aynanın olduğu masaya doğru götürdü. Masaya beni oturttu. Birbirimize bakıyorduk. İçime soktu ve yavaşça girip çıkmaya başladı. 15 dakika boyunca beni o şekilde sikti. Zamanın nasıl geçtiğini anlamıyorduk. İçime girip çıkarken göğüslerime arada ağzını götürüyor, yalayıp emiyordu. O sırada eşim kapıya ardı ardına tıklamaya başladı. “Açar mısın canım şunu?” diyordu. “Ya dur geliyorum.” diye seslendim. Celal beni kucağına aldı, kapıya doğru götürdü. Sessizce “yapma! manyak mısın? anlayacak.” felan desem de dinlemedi. Beni kapıya yasladı ve yavaşça içime girdi. Kapıya doğru “geliyorum aşkım, hazırlanıyorum tekrar makyajımı yapıyorum kayseri escort bayan yine.” dedim. “Acele et geç oluyor.” dedi. Celal birden hızlıca içime ardarda köklemeye başladı. İçime kökledikçe kapıya çarpıyordum, ses çıkıyordu. Kendimi bağırmamak için sıksam da dayanamadım. Çok fazla bağırmadan inlemeye başladım. Celal boşalsın diye onu gaza getirecek şeyler söyledim. “En iyi sen yapıyorsun aşkım, hadi daha hızlı.” gibi şeyler söylüyordum. O sırada iyice hızlandı. O kadar hızlıydı ki kapıya çarpan kalçalarım çok ses çıkarıyordu. Hem kapıdan ses geliyordu hem kalçalarımdan. Hem de Celal içime girdikçe önümden sesler çıkıyordu. Ben inliyordum. Celal ise sanki birisine sinirlenmiş gibi hırlıyordu adeta. “Ooof off” diye bağırarak beni koltuğa doğru taşıdı ve bacaklarımı havada tutarak üstten içime bastırarak giriyordu. Birden o şekilde bana baskı kurarak, içime kökleyerek iyice boşaldı. İçimden çıktı, hemen temizlendik. Celal gelinliğimi bana giydirdi. Makyajımı hızlıca ayak üstü yeniden yapıp çıktım. Takı törenine geçtik hemen. Eşim ne olduğunu sorduğunda “biraz başım döndü, midem bulandı.” dedim.

Takı töreninde sıraya eşimin amcası Celal’de girdi. Eşime biraz para takıp “sen benim oğlum gibisin, seni de evlendirdik sonunda. hayırlı olsun.” gibi bir konuşma yaptı. O an içimden Celal’e çok laf ettim. Aşırı şerefsizce bir hareketti. Eşim her şeyden habersiz amcasına sımsıkı sarıldı, teşekkür etti. Bana geldiğinde ise öpmek için sarıldı. O sırada kulağıma “Haftaya görüşelim.” diye fısıldadı. Düğün gününü o şekilde bitirdik.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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My Best Gangbang With A Pornstar In The USA (Ficti

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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My Best Gangbang With A Pornstar In The USA (FictiThis is one of the best gangbangs where I met a porn start from pornhub. I am from Tamil Nadu and due to work I came to the USA.First, after reaching the USA, I had a few happy encounters in spas around the place. I also had a couple of sexual encounters in the spa, which I will explain in a different story. Then I was searching for a gangbang. I saw on a few websites that some teams are hosting a gangbang party and swingers party every month.I always wanted to try a gangbang. But it was scary because we are not sure if you’re going to the right place. So, I never tried it. After doing a lot of research, I felt comfortable. Those teams are hosting the gangbang party for many years.The party is like we have to register online for attending. The amount includes the dinner and the encounter. They have a policy that a total of 30 men and 6 women are allowed per party. After that, the registration will be closed. Ideally, this will be like five men per woman ratio.I called and spoke to the organizer, and I told him that I’m a first-timer. The organizer made me comfortable in our initial talk. After that, I registered for the event. To my luck, there was a porn star who is participating in that gangbang event and which make me more excited.After registering, I got an address for the date and time for the party. The address of that house is a little far from the city, and the party timing was 9 PM to 2 AM. The few etiquette and rules are given in the email. One important thing is if we register at the party, we should actively participate in the gangbang.Persons will not be allowed if they just come to see the party. Another important role is that even when we see the person known to us, we should not reveal their identity, whether it’s a woman or a man. Everyone should bring our condom during the counter, and for oral sex, a condom is not required.During the party night, I went early. I was just walking around the area and felt that it was safe. I waited near the house, and I saw a few members are going in, mostly all Americans and few African Americans. Most of them are above 40 and 60. There are a couple of other Indians also kocaeli escort came to attend the party.I went to the house party, and they verified me also serve dinner. Initially, there was social chitchat to make everyone comfortable. After that, the organizer introduced the 6 six ladies who are getting banged that night. The organizer gave specific instructions for each and every girl.One woman is of the age of 35 who is chubby. She will do oral and vaginal sex. And three more American who are near 30+, they will also do vaginal and oral sex. There was one Native American girl, age 27. She’s the one who can perform oral, vaginal, and anal sex.And one important person who is the porn star age 25, is ready to perform by vaginal and oral sex. After the introduction, we all went to the basement of the house, and a big TV was showing porn. There are 4 beds and one semi bed and one bed on the floor.Most of the people started doing gangbang. 10 people are standing around the porn star. She was lying on the floor and having to dick in her hand, and one dick in her mouth and one person is banging her in her pussy. And I thought I can go to the native American girl to fuck.But already 4 members fucking her. One in the mouth one, in the pussy, one in the ass and one getting a handjob. Since most of the people are started banging, I got a hard dick. At first, I wore a condom and went to the chubby 35-year-old lady. I started banging her pussy.This was the first time I’m banging a chubby girl. It was awesome because then I start fucking her hard. I was just fucking her in a missionary position. Her boobs were awesome and definitely more than 40 size. Wile fucking, she was just like a soft bed, and she had given great moan while fucking her.The complete room is full of fucking sound and moaning sound. After fucking her for 20 minutes, I stopped before cuming. I said I wanted to release my come on the pornstar. I tried to stand in the queue to fuck the pornstar, but it took a lot of time as people are standing in line to fuck her.Then I went to the native American girl, and I fucked her pussy hard. Initially, I started with the missionary position. Then I asked her to come on top. kocaeli escort bayan She came on top and started fucking me. One more guy started fucking her in her ass. She is getting double penetrated, and one guy started mouthfucking her.To be honest, she’s the person who had stamina till 1:30, fucking every guy in the room. After fucking her for 15 minutes, I released my cum and, at the same time, fell on me. But still one guy he’s fucking her ass for the next five minutes. After that, I gave my pussy position to another person who is waiting.After completing in contact with two girls, I went to the restroom and freshened and cleaned up. Then I went to the ground floor to have some food. Complete house 30 men and six women were all in the nude. Except for the organizer who is monitoring everyone’s safety.I had a sandwich and a soft drink for 10 minutes. I came down to the basement. Still, the porn star is getting fucked by three other guys, and two guys are waiting to fuck her. Later I went to the 3rd American girl, and she’s giving me a blowjob for 10 minutes.I went for 4th American lady and started fucking her in the doggy position. I fucked her for 20 minutes. When I see one guy is about to finish the pornstar, I removed my cock from her pussy and removed my condom. I started wearing a new condom. Finally, I reached a place of a porn star.She’s 5.2 inches tall, and she has a 34 boob and clean shaved pussy. Before I start, she asked me to wait. She started using a vibrator in her pussy to get the vibe after five minutes. Then she asked me to fuck her. I started banging her in a missionary position.It was a wonderful experience. Her pussy was very tight, and I feel awesome. She was creating sound when I fucked her with my 6-inch cock. During the time one guy inserted his dick in her mouth, and she’s giving a handjob to the other guy. It was complete heaven for me.Since I already fucked one girl, I cannot last long for more time. I just come in 15 minutes, but it was a wonderful moment. After banging her, I again went to clean up myself. I also went up and had a few soft drinks and rested for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, I came down.Still, lots of people are fucking izmit escort all the ladies. The two ladies took a break for a few minutes for a smoke. And my aim is to insert my dick in all the six ladies. I already completed 4 ladies. Meanwhile, few of the male participants started leaving around 11 o’clock.Now this time I got plenty of time as we have fewer people. Now I went to the third lady who was giving a blowjob. I started banging her in a missionary position. And later, I sat on a sofa, and she came on top of me and banging.While I was banging her, she was giving a blowjob and handjob to two guys near me. This time I didn’t cum while I was fucking for 20 minutes. I stopped because two other guys are hungrily waiting to fuck her. So I had given them a chance.I was standing there, just shaking my dick for a few minutes to complete my encounter with the sixth woman. While I was waiting, I saw still all six girls are getting fucked. By the time it got past 12 AM. Finally, when the sixth lady’s pussy is getting free, I started going to her.I started inserting my dick in her pussy. She was so soft, and her body was very soft. I can feel her boobs on my chest. She was shouting at me to fuck her hard, and I started banging her very hard. This time I fucked hard for 25 minutes. I finally released the cum during that time. She said she came two times.After fucking her, I cleaned up myself and started having some soft drinks and snacks. I came down to see how others are fucking. I was waiting and seeing the entire scene for half an hour. It was nearly 1:15 AM. I want to do one more round before the party is getting over.To my luck, the porn star was free this time. I went to her this time, and I made her sit on my top. She started banging me like hell. She was banging me like anything. I took the vibrator, and I kept it between her pussy on my dick while fucking.It made her go crazy, and she came in a few minutes. I also came a couple of minutes later. After that, I took a hot water bath and dressed up. The banging was almost over. And no girls were dressed up during the time. I just hugged everyone and kissed everyone and said, thanks.This was my first and best gangbang. I had a wonderful experience by fucking six girls in one place, along with other guys. Around 2 o’clock, I started back home. I also attended the next month’s event. I fucked three girls where only 11 men attended the party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32